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tetrisphere project: i quit

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edit: i'm not going to finish this project. just contact me if you want the files that i've finished (six in total).

i want to remix an entire ost, by myself. i need a big project for this summer/fall/winter/year. after a few days of voting, tetrisphere wins it by one vote.

FINISHED TRACKS (or ALMOST FINISHED TRACKS) - these are songs that are either done or need less than an hour of work to finish them. usually volumes are all that are left.

1. Prophetic Title - done ("title in blue") - electronica.

8. Hallucid - done ("hallucitrancenations") - trance.

10. Phony - done - light progressive rock.

12. Learn - done ("chronic phonix") - electronica.

14. Extol - basically done. needs a name and maybe another minute or so in the final product - electronica.

15. Magic Fluter - done. needs a name. - funk.

17. Zooming Car - basically done (traffic jam) - rock.

WIPS - these are songs where i've got the arrangement pretty much down, either in my head or on paper, and need to post the info for it.

3. Martist - midi.

16. Spooky Baby - wip?

20. Dog Robot - wip with Metaphist. electronica.

22. Skank Bowl Fight - wip with DragonAvenger. light jokerock.

25. Sappy - wip. vocal stupidity.

23. Birthday Bumps. saxophones.

18. Cheddar Funk. jazz band.

TRACKS THAT I'M NOT DOING - i'm cutting tracks that have no melody and are just beats + random synths. i'm being liberal as to what is a melody, but still there are songs that have to go.

5. Faze - cut. no melody.

9. Perpetuate303 - same as jungle. no melody. cut.

11. T. Grey - cut. no melody.

13. Zyp Zyp - unless ross comes around, cut. no melody.

19. Jungle - same as perpetuate303. no melody. cut.

TRACKLIST LEFT - haven't touched these. deal.

2. Azule Lux - might be cut because it's so minimalistic.

4. Compliant Confuse - see above.

6. Flim Flam - see above.

7. ManicDrumMix

21. Snappy - still can't find this track. is it actually sappy? no one knows.

24. Snowy Mushrooms - wtf pcp trip

i'll update this post with information about what styles i'm using, maybe a few demos or wips along the way.

i'm still looking for some possible mirrors, as well as someone who'll put together a basic webpage for links and the like. not anything really complicated - i just need a site for the links and an intro page about the project, and maybe a thanks page for the people who will be and have already helped me out. pm me for details, i've got some info already as to what i'd want specifically.


5/15/07 - 12. Learn is finished (chronic phonix).

5/16/07 - 1. Prophetic Title is finished (title in blue).

5/20/07 - 15/25. Sappy and Magic Fluter have a wip.

6/1/07 - 15/25. Sappy and Magic Fluter are recorded, and are in the final stages.

6/21/07 - 14. Extol has a wip.

6/25/07 - 14. Extol is pretty much finished.

6/25/07 - 17. Zooming Car has a wip.

7/9/07 - 17. Zooming Car is done (car jam) - needs a better name..

7/10/07 - 8. Hallucid (hallucitrancenation) is done.

7/23/07 - 10. Phony is done.

9/28/07 - lots of wips. just read the damned post.

10/4/07 - 15. Magic Fluter (needs a name) is done.

12/2/07 - update. just read the post now.

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notice i asked for under 60 tracks. ffxii, alone, is 97. and it's a MASSIVE soundtrack. xenosaga is smaller, though, at 40-odd, i think. that's a good soundtrack, too, but i'd have to play the game first. i don't know the other ones.

EDIT: Tactics is great, too, but it's 90 tracks as well. i guess i didn't make myself clear - i want to do EVERY track on the OST, not just the good ones.

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no more rd, loser =) and IV is a game i never was able to get through, i'll have to check it out agian.

i've never heard of either of those games, swordbreaker. what system were they for?

PS2. Awesome RPGs with awesome soundtracks. They're cult hits and hugely underrated in my book. I'm sure you're familiar with the composer of Radiata Stories; he's the same dude who composed for the Lunar and Grandia series.

You can find the Radiata Stories OST in Bluelaguna.net. The Digital Devil Saga one, however, comes packed with the game itself.

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if it weren't for the fact that i hated emporer: battle for dune, i'd think about it. those were good musics, there.

EDIT: i'd love to do Soul Calibur 2, but i just feel that the whole soundtrack sounds exactly the same. they all have different styles, but it's the same damn chord progression over and over again. great muzaks, though. i don't know metroid prime's soundtrack.

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