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Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks - History

The Damned

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Public WIPS is to be locked down tomorrow night! IF you want to salvage an old WIP or you have not completed a WIP to the point where it is ready or peer review or judging, now is the time to do so!

Simply PM myself or Prophet on the project forums and ask us to save it by moving it to Private WIPs.

Everything that is left will be locked down and removed from the track list. If that's your only remix, then consider yourself remixless. Either start a new one or finish an old one.

That is all.

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So happy to see that this thing is still splashing around. Those first few months were some punny times.

Feels like it's been years since then (I mean... oh, right).

Heh, I still remember the days when we were brainstorming names for this. Sick mind I had :(

Anyway you guys picked some of the best themes. Sorry for the aside, I'm still really looking forward to this.

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