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June is coming closer


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And with it, a reminder of a joyful month where a large part of the OCR community became united as one, with a common interest, a month where we expressed our thanks towards the enemies in the world of gaming, who met us at the end of our journey to put us to the final test, which we hopefully succeded, but also left a solid memory in our heart and mind.

For those of you who weren't here last year, June was the month when our signatures shared a same theme. Last year, it was June is End Boss Month, and either you could make the signature by yourself or ask one of the OCR sigmakers to make one for you.

Since it was such a fun time for most of us who participated last time, it would be such a shame if we couldn't carry on the torch again this year and repeat the event once more. I just wanted to make sure if everyone is up for it, we pretty much got tired of the whole idea when some people came up with new themes right after June, beating the idea to death, but since there has passed quite some time now, then it might be time to give it another whirl.

If everyone is willing to do it, then all we need to do is to come up with a new theme for this year. Preferrably, it should be something that's asscoiated with video games, being a VG community as we are, but also have enough variety so that we can have as different signatures as possible. Let me hear if you're interested, and leave some suggestion to a theme we could use while you're on it.

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Some random ones of the top of my head:

-Fav. Char month

-Fav. Game month

-A specific series month (ie: Mario Series themed month, Mega Man series themed month, etc)

-Level 1 month (or alternatively Last level month)

Damsel in Distress month?

I like that idea, but do you think there are enough damsels (in distress) out there in games? I can only think of a few right now.

At any rate, I'm having trouble thinking of anything good quality...it's hard to match End Boss month. I was only lurking at the time, but it was pretty damn cool.

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I like that idea, but do you think there are enough damsels (in distress) out there in games? I can only think of a few right now.

Ummm... Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Rhinoa, Aeris, Dagger, EVA, Meryl, Zelda, Kairi, Elly, Schala, Marle, Pearl, Dais, Tifa, Emma Emmerich, Mina, Katt, Farah... Essentially every female character ever put in a game has been in distress at some point.

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How about Most Useful/Useless Party Member Month?

Basically, everyone would get a character from some sort of party member based RPG that in their belief was by far the most/least useful party member in their game. This does not necessarily mean the most or least powerful member of your party, since just because a character is powerful doesn't mean he is useful for tricky situations...though I oddly cannot think of an example.

As most useless member, I choose Aeris. She's the only one in the party who couldn't use attacks or magic equally, she just sucked at attacking and used magic instead. I never did like that.

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