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Good Beach Music


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I'm going to Tobago here in a couple weeks - gonna enjoy the beach and (hopefully) get a tan without deep-frying my fragile complexion. However, in addition to the SPF-1000, I'll need some tunes. Can I get some good suggestions for beach listening? OCR stuff preferably, but if anyone's got some other good ideas I'm wide open. Nighttime listening is just as important as daytime, though, so suggestions of some good after-dark ethereal stuff would also be appreciated (Aphrodite Oceanus FTW). Thanx dudez!!!1

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DJP's Booster Tarantino

McVaffe's Dancehall Ragga

Mustin's La Samba de Agua

Noppz' Hawaii Shopp'n

Tyler Heath's Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle

bLiNd's Areofunknamics

Hale-Bopp's Summertime (FTW!)

DJP's dubnofantasyaloneman

K. Weston Phelan, The Fat Man, Team Fat's Wing Theme Surf

Lau's Aeris Summer Samba

McVaffe's DeeJay's Caribbean Rave

Xtormrage's Salsa Snake

José the Bronx Rican's Thank you, Dee Jay

The OneUps' Isle de Kirby

There's one more that's on the tip of my tung, it's perfect for summer beach lounging music, but I just can't recall what it was!

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DJP did Booster Tarantino for the record.

Ah, so he did. My bad.

More the chill type, perhaps spacey - Aphrodite Oceanus by The Wingless is the best example that I can give of this sort of thing. Something you'd listen to if you're lying on the beach looking at the stars.


Ailsean's Final Ecstacy

McVaffe's Yoshi's Lullaby

mp's Time Preserved~April Showers

mv's Time Chill

mv's Aquamarine (beautiful, chill-tastic, contemplative, and a little remorseful, one of my all-time faves)

Neil Banjamin's Far Away Memories

pixietricks' Prayer

spacepony's A Rose for Zelda

Vigilante's Liquid Metal

I have a few others from VGMix, but those would be unavailable at the moment.

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