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Senior Prank


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Trapical, you should get a trophy.

QFT. Holy crap man. That is intence. That will be a night you'll never forget for sure.

at my school, getting a copy of the master key is always the key to everyones senior pranks, but no one ever gets it so nothing ever happens... =( Of course this year, they also added security codes for every building, so that complicates things a bit...

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That's an amazing story Trapical.

My school has nice history of senior pranks. I'll list what comes to mind:

-Stacking up desks outside their classrooms

-Showing up nude

-Editing a school video with the "Rejected" internet cartoon

-Stealing a teacher's coffee mug and holding it hostage for months.

Here's some plottings for this year. Nothing's really interesting enough to warrant a prank though:

-Our school has a uniform of tan pants and white shirts. Thus we wear tan shirts and white pants.

-Buy signs like "Employees Only" and "Beware of Dog" and post them all around school

-Hack the computer network somehow...

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well I did not want to have to type this, but I think I will.

So it all started out when We the school told us we had to have a locker. Me and my bud Decided that we did not want to pay the fee. But they forced us to. It was at that point we decided to get even.

I always got school lunch, and every day Id get a milk. Some times Id drink it, sometimes Id leave it half full, and yet others Id just leave it open...

These milks would migrate in to our locker. After a few weeks begin to smell awful. so we would hide them in places such as class rooms, the trophy cabinet, in the locker vents, under drinking fountains. anywhere they would be hidden for a few hours while the smell displaced thought the location.

There were a few really good ones. Our first was in a the vocational bulding. Its basically a hall with classrooms attached. and a drinking fountian in the middle. Well we hid one in there. about 10-15 minutes later the janitors have brought in indrstual sized blowers to get the smell out...

There was another time where I had just one sitting in our locker. My bud tells me its making his books smell funny, and he wants it out. So during lunch I move it from the locker to the trash can, which is on the other side of the hall.

Well the class I am in after lunch shares the same wall as my locker. During the first few minutes of class I can here them opening and closing lockers. I can tell there getting close to mine, then they stop, and I think, "crap". well go figure a few minuets later they call me in to the office to ask me what the smell is, and I told them that I forgot I put in the locker. But the great thing is that there was no milk in there, just the smell. The milk was still in the trash can...

If i was not so lazy Id tell a story about a guy who Craped in my Locker as well.. this is the longest post I have ever done

Edit: whatever I guess ill tell it I got nothing better to do...

So This guy says "hey your locker has a ton of smelly things in it." (we also had Eggs, old sandwiches and rice) so he just asks if he can poop in a plastic zip lock bag and keep it in there, well we let him for some reason.

About 30min later I am in class and I get a message from the office saying that people are complaining that my locker smells of "Human fecal matter" It was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time. The office lady told me to clean it out, I then told her that I did not know the combo. So she sent one of her office aids, to use the key to open it.

Well we get to my locker and his eyes are wattering. He gives me the key, I open it and some files fly out, and this guy almost pukes, it was marvelous. I just tossed the Cleavland Steamer in the trash and that was the end of that.

Make me pay for a locker will you.....

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Our class put up a big tank (think a big, thin plastic pool, about a foot high and taking up about 50 square feet) filled with a few hundred goldfish (presumably one for every graduating senior) just in front of the school. Officials did nothing about it, and no one fed the fish, in the dead heat of late spring in northern Virginia. So, of course, all the fish died. So what did we do?

We made it a memorial for all the dead fish. They were all given names, and a large banner was placed under the tank (the tank was clear) for everyone to read.

I heard school officials were not pleased, but it is hardly the worst thing any students there did (though that doesn't really say much because my school saw very few real problems amongst the students).

What school was that at?

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i didn't have enough status to pull together a prank of any kind and i guess releasing a chicken in the cafeteria was the best someone ever came up with that i remember. but here's some ideas:

fill lockers full of packing peanuts, my high school on the last day opens every locker and dumps the contents into the floor, its usually a huge mess...but imagine if every locker they open along the way dumps out packing peanuts.

put a teacher's car onto the roof. (helps if they drive something like a mini cooper or a voltswagen)

skip a day where all the seniors go out and buy super soakers and water balloons and come back to the exits at the end of the day and douse everyone that walks through (my brother's old high school does that to the freshmen every year)

and trapical, your story is so good i almost can't believe that happened. that is fucking epic, props on that one

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My senior class had one of the coolest plans for a prank, ever but never actually got its shit together to pull it off.

The plan was to sod over the school's entire parking lot, set up lawn chairs, and hold a luau for the entire senior class during school hours instead of doing the senior ditch day thing.

Though, even if we'd pulled it off it wouldn't have come anywhere close to Trapical's thing.

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Trapical, hear that sound? They're coming for you buddy!

jk, that's awesome.

My class didn't have a senior prank. We did have something somewhat similar though. Every homecoming, we held competitions etc. between classes and got points. The class with the most points at the end of homecoming week was given the 'Pep Jug', which was basically just a jug with everyone's name on it in our school colors. Well, our class pretty much sucked at all of the pep stuff, so we chose the lazy way to get the jug - steal it. I wasn't involved in any of this but it makes for a couple good stories.

For our Fall homecoming, it was really easy. Someone just ran up and grabbed the jug away from the class it was being given to, then took off with it. Unfortunately, he slipped on the ice outside and shattered the jug, only to find out later that there had been a mistake and we actually had earned it.

For Spring homecoming, the class was desperate. I mean, we needed to get the jug. So one of the preps in our school, along with his friends, devised a plan to get it. The jug was being kept on a glass-enclosed shelf outside the main office of the school. Well, that was all well and good for them, except that the two glass doors didn't fit together quite right, so it was possible (not easy) to just slide them past the lock. When this was found out, it opened the door for a pretty good plan.

Our school has one main hallway that runs along the front of the building, with an entrance on both ends and one in the middle. The office is by the middle entrance, where the jug was. We also have a pretty conspicuous guard room with monitors set up for the cameras.

I can't remember now if the cameras were down on accident, or if somebody broke in and sabotaged them, but either way it was known that the cameras weren't watching one day. So, during afternoon classes, one of the guys involved went into the main office to distract the people in there. The thief walked in through one end of the main hall, wearing a white sweatshirt, white hat, and sunglasses. He broke into the case, took the jug, and ran to the entrance at the other end of the hall, where there was a white van waiting. Pretty simple, huh?

Unfortunately, there was one camera that wasn't off that day; the camera watching the exit that the thief used was still working. It was able to capture the thief running out of the building and getting into the white van as it drove away. Despite having this evidence, the authorities were never able to figure out who had done the deed. It was a pretty dramatic investigation - not quite as crazy as Trapical's - but to my knowledge they never figured out who the culprits were. All in all it was a pretty flawless plan, and worked out even though the camera was on.

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Trapical, if that's true, I'm incredibly impressed O.o

Ha, thanks. Yes it true. Man that was a fun night, whenever I'm bored I just think "hey remember when..." and re-live it all. Still kinda annoyed that I can't tell anyone about it in person. I always hear people talking in college like "yea we stole some basketballs for the senior prank, it was awesome!" and I just laugh and keep my mouth shut. Although on reflection I almost regret doing the prank, that fall the school spent like 10 grand on a security system and cameras. I wonder if any programs got cut to fund that sudden expense : (

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My school has pranks every year. I only remember a few, though.

One involved spray painting a large penis on the football field. I'm not sure about this, but I vaguely remember talk about people trying to cover it up by turning it into an elephant.

This year it was was nude streaking with masks. I didn't see it, but I know people who did it.

Last year it was gum in all of the door locks. Actually, I don't even think it was a senior prank. People were just bored.

And the last was a classic for the school. Some seniors brought a junked car inside the pool gates and completely submerged it. I have no idea of the aftermath from that, since it was way before I even got to high school.

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So basically, today was our senior prank day (I'm a junior) and it my blue prius got pwned. Also, a lot of the seniors came in my history class dressed in bunny suits and started dancing to (some techno song) <-- that was very funny.


I'm 6'5, they are just jealous.


AP Biology isn't nerdy...


More like gives it:shock:

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