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12 hours ago, TheChargingRhino said:

Wait-you have the beta version?

Sure, I'll take it.

I don't think Pro accounts work anymore though...

I will have to put it somewhere for you to get. Unless we're allowed to post it on here? I don't think there's any legal reason I couldn't, as it was freely distributed software before it was shut down.

If a mod is willing to chime in on that for clarification, that would be handy.

EDIT: or just use this link, it's the same as I have.

Other than that, did you want a save0001.sav file for something I don't know what it is? Or a si_hw_cataclysm_update_en_101.exe? Perhaps I can interest you in a 99205825234n.pdf?

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So far I've waved -

(before Winamp died on me-used the Decoder)

DKC 1-3

Yoshi's Island 

(Afterwards- last night and this morning...-now using Single File)

Star Fox

Star Fox 2


Chrono Trigger

Part of Majora's Mask

I'd wave the GB/NES files that I downloaded but the single file doesn't like them so...



I made another topic in "Off Topic" about the single file problem.

And missing chiptunes. 

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I've been using Winamp for ages now, and I can still download the latest version just fine, 5.666. I have a pro license, and it still activates just fine, and the converter works great.

Not sure why you're having so many issues.

If you're looking to convert files, you can also use Foobar2000. Works great, and it's free and in my opinion, more flexible.

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