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OCR01539 - New Super Mario Bros. "Mushroom Maddness"

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I like that you took a higher-end sounding song and reverted it to the old 8-bit sounds (the :33 section). Talk about a serious reversal for this site. For a mix that sounds pretty ordinary at the start, it was a real surprise. The bubbly-sounding notes remind me of the original MC Kids game, and some of the notes around :48 remind me of the Rescue Rangers game. Funny how certain 8-bit synth notes invoke particular games.

Then you really expand on the melody and take it in a more standard kind of direction for OCR. Really neat interpretations, but the melody seems to disappear altogether for portions of the song, until they finally return. There are sections where you can't tell it's a remix because it sounds like all original work.

I liked the "good" sounding parts to be sure, but I personally would have liked to see this whole song done 8-bit style like the beginning with different synths.

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New Super Mario Bros, another example that Mario will never die. You know, I have a hard time commenting on this mix because words just don't do it justice. Transforming the sound to a smaller bit was pretty cool. I will just say that I loved the transistions, the ending, and the first minute was my favorite part.

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I'd like to ask permission to possibly use all or part of this remix in a custom New Super Mario Bros Wii project I am working on. We are making custom levels, music, backgrounds, and even custom tilesets. You would be credited in the notes that are released with the game, and even possibly in the game itself. :smile:

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01539 - New Super Mario Bros. "Mushroom Maddness"

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