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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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By the way, pay attention to Boss 8's music, it reminded me of the nightmare's music from Link's Awakening.

Anyone up to that amazingly good fight, please listen to it so you can compare.

Hmmm... I seem to have confused 6 and 7... However the 6 miniboss remains on the easy side.

Now boss 8 makes me wanna write to nintendo and ask them to make a boss attack mode available for download.

Also, great choice on temple 9's music, it's haunting me this morning still.

Yeah, the lack of a Boss mode is a glaring oversight, but really, that is the sort of the thing Nintendo does (make glaring oversights, that is).

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[/Twilight Princess]

35 hours of pure fun.

??? I heard it was over 70 hours playtime, just at a simple run through...

Not that 35 is bad.

Curse you international people, having it already. I gotta wait til the 7th for the Australian launch... :(

I'm pretty sure it was advertised as about 40 hours playtime on the first run, with 60-70 hours to collect everything.

And, of course, good gamers will find that developers always overestimate playtime.

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I only have about 6 bugs, I'm missing 4 or 5 hearts, I only have a medium wallet.

I still have a hell of a lot to do.

Here's a big question: how's the game stand up as a sandbox?

I ask because with a land that big and diverse, it should have all kinds of shit that you can fool around with after you're done the main quest and side-stuff.

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One of my favorite Zelda games is the Minish Cap because of all the references to other Zelda games. Like the MM Mail guy that always goes "YAAH" The mask place, the Ocarina of Wind, and countless others. It truly was a game of epic and dazzling proportions(even on the small GBA screen).

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Well, I must have almost doubled the amount of time I played OoT just from goofing around. You know, stuff like using the Hookshot in Kakariko Village, going from rooftop to rooftop, while humming the Batman movie theme...

Well, the hookshot in this one is a bit more limited, sadly. There is a lot to do, I am sure, but I wanted to finish the game first, then play around.

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Souls? SOULS? Spoilers, motherfucker! Some of us aren't that far into the game. Now it's ruined for me. Thanks a lot.

Anyone want a Wii and Zelda? I'm not going to need them anymore, so it'll be pretty cheap. :roll:

Um, that isn't far into the game at all... a few hours, maybe.

He was being sarcastic. I wouldn't say a few hours in - maybe like 10 or so?

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I'm only at the end of the Lakebed Temple, and I haven't heard anything about souls.

But yeah, the rest was pretty sarcastic.

One thing I think is a terrible way to measure progress into a game is time played. What if you had a hard time with a few areas, or went out of your way to get a few more items? It makes more sense to go by temples in this game than anything else.

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With regards to your souls, I think you can stumble on your first one fairly early.

With regards to game length, action-adventure games fluctuate wildly from person to person because of the different ways in which people go exploring. If you go back to access side areas as soon as you get the appropriate item, you will take a lot longer than those that wait until later to do some super efficient hunting.

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