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OCR01574 - Chrono Cross "Song of Ruin"


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The section that features piano about a third through is quite messy. There is no direction to the lines, and the three pianos (distinguished by volume and pan) fight for space and recognition. Their lines are often broken by each other, but not in a way that allows tension to be suspended and then picked up after each interjection; they wander rather aimlessly, rather than acting in a counterpoint with each other where each line can be traced audibly to move with purpose. Some articulations sound strange and I would consider at least resequencing if you decide not to revise the notes themselves.

As a whole, there needs to be more direction. Since the harmony remains static throughout, you need to build energy in some other way. You might try buildling melodic lines in juxtaposition as the music progresses so that by the end there is a denser mass of frenetic energy. You could still use the delayed piano lick at the end, but crescendo towards it instead of meekly fading out.

Another option is to manipulate harmony more, which could be more difficult, but equally redeeming. And I wouldn't say no to combining direction in both texture/melody and harmony.

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I agree with BlueEnvy a bit - a bit more direction would be nice. It's okay, it quotes the melody in a coherent and an appropriate sort of way, but it left me wanting more. What else could you add to it? You've made a nice base painting, but it seemed a bit... incomplete. Is there anything else you could bring to the table to add more colour to the work?

Really nice production and melodic input for the work, but even when you finish and submit a work, think of the next step... what could you have added to the work...?

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This song is a great piece of work. While it's true that there seems to be a bit of a lack of direction, or rather just a sense of avoidance to a tangible climax, I believe it adds a kind of emotional sense to the song instead. The repetitiveness of this song adds that piece of emotion that you would originally find in most songs in Chrono Cross, a game that has been one of my favorites for a long time standing, and yet this song definitely maintains its own originality. It truly is a heartwarming Piece, thank you for its creation, I hope to see more from you!

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Beautiful chill track; I disagree with those who say it lacks direction, you just need to listen that much closer, as the development is exceptionally subtle (as it should be on a track such as this).

I love the delicate feeling each element has, and the care that was put into the panning percussive elements.

This one has been kind of overlooked, check it out; It's classy.

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This was a really nice surprise for me. Not a track I remember much at all from the last time I listened through the full OCR catalogue, but one that now makes me wonder how that can be. I love this to bits.

There's a few critiques about this being messy and a bit lost and I know the points people are referring to, but I can't help but see them in a 'glass is half full' perspective. It's not mess, it's organised diorganisation. It gives it a beautiful human element that the samples might not have been able to convey on their own. It's also a skillfully broad transition between the acoustic and electronic sections.

I can't really fault this. It nails everything I look for, and does so with an under-the-radar grace I really appreciate. Won't be forgetting about this again.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01574 - Chrono Cross "Song of Ruin"

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