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Lylat System CLEAR: A Star Fox Tribute Album

The Nikanoru

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OMG hello inbox!


Glad to see that everyone's still alive and stuff.

Yeah, working on lots of stuff atm.

Will have to redownload all my soundfonts again..yyaayyyy......

I might as well send my old hardrive off to try to get everything back.

Lot easier than getting everything again and remaking everything from scratch....

Edit: Also I'm Ness now....Yay?

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  • 2 weeks later...

You might notice the front page has been updated and there are some new additions to our team - @Smittenden has taken Boss C from SF 64 and @Afilion has taken Titania from SF SNES. Welcome aboard!

Smittenden has also offered to join our Audio Support team. Thanks again for your help!


I've FINALLY updated the WIP spreadsheet - the track list still isn't in the right order, but everything should be current on there. Give a listen, comment on what you think!

PM me if anyone doesn't have access.


I know folks want to know about the voice work. I'm getting there, everyone - please be patient. :)


@TheChargingRhino - First off, congratulations on your graduation! :) 

Could you please tell us a little about your plan for collaboration using SAC? Is there a track you are working on now?

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I've started on the Staff Roll from SF1. (Kontakt can't pitch bend on its own....Nor change volume of the tracks unless it's assigned to a midi channel that previously did so-note that it can only pitch bend 1 semi pitch if sent to a midi track (at least in FL)) Not sure how I'm going to go with it, might combine SF2's title with it too.....

Already talked about it on the Discord. But I can post what I wrote here, I guess.



the idea I had was that we each contribute a part to this 'mega mix' of sorts

With Super Audio Cart

we would each pick a track that had not been picked yet and play around with it

maybe a snippet of it here and there, overlaying other parts and

we could also pick other tracks of the SF games that we had not chosen yet

can be a mix of genres, I guess, we just have to make them flow together

If anyone wants to start this off, great

problem is, I use FL (Fruity Loops)

so if it was to be made in a nother program, the file would have to somehow be converted to an FLP

which is the file extension FL uses for its projects

again, if anyone would like to kick start this mega mix, go ahead

Soundfonts are useful too, I guess

go crazy

I guess it'd be great to know what tracks we are doing as part of this complication

I shall create a channel for that shortly (And I have)


More info:

feel free to tell me what tracks you will partially remake or remix (either on here or n the Discord, whatever one you want)

(remake being different parts of different tracks overlaying each other, but the basic track can be unchanged)

such as Corneria's bass line and guitar mixed with Records 1, just altered a bit and in different keys



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Wow - I am SUCH a disrespectful whelp for not remembering to include @GCJ in my list of introductions yesterday. GCJ has taken the Awesome Black Hole and Zoness - now on the WIP Spreadsheet.

You're officially welcomed aboard, GCJ! :)


@TheChargingRhino - Just a quick reminder that this is a concept album with a fairly definite road map, so if you design and build a big, long medley using claimed sources (the staff roll for SF SNES and SF2 is included in Slimy's claim for the ending themes) or claims that are too far apart in the track order, it will have to be a bonus track.

If you're okay with that, go to town! Looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with.


16 hours ago, TheChargingRhino said:

"OC Choral Group"



Umm ... not sure how to respond to this. What are you asking here?

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4 hours ago, The Nikanoru said:


What I said about the choral post - I was just wondering how he got that put together?

Also, yeah, I had the mega mix planned all along as a bonus track (check the spreadsheet)

Basically, all sources are welcome, any style (as long as it flows well into other tracks!!) 

TABH and Zonesssssssssssssss have been picked, Finally. Welcome, GCJ!!!


EDIT: Meteor Base's font is messed up, might want to look at that....

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The OC Choral Group was actually put together by Gario a couple of years ago. Because DS and I are members, it made sense to pitch the choral parts of our Sector X remix to the group as one of our first projects. Things have not worked out as planned and folks got busy, so it's been stalled for a while now, but I'm working on at least getting Sector X going again, as we are getting closer and closer to the end here. Hint hint, @DS394!

If you have any requests or questions regarding the Choral Group, I'd recommend you send a PM to @Gario.


Yes, I saw that Meteor Base came out with weird font when I updated the thread, but my format seems to be playing tiddly winks with me. I'll try to fix it once I've turned off and turned back on again. :)

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Quick Update:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that @DaMonz has decided to step away from the project due to the very busy life he leads. I have also received news that @HankTheSpankTankJankerson has unfortunately had to drop Meteo (from SF64). Thanks again for your help and all the best to you both!

So, I am now looking for a new co-director to help me bring this project to our final goal. I've updated the top of the thread with the VERY basic description of what I need; If you are interested and think you have what I am looking for and the time, please send me a PM or email lylat.system.clear@gmail.com. I'll respond to any inquiries within a day. Looking forward to hearing from you!


I'm very happy at the response I have been getting on my inquiries on what folks are up to - thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Some claims remain open; of course, I know some may not get filled, but I would rest easier if someone claimed both Fortuna from SF SNES and Meteo from SF64. These are awesome sources that are very memorable and it would be a shame if they were cut from this album. Check project overview for sources.

Keep up the good work, everyone!


Calling my Audio Support team! I've heard form @Jorito, @Your_Face, and @Smittenden - could @Pichu's Dad, @M_Blacki, and @Katamari please get in contact with me?

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As you all know, bLiNd has been a contributor to this project from near the beginning. We haven't seen an update form him in a while, so I sent him a couple of pokes asking him about this recently, but he never replied. Then I came across this...

bLiNd's Jade Catacombs was THE track that led me to OCR. Before that, I was cynical and disdainful of most electronic music - I don't know exactly what it was about this track that changed my mind, but it certainly did. Since then, bLiNd has been one of my favorite remixers to listen to.

I am VERY sorry to hear about this - as someone who has made such awesome music and has been such a strong contributor to this community, I want to lend my support to him and Jenn in this awful time and so, I encourage everyone to do the same. As stated in the thread, there is a GoFundMe campaign to help bLiNd out financially - you can make a donation at https://www.gofundme.com/aguirre-fire-fund. 

Take care of yourselves, @bLiNd and @JenZ - we're all thinking of you.

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Just waiting for a few stragglers to get back to me, then we should be back on track with the music. Whew!

The Narrative team should be able to access the scripts in time for the update, as well. More to come on this after the deadline.

This week one of my focuses is to resurrect SCRAMBLE, our Corneria remix, from relative dormancy. I've touched base with the collab team last week, so I'm hoping to have an update together for this in time for our July deadline. Stay tuned!

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Thanks to Nika, I am now able to use my keyboard as a controller for Fruity Loops.

SAC is acting weird with my keyboard, though that might be because I have the player version of Kontakt instead of the full version, oh well.

I shall put up some demos soon of random stuff.

(To be added to this post)

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Just a reminder - it's almost deadline time!

I haven't had a chance to work on SCRAMBLE yet, but I'm putting aside time in the next couple of days to work on this. Probably won't have the scripts ready until next week, but this is also still coming.


I have not heard anything from @Katamari or @CrimsonCobalt in some time - if anyone has heard from them recently, please get them to check in with me!

Also, need to hear from @Cole Train and @DS394 over what is happening with the Sauria remix.


I've received quite a few updates lately which I have been posting to the WIP spreadsheet. Great work, everyone, keep them coming!


EDIT: @MindWanderer has offered to join our QA panel. Welcome aboard, MW!

...and a special thanks to @Theory of N for helping me get the word out. Still looking for folks to help out on the Audio Support panel too!

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Hello, all! The post is a bit late, but I was watching all this weekend - everyone except @Katamari has now checked in with me. Thanks to everyone for doing this; I'm very happy for those of us still on board and once again, I think we are back on track!

Now, a quick State Of The Project:

  • 27 of 32 tracks claimed, 26 with WIPs of some sort.
    • @XPRTNovice has had something come up, but he'll send me a WIP for his track soon.
    • Lots of work still needed on these tracks - heads up for anyone offering to perform jazz instruments as @Thirdkoopa might be looking for folks for his remix, and a few folks will be looking for guitar and/or bass recordings soon too. Keep those strings tuned and practice your embouchure!
  • 6 of 8 scripts finished and reviewed. My reviewer is away at the moment, but as soon as he checks in, I'll post them.
    • Once scripts are posted, I'll be gathering up the narrative staff again so we can get some vocals recorded. Voice roles are still open to claim; put together a recording of what you think is the best voice for the role and PM me!
    • I have an idea for the ambient soundtrack in these scenes, but I'll need someone to take on handling this aspect, as I now doubt I'll have time to do this myself. We won't be ready for this until we get some vocals recorded, but something for folks to keep in mind.
  • I have the back covers for the album, as I said previously, but they aren't ready yet and my guy had a rush of work at the end of spring. I hope to have updates by the end of the month, but no guarantees. It sucks waiting for free stuff, doesn't it? ;)
  • Still looking for a co-director. Nothing to say on this; PM me or email lylat.system.clear@gmail.com if you're interested!
  • The Audio Support panel is a little thin on responses lately. Anyone interested in reviewing tracks and helping out fellow remixers, please let me know!
  • I've asked the QA panel to do a final, final review on our two 'finished' tracks, and then pending any last-minute revisions, I will submit them to the OCR panel for the second pass. I see several others getting closer and closer - keep up the great work everyone!
  • SCRAMBLE is still coming. Might not have, er, taken the time offered this weekend, but it is coming. :)
  • I have given a lot of thought as to how much time to give to finish, as this has not progressed in the way that I envisioned (no one's fault but mine). July 1st was the original final deadline I put in place, but I extended it based on where we were in the spring. However, given where we are now and the great response I have had on this deadline, I'm confident that we are going in the right direction, so the FINAL DEADLINE FOR ALL MUSIC will remain SEPTEMBER 30TH.
    • I might give some leeway if discussed prior to deadline, as I don't expect the everything will be done on that day, but if we want to continue to target release this year, we can't put it off any later if we want to have a chance of doing so. 
    • So - get me your final final FINAL tracks ASAP so we can get them reviewed and submitted as we go.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know. We're on the home stretch, everyone!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to Lylat System CLEAR: A Star Fox Tribute Album

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