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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


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k, another glitch. So I was in the Goron Mines. Then I reset my game after falling in the lava. I expected to return to the start menu where the title "Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess" would fade in, and "Start A + B" would come in underneath. Link and Epona would be in the background, near the end of the bridge where the jousting took place. Instead, the title screen did not come up, and I was able to play as Link in the same general area there he was standing in the start menu. No items were shown on the screen, but I could move around. Then I pressed A and the game froze.



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I need 5 more Poe Souls :[

Make that two more.

edit: woot, found em all.

omg he wants 40 more :[[[[[[[

Hahahaha, I was gonna say... "Shit, you found them ALL? I thought youkai was the only one that far into the game."

I've got about 40 right now, by the end of the sixth dungeon. 35 hours or so in, I've gotten a little over half of the bugs now. Not sure how I'm doing on hearts, since I'm not sure how many more dungeons await me.

Still no double clawshot, but these items are still impressing me. Sixth dungeon = awesome, that item was nice.
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So, I beat the game, and here are my thoughts on the overall game, items, dungeons, and bosses.

This game isn't really that much longer that OoT. Both games have Eight real dungeons, and while TP's dungeons are longer, OoT has the ever so cool Kakariko Well.

DUNGEON ONE: Not all too spectacular, feels like a 'first dungeon', and isn't all that long.

BOSS ONE: I hated it, as I wasn't too good with the controls yet.

ITEM ONE: As far as I care, this is a new item to the series, and a cool one at that, and is used well throughout the rest of the game.

DUNGEON TWO: Getting better, but stomping around SLOWLY is always enough to piss me off.

BOSS TWO: Not a terribly difficult fight, but seriously goddamn cool.

ITEM TWO: The most fun archery of any Zelda game, PLUS BOMB ARROWS.

DUNGEON THREE: Water Temple Incarnate, loads of fun, long, and truly well designed.

BOSS THREE: Rather simplistic, but still fun.

ITEM THREE: Just like OoT, but faster and funner.

DUNGEON FOUR: A very fun and long dungeon, with an awesome miniboss and two distinct themese for each half of the dungeon.

BOSS FOUR: One of the best bossfights EVER.

ITEM FOUR: Cool inside this dungeon, but barely used outside of it.

DUNGEON FIVE: Another fucking awesome dungeon, with interesting puzzles, great art design, and a setup unlike any other Zelda dungeon.

BOSS FIVE: A nice fight to demonstrate the use of the new item.

ITEM FIVE: Fun as hell inside the dungeon, but I never really used it after that.

MINIBOSS FIVE: People had a hard time, but I didn't have much of a problem. I just got in close, rolled around, and slashed.

DUNGEON SIX: Very cool dungeon and entrance area, with yet another setup and general theme. Work your ass off on the way up, and smash your way down.

BOSS SIX: A fun fight, although quick once you realize what to do. Funny part two.

ITEM SIX: Cool in the dungeon, but never used after the Owl quest, really.

DUNGEON SEVEN: My new favorite Zelda dungeon. Long and exciting.

BOSS SEVEN: Fucking Epic, as they say.

ITEM SEVEN: I predicted that I would be getting this, but it is absolutely fun as hell and makes the dungeon as fun as it is.

DUNGEON EIGHT: Cool near the end, but annoying while you are carrying the SOL around.

BOSS EIGHT: Fun, but I was hoping for more iterations of other bosses.


'Dungeon' NINE: Short, decent music, and has some interesting puzzles. Shorter and less interesting than the last dungeon in OoT.

BOSS NINE: The first two forms are like OoT with crappier controls, but the last two parts were cool.

OVERALL: Cool dungeons, boss designs, and items, but the main world isn't all that intereting and doesn't utilize the new items all too well. I'd prefer to see Spinner slots fucking everywhere, rather than 9 bomb points per screen. The game is probably a bit better than Ocarina, but it really ends on a low note with the last two dungeons lagging far behind the rest of the pack.

But then again, what do I know? I really liked Majora's Mask AND Wind Waker.

So, when does Phantom Hourglass come out?

As usual, I'm always interested in more action-adventure games. (as well as more interesting MMO's). Any suggestions? I still haven't played the Prince of Persia games. Should I do all three or is playing only the best one enough?

Either way, I'm stuck at the first real boss of the second disc in Grandia 3, and I have Tales of Symphonia waiting for me, as well. It would be nice if Nintendo stepped up the virtual console releases; as it stands now, it is just freaking pathetic.

And a final idea: Nintendo should release a 'Second Quest' for TP, or a boss mode of some sort. Not sure how much is possible with the limited Wii memory.

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You consider 512 megs limited? You consider being able to use SD cards up to 4 gigs limited? Wow, must be pretty hard on you, using all those gigabyte-sized files all the time.

I'm not entirely sure if they will ever support using SD cards as more than backup memory. My main concern is that 512 limits what sort of addons we will be able to see.

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Alright, so I'm in the sacred grove for the second time, and I'm trying to find the entrance to the temple. But...I can't find it. Help me please?

Speaking of...

When you get to the Sacred Grove and you have to make the two statues move to their original spots... what the fuck is the proper pattern? I've tried it several times, and I can't get it to work. I can get stepped on, but that's hardly the goal, now is it?
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When you get to the Sacred Grove and you have to make the two statues move to their original spots... what the fuck is the proper pattern? I've tried it several times, and I can't get it to work. I can get stepped on, but that's hardly the goal, now is it?
make sure you keep your wolf in the bottom area with less pieces, and just keep moving them around until they get closer and closer to each other

i dont remember the specific order, though i do remember that the final jump has them moving from top to bottom/vice versa rather than right to left

also if you like, try doing what some people do with mazes: work it backwards

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By the way everyone, if you subscribe to Nintendo Power, you have many choices of something free to get with your subscription.

One of those choices is a TP Player's guide and the Soundtrack.


Think of it as a free subscription with your Player's Guide and Twilight Princess soundtrack.

The Zelda: Twilight Princess Player's Guide features:

* Complete, detailed walkthrough

* Maps of every region and dungeon

* Detailed boss-slaying strategies

* Find every Piece of Heart, insect, and Poe's Soul

The Zelda: Twilight Princess Soundtrack CD includes the following tracks:

* The Legend of Zelda: Orchestra Piece #2

* Hyrule Field Main Theme

* Odron Village

* Kakariko Village

* Death Mountain

* Midna's Theme

* Ilia's Theme

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