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Whatdja GIVE? (Christmas Giving Check in!)


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I have a very small family, so multiple gifts for each!

For my mommy:

- Two nature photography calendars, one for work and one for home

- Carolina wren nesting box

- Deluxe music folder, with string inserts and hand strap

- A pair of beautiful birch candles

For my daddy:

- Great Scientists Finger Puppets, from thinkgeek.com!

- "Mind Hacks," by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb

- "The Spam Letters," by Johnathan Land

- A CD of music by zircon and myself, as per request ^_~

For my brudda:

- An OCR T-Shirt! Yeahhhh!

- The thinkgeek "Annoy-a-tron"

- T-Rex shirt from qwantz.com

- Fuzzy, fleecy scarf

For da zircon:

- Zen garden fountain (cuz he likes running water indoors!)

- A roly poly polar bear cub

For da zircon's family:

- Rainbow pasta (What? They're Italian!)

- A FISH ORNAMENT for their tree, and no, you'll never understand

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- Kone for dad and step-mom (a Dirt Devil handheld).

- Crock Pot for mom.

- Golf pool for step-dad.

- Vegetable chopper for grandma.

- DVD rack for grandpa.

- Toy cooking utensils for sister.

- Painting kit for brother.

- Jack Daniels sauce kit for friend.

- Asian style mouse pad for friend.

- Purse organizer for aunt.

- Picture frame and candle for friend

- Pitched in some money to buy 50 chickens and a wire coop for a third world family!

- Love and hugs to everyone :)

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To Mom and Dad:

$50 in Olive Garden Giftcards

Handheld Sudoku Game for Mom

A Jesus fish for Dad :lol:


To Girlfriend:

Pink DS Lite

Nintendogs: Dalmatian edition

A new jacket

To GF's Parents:

More Olive Garden Giftcards

TO GF's Sisters:

Giftcard to local craft store for little sister(She's into art)

Pittsburgh Steelers Wireless PS2 Controller for older sister (She's obsessed with them)

Then I ran out of money :(

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My post from UnMod.

Let's see here:

For Dad: a bigass grill and tons of grill stuff. He really needed a new one.

For Mom: stuff for entertaining around the home. Stuff like a heated dish for misc. stuff for parties and this huge bowl and stand that you can put tons of ice and booze in. It's great, and I really want one for myself now.

For Bro: a really nice cappuccino machine.

For Sis: a 45 piece knife/kitchen set, blender, and a juicer.

For G-Ma: lots of flowery and smelly shit. Bath stuff, candles, slippers, etc. She really digs it.

For G-Pa: more garage stuff, as usual, and a really cool AA battery charger.

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Wow, that's quite the chunk of change you're giving.

I'd suggest going with GBA Micros. They're $40 at Wal-mart, smaller and brighter than SPs, and the only thing they lose (besides a little bit of screen size) is the ability to play GBC games and *gasp* connect to a GCN!

Good idea. GBA games should be cheap by then, and if I see somewhere that has some bundles for sale, I can kill two birds with one stone.

I really think having their own little video game system is a good thing for a child in such a situation. If not for the small amount of escape they provide, then for the fact that that little piece of electronics is theirs, and theirs alone. They can take it with them, they can hide it if they need to, and they can pull it out and play it when they want to. Because being a kid with nothing sucks.

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