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Gario, that horrible, horrible person

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@Gario, in his own words in a remix thread in the workshop:

Oh, absolutely resub if you want to give it another go. I personally never add the RESUB tag, since I was literally putting that qualifier on every single track I rejected.

How horrible.

It got me wondering what methods and procedures the judges use when judging. Do you use the resub tag, when, when not, why, why not? When do you say conditional and when do you say resub? What are your dealbreakers? What if there are random fart noises in the middle of an otherwise excellent track?

Larry has his stopwatching and 50% standard for assessing source content. What else do you guys have?

Similar to our meet the evaluators, can we have a meet the judges thread?

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Would be nice indeed! Now that a few tracks of mine passed the panel, and having thoroughly read the evals, I think I have a decent sense of how the individual judges do their thing, and also what things they will typically point out. I could list my findings here, but it would be better to hear it from the folks themselves :)

Oh, and compliments on the excellent clickbait title ;)

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Not a judge anymore but when I was a disgusting monster known as a jooj, if I felt if the track had potential, I'd add the resub tag. Its for those mixes that have potential to be mixposts but in their current form don't quite make the cut. Its not like Conditional where we're talking like 1 small update required, it might need a bit of fixing, but not enough where it would need a complete overhaul to be posted. The idea is that if you send a resub track to a judge, they will fast track it on the queue for you. 

However if something is really quite far from the standards and would require big updates to be postable we'd just slap it with a big phat nope.

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