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What are the best Game Over screens?


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I got into this discussion with my friend, Zach.

I remembered a controversial and messed up Game Over screen, but Zach completely disagreed. He told me his choice.. and we kept going..

The elements of a gut-wrenching Game Over screen.. the single piano stroke in Final Fantasy XI always signaled a feeling of embarrassment. I lost. My body is lifeless. I have to stare at my dead... stupid body as the monster who killed me nonchalantly walks back to the area it was roaming.

I believe everyone is faceplanted in the dirt during that Game Over screen as well.



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Off the top of my head I would say Resident Evil had a great game over approach.  Nothing like trying to get through an area deep in deep in the red, having a zombie sneeze on you, then everything fading to white.  

In second place would probably be FFT's haunting game over that stays with you long after you return to the title screen.


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