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MEETUP: PHILLY, Pics page 10!


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So it's been a little over a year or so since the last Philly meetup. Who's up for another one?

DATE: June 16th - Noon

MEETUP SPOT: In front of city hall, facing towards the clothespin








Merk w/ friend


Kutrayn (w/ girlfriend)


Jiggles McPuff

Jose the Bronx Rican







* Sequence of events. This will be solidified over the next few days, but here's the general plan:

1. Meet up @ clothespin (noon) - center city. Wait a bit for potential stragglers.

2. Head over to the convention center area, meet up with Darkesword/Atma, grab some lunch, get day passes/tokens as necessary (for public transport). We'll probably be here until 2-3.

3. South Street?

4. Arrive at the apartment (via subway) by 5 or so. BBQ prep + dinner.

5. General hanging out, video games.

6. Bubble House for more dessert & beverages - this is where Jill works.

So, we're NOT going to be going to the apartment first, because it's actually over 20 blocks away from the meetup point. This means that if you're bringing anything, you should travel light.

* Video games. Multiple people have suggested bringing some systems/games, but remember, there's no dropoff point for them. Also since the apartment is small, we'll still have a big group when we arrive there for dinner, and we'll be outside at the grills anyway, so there won't really be a chance to make use of them at that point. Only after dinner.

* Parking/transportation. There is only street parking near me (non-metered) but I can't guarantee you'll be able to find anything. There are two garages relatively close, but I don't know exactly when they close, or their rates (they're not terribly expensive though). Center city garages are expensive, so the other options are probably best if you're driving. Regional rail, Amtrak, NJ Transit, SEPTA, and Greyhound/Chinatown bus will all take you into easily accessed areas.

If you are coming in and need directions on how to get to the meetup spot post NOW... I'll help you out.

* Overnight guests. The only person staying with me and Jill is Wes (Bahamut) - we REALLY REALLY REALLY do not have space for anyone else. If you absolutely need a place to stay overnight then you should start asking other people in the thread. It's not that we don't want to put up other people... we simply can't. The entire apartment consists of a combined living/sleeping space and a little kitchen, that's it.

* Dinner Money. Jill and I just got back from the grocery store where we bought a ton of food + drinks. Everyone coming for the BBQ will be expected to chip in; the final amount per person will depend on exactly how many people we have at that point, but it will be between $5-10. Cash only! So be sure to bring small bills. ;)

* Make note of my cell... 215-531-0798. Call if you're having problems, need last-minute directions, etc.

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well I was planning on posting a thread to see who was going to Wizard World Philly June 15-17 in like a few weeks

I know DarkeSword is planning to go and I go every year.

silly me I forgot link


Yeah I'll definitely try to be at Wizard World again this year, most likely the Saturday of that weekend. I'm going with friends from my old job and school, but it'd be cool to hang out for a while.

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What? I say "I'm in" and nobody else responds? What're you afraid of? C'mon guys, join in on the fun! How often do any of us get an opportunity like this? Also, how many times do we get to be in town for Wizards World?????

Oh, and by the by...BUMP.

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Hey, you go to Drexel? Awesome! What major are you? We should hang out sometime. :)

Edit: Also, do you have a car? It would be sweet if you could gimme a hand with picking up 1,000 CDs from discmakers in New Jersey. It's ~7 miles away, I'll cover gas and give you a free copy of the album too.

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Oh, I would be defently be able to make this little get together seeing as how I live in Cherry Hill...

Philly is hardly a hop, skip and a jump away!

And Zircon goes to Drexel?

How very interesting... my mother works there in their biomedical department... although its not like I talk to her too much or see her often.

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I think Andy still doesn't know what date he prefers for a Philly meetup. I'm up for whatever, but I'd like to do more than just visit one thing for most of the day. Also, I'd probably need someone to pick me up from Chinatown in Philly if there is a meetup.

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I'm going with my friends again this year, so I might not be hanging out with you guys all day like I did at the NYC meet-up, but maybe we can all grab a bite to eat around lunchtime. I'm going on the 16th though, so I hope to see everyone there.

that goes for me exactly

cant leave the con except for lunch and stuff

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Oh shi-... I would love to go, but I'll be in Indiana... That's the day of my girlfriend's sister's wedding, and I'm playing Trumpet and Piano in it

Oh so you can play trumpet and piano at your sister's wedding but you can't come out to Philly and play trumpet and piano for us?

Thanks a lot, jerkface. You know what? We didn't want you to show up anyway. Yeah, that's right, I said it.

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