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All Time Hardest Boss

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Man, has this topic been around forever. And before that, it was in another thread.


-Emerald/Ruby Weapon-FF7

-EvilWall/Ashura/Zeromus- FF4 HARDTYPE

(actually, Ashura was a long fight, not too hard)

-DragonLord- DQ (not Dairy Queen)

...um, I had more......

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You said, you had to gloat (WHAT?) You had to pat yourself on the back (WHAT?) You were proud of yourself out loud (WHAT?) You had to show everyone else up (WHAT?) You had to show off (WHAT?) You had

i don't know if this has been mentioned before, but Lilith Aileron in the playstation version of Tales of Phantasia was really hard. Basically you could never get an attack in because she always countered everything with giant multi hit martial art attacks (with a ladle).

apparently, some magazine recommended fighting her at lvl 99, as well as fighting the last boss at lvl 70. Well i managed to beat her at lvl 80, after beating the game at lvl 64, but i could have done it at a lower level.

not really the hardest boss in existence, but worth mentioning

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Ahaha Rust Tyrano!! Ever heard of Ruby Rings? Sold in 65mil BC? Yeah, put 3 of those on and Rust Tyrano just takes a little while, but otherwise you'll kick his ass. There's a difference between getting your ass kicked when you know what you're doing, and getting your ass kicked when you don't know what you're doing.

I haven't really played much of the old games, just about everything in Bof1 was mega hard, I hated how I got the bosses down to the little red life bar, and I had to do like 5x the damage to bring it down there to kill it.

I guess a good mention would be Yunalesca, she was pretty hard to me. Hardest boss in FFX ( I didn't find the final aeon very hard since I got a lot of opportunity to easily prepare for it. )

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Rust Tyrano? Pshaw, that was an easy boss.

the Mertorid Prime...especially the core essence...the floor strike alone can take half an energy tank...and even more on hard mode...not easy but beatable...it may take a few tries though...just to get the pattern down...plus u definitly have to be quick on ure feet...

I dunno, I have a lot more trouble with the first incarnation of prime than the core essence... I personally think the essence is kinda easy, just dodge the flame attacks, then when he spawns metroids, zap them, THEN use the phazon to power your attack. When he spawns the weird one-weapon-weakness metroids, split them up, then lay a power bomb to destroy them all at once. Easy.

Meta Ridley gave me a LOT more trouble than MP did. The fucker got me down to 12 health, no extra tanks the first time I fought him.

Either way, all of the bosses in that game were (I thought) very deserving of the title "boss". I've been getting kinda sick of pathetically wimpy bosses, and the ones in Prime really had some substance to them. Very cool.

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Only boss in Prime that I had trouble with was the Omega Pirate, I don't know why either the 2nd time I fought him he was really easy.

Ridley was hard until I got the patten of dashes down. Then I finshed him off without getting hit at all.

Prime himself was also hard until patterns were learned. Ice spreader absolutly destroys him in ice form, otherwise he's just hard to hit. And the 2nd form is a joke, all you have to do is jump a few times, go into his pool, and blast him. Repeat as needed...

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I'll Go with Deus in Xenogears if you didnt kill all his little parts beforehand.

I only beat him once, on my first try, and now i cant even kil his friggin sub parts anymore. that pissed me off to no end.

No shit!! I cannot beat Deus, I have tried like five thousand times. And I ran outta cash and stuff to sell, just to upgrade my main party's Gears, so I can't really use the other characters to do away with those orbs... The foul thought of employing the use of a gameshark has crossed my mind more than once lately.

What are you? an RPG newbie?

If you want a hint, keep fighting in the lighthouse before Deus... Easy cash, easy upgrades, east level ups... Just make sure you don't die though... some critters can knock down a Xenogear with a few hits.... which is pretty scarier than Deus considering that those things are NORMAL enemies...

I leveled up for about 4 hours in the lighthouse, so I beat Deus in about the 3rd try.... It ain't that bad...

Yeah, I have been to the lighthouse as a matter of fact. Did all the stuff there, bought up all the junk I could from Big Joe's shop and all that. But I really did not see any cash coming my way thru battling. In fact, the only place I can find any enemies that give up money is inside of Merkava(?).

Oh, and I'd suggest stepping down from your 'l33t RPG expert high horse'. Some of us, after all, do in fact have lives and necessities outside of games. Some of us as well, have been around since the dawn of the advent of modern console RPG's ;)

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Has anybody mentioned the Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy 8? Granted, it's optional, but that thing is impossible to beat unless you've done all of the miserable card quests. Oh how I hated the card quests. I gave them a shot but very quickly I couldn't stand them anymore. Anyway, you need to get the insane items that make your party invincible to even have a hope against FF8 Omega. Literally, if you aren't invincible, that thing just smacks your party members down like gnats. However, I heard from a friend that he managed to barely beat Omega by battling it with his lowest level characters. If you recall, in FF8 the enemies were adjusted according to your characters' levels. I can't confirm what my friend says, but theoretically it makes sense. Omega's stats would be adjusted down in a fight against low-level characters, so it might be possible to take out Omega that way.

Personally, I prefer bosses that are fun to fight, even if they aren't necessarily challenging. I loved all of the bosses in Metroid Prime, for example. They do offer a decent challenge (I have yet to try hard mode), but more importantly, they are simply fun to take on. On the flip side, Mizar at the end of Jet Force Gemini (my favorite Rare game, farewell Rare) was very hard and a royal pain in the neck, as was the final boss(s) in Xenogears. :|

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Oh HELL no, that's just cruel man. I can and have beat it alone on legendary, but without dying? ....no... no way.. can't be done.. CAN NOT be done.

Anyway, hardest boss goes to The 2nd level boss in Sub Terrania for the genesis. It's a giant floating head that uses tentacles to beat the living hell out of you, and this wouldn't be so bad if you werent stuck in a room that's pretty much big enough to merely fit him in it, nevermind you and your ship. I think I broke 3 or 4 controlers thanks to him.

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Anyone remember a game called Hexen? Anyone ever get to the final boss, Korax? Fun huh?

I really don't wanna think how many times I've had to reload a game save against that boss. First you get a big room FULL of enemies to fight through. Once you're done with them and nicely weakened, out comes the serpent rider, Korax.

Oh what fun he is. Teleporting from spot to spot, his energy shots aren't that hard to avoid, but he takes FOREVER to get rid of. You'll run out of both mana types before he's half dead. Then you get to try and run up to him so you can strike him... that's where it gets hard.

He's only in place for a few seconds to fire before he warps off to another spot, so you'll only get a couple hits in. To say this is tough, is the truth. Pray that you have lots of healing vials to use... you'll need them.

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Worst boss ever... hmm. It depends. I have one friend (not used to THINKING...) who swears that the final boss of Quake is the hardest ever. I still haven't told him how to beat it it's too funny watching.

My personal pick would be Dhaos (Tales of Phantasia). He had a castle full of ninja, then you get the ever-so-fun two form deathstrike. To add insult to injury, the second form can't even MOVE and it wastes you.

Unless you level up. I finally beat him at L99. (I'm told typical levels for the endgame are high 80s-low 90s.)

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So yeah... just read through this whole thread... all 37 pages of it. Ow.

A few things to say:

Only one person mentioned Lagoon, and didn't mention the final boss. He had quite a few forms (even if you didn't count the bosses you had to fight before him) and the hardest one was the giant blue bird form. For those who haven't played it, imagine a huge blue bird flying around shooting lazers at you and all you have to attack it with is a sword that's 1/10th as big as one of the bird's feathers.

I empathise with TeknoBunny about the contra 3 last boss on hard mode. A friend of mine named Dan and I decided we'd beat that game together on hard mode, because we were both the best video game players in the theatre the SNES was in. We FINALLY beat him (Dan was really good at 'sniping' the blue 'walking' orb), and Dan was celebrating, cheering, and pointing it out to other people in the room, while I watched us rise out of the canyon. Of course we had only beaten it on normal thus far, so when the boss' NEW final form attacked us on the missle... "DAN GET YOUR ASS BACK OVER HERE, HE'S ATTACKING US AGAIN!!!"

Konami is evil, yes. I never managed to beat Super Ghouls and Ghosts without cheating. The second to last boss was just frikkin impossible to beat in the time limit with the stupid bracelet. Why the weapon of ultimate power has to be so hard to use compared to the other weapons is beyond me. It wasn't so much I couldn't beat him, I just couldn't beat him in the stupid time limit.

As for the person surprised by someone going through FF1 with four black mages, I have a friend who has beaten it with four RED mages. That's like playing D&D with a group full of bards, except even less useful.

Omega Weapon in FF8 was easy for me, but perhaps that's because I spent the entire way down to his lair drawing incredibly powerful spells for my wussy characters, and then 'equipping' them or whatever it was called. I had enormously powerful characters who were all low level, so he wasn't that hard.

The 'amusing' diffcult endboss for me was bowser of Super Mario World. This boss is insanely easy now, but I had so much trouble beating him the first time because somehow I had missed the info block that told you, "You can throw things straight up by holding 'up' before kicking them." I went through the whole game without knowing that, and had to beat bowser by FLYING a shell up to him, without getting hit once.

But one game I haven't seen mentioned by anyone is Lawnmower Man for the SNES. The last boss in that game is not only incredibly annoying and difficult to beat, but just getting to him is insanely hard. It's like playing a crappy version of gradius without any of the good weapons. And the ending is pathetic too. All in all it's a crappy game, which is why I don't recommend anyone else playing the game to see what I mean. ;)

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I think one of the boses that lately ahs reminded me of how difficult bosses used to be is

Sephiroth from Kingdom hearts, you need ti have a nice level,you need to know how he attacks and defends, you need ability with your controller... and you need a little luck also

Thats what boss battles used to be.

Other special bosses from final fantasies are EASY, you just need to know how to beat them like omega weapon, ozma, emerald weapon.... Sephioroth no matter how well you know his strategy you will still need ability (Sin harvest is devastating power)

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Konami is evil, yes. I never managed to beat Super Ghouls and Ghosts without cheating.

Yeah, Konami IS evil, but they didn't make Super Gosts and ghouls.

Capcom makes super ghosts and ghouls, like how they made that old, shitty NES game ghosts and goblins (ok guys, I KNOW it is a classic, and it is like their first NES title, but the later games just kicked its ass).

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I swear it is damned impossible to beat Matthis in a one on one battle. I've gotten him into the red every time this way and then he just kills me with ONE SHOT!!! I couldn't even beat him with his OWN DAMNED CORE!!! (Personal specialty; I'll own you with your own machine :twisted: ) In the end I ended up going cheapo on him. I took a mobile mid-weight humanoid with a Karasawa, Moonlight and Orbital Cannons to Etal Base and just Overboosted from pillar to pillar for 20 MINUTES until he ran out of ammo. Then it was a cake walk. This is the ONLY surefire way to beat him... but a true AC fighter detests cheapness. (At least I do)

In short, Matthias = Pain

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The boss in the Chemical Plant Raid in Lethal Enforcers. How the fuck are you supposed to kill a guy in an Apache Assasult Helicopter with a Revolver?! Nevermind the fact that even if you manage to survive with a shotgun or grenade launcher thru the stage, it was hell trying to figure out how to shoot the guy. It ended up like taking 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 rounds just to beat the guy.

And, I forgot the name of the game, but it was a Western-type shootout where you stodd in front of a mount with a gun in it, and you had to "draw" like in the Westerns. The last Boss was (I believe) a master sharpshooter, and his reaction time was less than 1/2 of a second. The bad thing about the game thought was, if you "jerked" the gun even a smidgen before the time to draw, the computer would "scold" you for drawing too quickly. Not to mention the design of the holster was bad to begin with.

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