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  1. *shrug* I'm not some big Japanese cartoon nerd and I thought they were well-drawn and at least mildly amusing.
  2. I get to post in this thread before it's inevitable lockage! Yay!
  3. That character design makes me want to vomit. He looking fucking ridiculous in 3D.
  4. Battle Pope is a fun apocalyptic romp featuring the Pope, who's a cigar-chomping, whore-banging midget which God imbues with totally bitchin' guns and muscles. Also, Jesus is his sidekick. Y: The Last Man may be the best non-superhero comic book you'll ever read. It's a nearly finished 60-issue limited series, and the trade paperbacks will catch you up in time for the epic conclusion. I'm not sure if Marvel Zombies counts as a superhero book, and I haven't read it, but I only here great things about it. Basically, all the Marvel superheroes have been turned into flesh-eating zombies, yet still retain sentience. The latest series pits them against Ash from Army of Darkness.
  5. Ffej

    Spider-Man 3

    Because talent rarely gets you fame. Also, I felt it needs to be said that, while the movie didn't stick to the facts of the comic book, I do think it got the mood of the Spiderman series down pat.
  6. Ffej

    Spider-Man 3

    I enjoyed the movie, but I feel there was too much Topher Grace and not enough Gwen Stacy dying. Because there was none. Why didn't she die?
  7. I expected a 3D Jigglypuff when I clicked the topic.
  8. Tits or GTFO. I'm kidding, of course. Yeah, this is pretty weird and all, but I guarantee we'll be receiving a statement about the goat being a fake or dying from natural causes or something within the next few days.
  9. Eh. I'll continue not caring.
  10. Ffej

    Good AMVs

    You all lose for not mentioning AMV Hell 3: The Movie. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1296650760995189755&q=amv+hell+3&hl=en
  11. Trapical, you should get a trophy.
  12. IT'S A TRAP. Well done picture. Me likey.
  13. Does anyone else think David Hayter looks enough like Snake to pull it off? I mean, he's got the voice. If not Snake, then he looks a good deal like Otacon when he has glasses on. Or, Hayter could pen the screenplay. I mean, come on. The guy's a screenwriter AND the voice of Snake. He should be in the movie somehow.
  14. I know who can save the Sonic series: Jaleel White.
  15. I knew this game would end up blowing as soon as they revealed Silver. Sonic needs less characters. I think the series peaked at Sonic 2, and though a few good games have come out after that, nothing has quite matched up to Sonic 1, 2 and CD.
  16. Hey, I'm working on a song (not for OCR) right now and I really need a good kung-fu yell sound effect, either the deep kind or Bruce Lee style. Anybody know a good place to look?
  17. Perhaps this has something to do with the X-Box 360 game that recently surfaced, what with Akroyd confirming a voice for that as well.
  18. As far as simple, Wario Ware. As far as fun, X-Men Legends.
  19. Lots of people follow this theory, but frankly, it doesn't make too much sense. Ganon doesn't come to power after the child ending of OoT because Link never opens the Sacred Realm. Also, I posted early that Aonuma placed The Wind Waker 1 or more centuries after adult Link defeats Ganon. The reason there is no hero is because Zelda sent him away. The Hyrule he left behind is the one where Ganon comes back.
  20. I loved Twilight Princess. I loved The Wind Waker. I can't decide which is better. The combat, of course, is equal. Same engine, duh. Seeing as how Link's Awakening is my favorite Zelda, though, I may have to go with The Wind Waker, if not purely for aesthetics. Both, however, have bitchin' Ganon fights, with The Wind Waker's ending the best and Twilight Princess's playing out the best.
  21. That makes sense, then. My left eye is 20/10 and my right is 20/30 or worse. Now I understand my problem
  22. Gee, is it that obvious? I don't need the condescending attitude, thanks. I think it'd be fun to see some Kirbies that have eaten everyday objects, or fictional characters outside of the video game realm.
  23. It feels wrong the way that you insist on being the correct method. As far as archery goes, the way everyone has mentioned feels correct for me, but not with a slingshot.
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