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OC ReMixer DJ Redlight passed away


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It's with profound sadness that I announce the passing of DJ Redlight (Ashley Carr) on October 26th of 2016. He was from Australia and only 30 at the time. I was recently informed of this news after stumbling across his Facebook Artist Page. Here's an excerpt written by a personal friend:


I know this is the one page where his true passion was, music production and composition (particularly the electronic genre, although he dabbled into some DnB and such a while ago). He had been working on a new album for the last 2 years which he never got to release, but once the shock and the denial I'm in subsides, I will speak to his family to see whether there are any other tracks we can release to you guys. He always spoke to me fondly of the people around the world that would send him messages of support and admiration on Facebook, SoundCloud and various other music sharing platforms for his undoubted talent in music production.

Although I never spoke to him, I do have warm memories of burning CDs with a couple of his remixes in.


Both were also used in Extra Credits episodes here and there.

His existing work is already formidable enough to make him a relevant name in the world of fan game music communities. Thank you for being a part of my early years at OCR, Ash.

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I didn't know Avien had died.

And by remarkable coincidence (and I use the term "coincidence" lightly), for some reason when I brought up Winamp literally right now, the first song loaded into it is Avien's Nouemon mix from Relics of the Chozo. I haven't listened to Relics of the Chozo in at least 5 years, I don't even have that song on this computer, and I know I've used Winamp much, much, much sooner than that.

Odd vibrations.

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