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I know Martin Penwald wants this thread to be alive again. I'm assuming since the other remade unmod threads aren't deleted by now, that means it's time for...

The Free Music Thread!

Because there's more than OCR when it comes to free music

In this thread we post music releases by other people [or large projects you have created] that you find on the internets. I will start with one of the few netlabels I check regularly for new music, Monotonik. You'll see a pattern eventually.

Not necessarily one of Monotonik's most 'normal' releases, but heartily welcomed anyhow, this unconventional glitch-electronic 7-track EP is from the oddly named Gaza F*gg*t, who can best be described as, well, an alter ego of a previous Monotonik releaser.

It all starts off with the gentle organ of 'Horse With Gold Teeth', before the latter end of the track gets all warped and Japanese-speech sampling, before the completely awesome 'Rotten Fruit Messageboard Apology' arrives, all explicit heartfelt sung apology for getting out of hand on some Internet messageboard or other - and eating babies. A more angelic apology has never been received, we reckon.

From then, it gets pretty far out, with 'Softbo' flipping up double speed and halfspeed electronic weirdness and 'A Night After A Night After' cutting up speech and erratic percussion into some kind of weird melange. Like we said, a break from the norm - but we can't be calm and serene all the time, right? Call it our freak-out period.

Download Gaza F*gg*t's 'Welcome To Softbo' from: 1. "Horse With Gold Teeth" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "Rotten Fruit Messageboard Apology" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "Titfarts" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

4. "Softbo" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

5. "Testb" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

6. "A Night After A Night After" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

7. "Softbo (Reprise)" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

This release is a very weird one, but I love Khonnor's previous work for its oddball sounds and lyrical musical destruction, and this release is no different. Fans of normal music should probably stay away. Far away. This is more like the musical equivalent to dadaism, in a sense.

Oh yeah, and I shouldn't have to remind you guys, keep it legal please. After all, there's so much music available out there that music piracy is practically unnecessary.

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Here's another one from Kahvi:


#201a-201h url / octopus city [stream]

url returns with the first release of the new year - an excellent example of url's style and quality, dark and moody with original beats and savage textures. url has gone a different direction for this ep, moving away from the more mainstream idm and mixing in purely gothic styling (satyrs for example). Favorite track of this release is certainly rhodetry salvage. A great start for 2007.

leave feedback

download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip)

bjeon [stream]

translucent [stream]

octopus city [stream]

afternoon coffin break [stream]

satyrs [stream]

he's a collector [stream]

with [stream]

rhodetry salvage [stream]

I'm so glad for the HTML features. Now I don't have to convert everything into phpbb forum code. Anyway, this is another good release, I can recommend this to anyone who's looking for a nice chill album. Good sounds, and good production in this one. The drumwork reminds me of my own in a way. HMM!
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Who is this V-Style?

That site seems a little overwhelming, though it's easy enough to stream the audio. I would probably find lots of good stuff if I looked through it long enough.

It appears that already there is a high percentage of not me posting material in this thread. Keep this ratio up, that's good! In the old unmod thread it was just me posting mono/kahvi links every few days. I AM SO HAPPY T_T I should've made this thread in General Discussion in the first place.

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Children of the Monkey Machine is the best ambient musician aboard. In 2005 he released a solo album called Septic Dreams which has 15 dark ambient and industrial tracks. After finishing his personal project, he decided to make Septic Dreams freely available online.

So if you have not listened to his album yet, head over to http://silenthillbbs.dyndns.org/cotmm/septic/ and grab the full package, including his self-made cover art.


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I really like Jeremy Soule [call him a robot who makes music that all sounds identical all you like, I DO NOT CARE ^_^ I think it's pretty], so I'll check this out.

I can also recommend that Septic Dreams album. It's very rough and raw, dark and ambient, but I think most people here are already used to CotMM's style [i hope]. Can anyone find his old Rl'yeh album? I haven't heard it in a long time, and I've forgotten it almost completely ;( though m68030 might prefer it that way, I dunno! It is kind of old.

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This release has been out for a while, but vince showed me this on IRC when it came out and I was amazed at the quality, so I feel it needs to go in this thread somewhere:

rc025-Gama_va_thumb.jpg __ [RC025] VA - Gama Download release in .zip format or download per disc in .zip format Disc 1 Disc 2 ( high resolution artwork available in .zips if applicable ) Individual tracks Disc one 01 - Imtech - Outgoing | 02:30 | .mp3 02 - Nifflas - Her former nightmare | 03:16 | .mp3 03 - Blisaed - Cold | 04:43 | .mp3 04 - Troupe - What would our live be like in ... | 04:36 | .mp3 05 - Mikael Fyrek - Strawflower square | 04:30 | .mp3 06 - Valzi - Stronger | 08:50 | .mp3 07 - Nagz - Feel the funky beat yoo | 03:37 | .mp3 08 - Planet Boelex - Beskraj | 06:33 | .mp3 09 - Beatslaughter - Ice crystals | 03:57 | .mp3 10 - Rs3 - I am the fallen | 05:25 | .mp3 11 - Fah - Fah_robo.jpg | 11:33 | .mp3 12 - Kevin Chow - The fall of Trakar | 07:00 | .mp3 Disc two 01 - Rhetorik - Rest | 03:36 | .mp3 02 - Dfast - Froggie's trip to the edge of the world | 06:53 | .mp3 03 - Wiseman - Joker ( The space cowboy remake ) | 03:31 | .mp3 04 - Valzi - Print light | 01:30 | .mp3 05 - Le monsieur baguette - Let's dance with theresa | 03:46 | .mp3 06 - Benefit of the boomerang - Noah's flood has not yet subsided | 05:22 | .mp3 07 - Beatslaughter feat. Achenar - Tag, we're it | 03:57 | .mp3 08 - Byte-smasher - All night long ( funk mix )| 05:47 | .mp3 09 - Benefit of the boomerang vs. kaneel - Katanatastic phuh dot | 04:55 | .mp3 10 - Vizion -Suññam idam attena va attaniyena | 04:26 | .mp3 11 - V0idnull - Miserere | 08:42 | .mp3 12 - Fah - Tune for the flowers on my grave ( thanks in advance ) | 04:31 | .mp3 Art by 143 After more than 2 years of inactivity, Ronin Collective is back, and we wanted to do a special release for our return. Gama, a 24 track, 2hour compilation featuring Ronin members, guests and friends perfectly defining the eclecticism behind the Ronin style. You'll find everything ronin has been and more; returning members deliver yet again with a periphery of tones and styles from Blisaed's guitar-hop, to Wiseman's folk-psychadelia, to Benefit of the Boomerang's flaming jungle and V0idnull's goa epic. Also, two new official members to Ronin: recent guest-releaser Fah offers two incredible tracks, a 12 minute acid track and a gorgeous cinematic forray into analog ambient as outro to our comp, and Troupe, with a delicate indie-tronic track. Last, we also have a few great guests on the compil, including Nagz with his enchanting demo-breaks, Le Monsieur Baguette's naive melodies and glitchy love, Kevin Chow's orchestral masterpiece, Beatslaughter's two contributions to the world of breakbeat and everything in between. Ranging from ambient, to hip-hop, through idm and to harsh noise, this compilation is a manifesto to our ideologies of creativity and individuality.
Yeah, there's everything from light rock to goa trance on this album. v0idnull's song is particular favorite. I COULD'VE DESTROYED IT! some of my buddies make it on this album too :D BYTE-Smasher, Troupe, Royal Sefton, etc. BYTE's song is weird and probably not meant to be enjoyed, but I love the songs by Troupe and Royal.
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The gama release from the ronin collective is wonderful, I recommend it to anyone who likes electronic in general. There are many styles on it, and everyone will find something he likes.

Also, yeah, Byte-smasher's "All night long" is absolutely unenjoyable, but whatever, hehe.

On another note: I'd like to mention Cold Storage's homepage (click). For those who don't know him, back in the 90's, he made quite a few songs for Psygnosis games like Wipeout, Krazy Ivan etc. All those songs can be downloaded from his site, and they're really worth it.

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I'm not sure if this qualifies as having "found" it on the Internet more than being one of the unfortunate few to be aware of its existence, but Shpladoink and I recently released about 60 minutes of total garbage to the general public. Our little musical organization's site is here and the album itself is hosted at this page. Enjoy (or don't)!

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Here's an older release from Kahvi I'd like to re-plug, because I've been listening to it a lot lately:


#171a-171d Workbench - Detour EP [stream whole release]

another familiar face hailing from DI.FM, workbench is a lounge artist of the classical degree - easy to listen, easy to chill, detour ep takes you from more of a commercial lounge vibe to the underground ambient/chill area in a nicely paced style. one verging on the commercial in parts but well worth a listen as part of Kahvi's collection.

leave feedback

download album art also available as: rssfeed.gif

lounge [stream]

theme from a rainy day - at least, thats what it reminds me of, lounge piano's mixed with a subtle groove, one of the two tracks that verge on the commercial but still worth a listen!

10,365,626 bytes @

[main download]


air cargo [stream]

slightly more underground, slow beats and ambient vibes throughout. an excellent track to switch the lights off, lean back in your coolest chair and close your eyes. nice.

13,424,922 bytes @

[main download]


halcyon [stream]

this track reminds me of a classic tangerine dream track - 'theme from a moving train'. a constant and consistent movement throughout, delicate leads and pads and once again, lovely to chill to.

19,248,089 bytes @

[main download]


city lights [stream]

my person favorite from the whole ep, city lights includes those sentimental pads that kahvi tracks seem to feature with a very nicely composed and produced cold-yet-warm feel. great stuff from workbench!

19,530,112 bytes @

[main download]


This, I think, is one of the ideal Kahvi releases. It has great progression and sounds, and doesn't stir too much up. It's the perfect thing to listen to late at night when you can't sleep.

In other news, if you don't frequent WIP:Other, SGX is planning on another remix contest. Hopefully we'll get some nice material out of that, and I will also be participating. Probably.

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Awesome thread.



Power Supply

8BP065 MP3 / MINI-CD

New York's Anamanaguchi finally makes their debut with the driving and dynamic Power Supply. The fully-packed release shows a range of feelings from "putting the final blast into a robot boss" to some more heartfelt tunes — all with hyper-melodic, electric powerpop flavor. It is recommended that you sing along with the squarewaves. Please enjoy!

01. Sting Operation

02. Helix Nebula

03. Airbase

04. Video Challenge

05. Fast Turtle

06. Flora/Fauna

07. Power Supply

(20:58 Total)

Download the album from 8bitpeoples.

I love this album. Very, very catchy chiptune stuff with some live instruments (guitars) thrown in there.

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archive.pngbrs_-_chillosophy.rar - 4.2mb

a xerxes musicdisk which has its own player. Several very very chill songs. I forget how old exactly this is but not very. I was in some of the compos with xerxes when he made these tunes [in like, an hour!] and then he put them in a compilation of sorts.

Mac guys should use VLC Media Player to play the .it files.

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(6:21:23 PM) Ty: www.myspace.com/thephunmachine

(6:21:24 PM) Ty: or

(6:21:30 PM) Ty: www.googlepages.com/thefunmachine

(6:23:11 PM) OverCoat: !

(6:23:27 PM) Ty: this is what I did over christmas break

(6:23:34 PM) OverCoat: cool

(6:23:35 PM) Ty: instead of writing an album

(6:23:46 PM) OverCoat: another side project? :P

(6:24:01 PM) OverCoat: dude you need to load up QLSO again someday

(6:24:09 PM) OverCoat: also damn myspace, it's not loading the tunes

(6:24:18 PM) Ty: craps

(6:24:22 PM) Ty: hit googlepages then

(6:24:32 PM) OverCoat: I get a login screen

(6:24:42 PM) Ty: ......

(6:24:44 PM) OverCoat: Welcome to Google Page Creator

(6:24:48 PM) Ty: ah helz

(6:24:50 PM) Ty: hold on

(6:25:05 PM) Ty: whoops sorry

(6:25:13 PM) Ty: http://thefunmachine.googlepages.com/

(6:25:42 PM) OverCoat: thx

(6:27:31 PM) OverCoat: haha

(6:27:36 PM) OverCoat: COME TO POMPEII

(6:27:43 PM) OverCoat: this is nice :D

(6:27:45 PM) Ty: thanks!

(6:27:56 PM) Ty: a few of my friends and I put this together

(6:28:04 PM) Ty: for kicks and shiggles

Oh yeah, and just so you know, it's this guy

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