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Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks - History

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Hey Damned, just a few things:

You named Proph's ReMix Viridian Vibe: Another Day (that's kinda double right?)

Fishy's Gym Battle ReMix is "Battle for the Badge". Game On is another ReMix.

Clash of the Titans is a ReMix of the Champion's Battle theme, that's not the Elite Four music.

You called Gslicer and Another Soundscape's ReMix Casion Lounge instead of Casino Lounge (small typo).

And I believe DA and I agreed to the title "Brand New Day", but I'll have to check with DA on that.

There, that's enough complaining for one day :P

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Do you know how late that was when I put that up? Give me a break.

Do you really think I would pass a chance to have some complaints about something that the coordinator did? Usually it's the other way around with coordinators and mixers

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I had originally been thinking about Brand New Day for the Rt 10 theme, it fights well with the 'anime opening' lyrics and such. Besides, Proph, Viridian Vibe is such a cooler, aliterated, name.

Also, Sweet Olivine is the best thing we've come up with, which works fine for me.

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Holy cow!

Teem Rockit, ftw!

Pretty cool ,it was one of my favorite songs from the original 3 games. I really can't wait for the final album.

Speaking of which,

Has anyone listened to "voices of the lifestream"?

I really liked it.

Yeah, good luck with the album, I'm looking forward to it.

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