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  1. 18 tracks, 30+ artists. Check it out on... http://stroggosrising.com/music/ https://wasdband.bandcamp.com/album/stroggos-rising Hey guys! This FREE album is an international collab released p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ two weeks after the Quake II 20th anniversary! It covers (almost) all of the soundtrack to both the original game and the expansions, originally composed by musical mastermind Sonic Mayhem. Check out the team page on the website for a bunch of sexy pics and info about the team. If you buy the album on bandcamp, the money will be going to a charity supporting music education in public schools. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Hi everyone. I was wondering if it wasn't too late to hop on this and claim a track? I made a pretty cool take on the title music from SF https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1665268/music/lylat system - theme audition.mp3 This is me messing around with it and brainstorming ideas, no mixing or anything. Thinking of keeping it short since the source is very sparse anyways.
  3. C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA This is a collection of rock remixes of the stock MIDI files that come with Windows (or used to come with Windows). Also there is a track from Animusic tossed in there as well. Only $4 on Bandcamp okay byeeeeeeeeeee Get it here on Bandcamp! CANYON.MID PASSPORT.MID TOWN.MID ONESTOP.MID FUTURE_RETRO.AVI
  4. Yo, awesome! I was working their merch table at that show, haha. Anyways, only THREE HOURS REMAIN until the bundle ends!
  5. https://groupees.com/dmvvgm Get 39 tracks from 6 different bands local to our nations capitol! Overclocked University, Rare Candy, Steel Samurai, Master Sword, WASD, and Gunblade X! Available starting at just $1, with a portion of proceeds going to VH1's Save the Music Foundation. This bundle runs from today until January 10th! I'm also pretty sure every member of this bundle will be going to MAGFest!
  6. Free download! Just click "Buy Now" and enter $0 in the box to get the track for free! https://wasdband.bandcamp.com/track/turricane-huelsbeck This song also won first place in Original Sound Version's Opposing Bloodline VGM competition! Enjoy
  7. I posted the WASD song on bandcamp for people to get a hi-quality version of it. https://wasdband.bandcamp.com/track/turricane-huelsbeck
  8. Hell yeah, FL Slayer. This was also the first song I ever covered! And I did it almost exactly the same, plugins and everything! Your mix is way better than mine was though I've had it set to private on soundcloud because I hate it now lol https://soundcloud.com/katamari-jr/quad-machine-wip/s-HcGsi
  9. I play guitar in this band and we just put out our first collection of music! Five pretty good tracks from games you may or may not have heard of! Bosconian, Ace Attorney, Shovel Knight, Wolfchild, and Gimmick! https://steelsamurai.bandcamp.com/album/criminal-justice-system
  10. I put out this album with ONLY PC remixes earlier this year. 8 of the games are from before 2000 https://wasdband.bandcamp.com/album/shift
  11. Bump with a short sampler video of all the tracks!