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OCR Diablo2/D2X League!


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This is disturbing. The rest of the competitions are stuck in the comps thread and zircon can basically create a competition or league on the Comm forum, but the rest of us are relegated to the Comps forum?

Well, when I checked the competitions forum and thought historically, all the threads there are literally competitions. You know, tournaments of some kind. The chess league, moves league, KoF, Tetris Attack, it's all like that. I am merely proposing that OCR people get together and play this game with one another. I'm calling it a "league" but it really isn't, per se.

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We should try to set up certain nights and times to play together - we can do it in this thread. Aside from that, we'll have an IRC channel (probably on enterthegame) so people can talk to eachother, and we'll also have a game name + pass that we consistently use. That way you can just hop online and join the game to play.

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I like the idea, I was just going to start an uber smiter. Few questions though:

1.) Are we only supposed to play these characters when we are all together or can we level them up on our own as well?

2.) I have a bunch of gear that I have legitly gathered for my character. Are we aloud to use items like such or are we only aloud to use what we find?

3.) Are people allowed to join later on, or is it closed after the official first game?

Just to clarify things, this is a "league" that is going to be PvM and not PvP right? What I mean is that the purposes of this league is to level up, become patriarch/matriarchs, kill ubers, etc. not just a duel league. I don't care if people are dueling outside of the main game, I'm just not interested in duels.

edit: I forgot one more question. Can you specify all the software that will be required other than the game (like chat programs and such). Thanks

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I'll update the first post with some official rules soon.. but here's what I'm thinking

1) You can play alone and level your char, but you are encouraged to generally stay with the group. Don't get more than one or MAYBE two acts ahead of us. If we're all level 30 in act 3 on normal mode, it wouldn't be as fun if you get to level 60 and you're already on act 4 in nightmare.

2) We are all starting new chars from scratch, therefore no handouts from other characters. This might be subject to change when we get higher level.

3) Yes it will be open to everyone, but again, new characters only. If we are ahead of newcomers we will try to get them up to speed as best as possible. If they are significantly behind they can use whatever means necessary to catch up.

4) This will be PvM. If and when we get to a high level and we feel like doing some dueling, then OK. But the game is pretty challenging especially from scratch. PvM should be more than enough.

5) Diablo 2, Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, mIRC (or similar IRC client), and either Ventrilo or Teamspeak.. haven't decided yet.

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god damn, this brings back memories. i'd hella join in, but i know if i do, real life is going to kick my ass.

personally I like single player/LAN a tad bit better though, if you can get a good group of people together--no worries about account deletion or anything like that. me and my brother had some dammnnn good times going through that game.

this past summer i had the brilliant idea of starting like 10 solo/LAN builds at the same time. brilliant. just plain brilliant. more like a pain in the arse to play through, but even then it still brought back some good times. I still have those chars lying around, they're just waiting for a return...

anyways i wish you guys luck--it's gonna be a blast.

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Yeah, damn you Diablo 2. I want my summer of 2000 back.

Anyway, I'd definitely be down but I've already gone through TWO sets of diablo discs, all of which have been mysteriously broken. I think god wants me to stop playing.

Haha! That happens to my friends who have Diablo also. Just a couple weeks ago a few of my friends started playing Diablo seriously again and one of them somehow managed to break 2 of the Diablo discs in one day at different times, and he's like never broke a CD before. And my other friend has gone through four or five sets.

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