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Final Fantasy 7 ReMix Compo [Results]

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lol, that was a joke vote, he hasn't even heard the other entries. Don't worry about bias. A lot of people prefer to vote for the udnerdogs anyway.

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Yeah, but what Time Zone? ;)

hehe.. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is five hours behind GMT/UTC, expressing the deadline as: 2006-12-31 23:59-05:00 GMT/UTC.

The GMT/UTC for the deadline is:

2007-01-01 04:59+00:00 GMT/UTC

My geographical location is one hour ahead of GMT/UTC, the deadline for me is:

2007-01-01 05:59+01:00 GMT/UTC

Fayetteville, Arkansas is six hours behind GMT/UTC, right?

2006-12-31 22:59-06:00 GMT/UTC

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The time draws near...all the players are in place...the time of man is at an, wait, wrong movie.

Anyway, somewhere about an hour from now is the deadline to Zircon's remix contest. I hope you've got your entries in (wish I had enough time to make one)!

I can't wait to hear them and vote!!! Good luck to all!!!!

And happy new year!

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Reminding once again that I emailed Andy with my entry. This is what happens when the forum switch had to occur at an interesting time. o_O

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Hey guys, pretty sure I got all the entries (13 total) but I won't be able to upload them and set up the voting until later today - festivities, and all. Sorry for the delay.

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OK, all the entries are uploaded, so now it's time to vote. Here are the voting guidelines.

* ANYONE can vote.

* PM me (zircon) only - do not email - with your top three picks. A first place pick earns the person three points, second place gets two points, and third place gets one. So the order is important. Also include several sentences about why you voted the way you did.

* The two things to keep in mind as voting criteria are arrangement and production. Try to weight these equally.

-> Arrangement: The ReMix should be recognizable as using at least one of the source tunes I listed at the beginning. Generally speaking you don't have to judge as harshly as the panel does for OC ReMixes, but try to keep in mind the site standards. The mix shouldn't be too close or too far from the original, and it should stand alone as a song... in other words not background music.

-> Production: Recording quality of live stuff, how well the samples are used, choice of sounds, muddiness/clarity. In other words, does it SOUND good?

* You cannot vote for yourself.

* Voting ends on January 10th, 11:59pm EST.

* Try not to discuss your votes with anyone, or in this thread... we want voting to be as clean as possible.

With that, here are the entries. In double parenthesis are the source tunes that were covered.

Alex Smith - Trombone Fantasy mvmt 1 ((Opening/Bombing Mission))

Another Soundscape - Spacing Chocobos (Hold Your Hats) ((Racing Chocobos: Place Your Bets!

Avaris - The Satiated Mind ((Opening/Bombing Mission))

Chihana - Even More Fighting ((Still More Fighting))

Fishy - Place Your Beats ((Racing Chocobos: Place Your Bets!))

Mustin - Serenity ((Main Theme of Final Fantasy 7))

Nicole Adams, Sir NutS - Main Theme ((Main Theme of Final Fantasy 7))

Prophet of Mephisto - The Road from Midgar ((Main Theme of Final Fantasy 7))

Reuben Kee - Still More Sexy Fighting ((Still More Fighting))

Rexy - Chocobo Prelude ((Racing Chocobos: Place Your Bets!))

Swordbreaker - Overworld Freestylin' ((Main Theme of Final Fantasy 7))

Tricklozen - Barret's Theme is Probably Marlene's Theme ((Barret's Theme))

Zoola - Cruisin' Sector 7 ((Barret's Theme))

sephfire, Tweek - A Chronicle Unfolds: Reactor One ((Opening/Bombing Mission))


NOTE: If you have any questions, or need to make any corrections to what I've posted above (eg. wrong source tune), please let me know!

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