OCR04002 - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword "Takeyabu Resort Promo Package, 1991"

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@prophetik music"if this was on an OST for a game, there'd be someone out there who said that this is their favorite track."

I kind of treated this like an OST deep cut, yeah!

@Rexy"If anything, it quickly turned into the musical equivalent of a shitpost"

I need to save this quote for the back of a release one day, like the John Stewart quote for The Book of Mormon playbill.

You know, there's more humor in this than most of the stuff I do, so it's really cool to have it on OCR (especially after being a fan for almost 20 years!). And to be mentioned in the same write-up as Harold P. Warren's masterwork?!

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3 hours ago, Gario said:

Man, I hate this arrangement, lol.

I love the fact that it's on OCR - there needs to be more music on here that challenges my tastes.

You'll come around. :-)

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