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OCR00752 - Blaster Master "Into the Earth"


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Blaster Master 'Into the Earth'

While I don't care for the plucked string sound (is that a default FruityLoops sound? I certainly hope not!), the rest of this mix sounds very nice. It's a far cry from Nine's other rave submissions, airing towards more atmosphere rather than danceability. It's pulled off very well, methinks, with just the right amount of reverb to make it atmospheric but not too indistinct (as can happen if there's too much of it.) I think the title fits very well, also - I can definitely see myself descending into some huge cavern or something. At any rate, I think I'm just gonna leave it at that, and say that I really recommend this.

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Relativly dense, this could pass for new age if it wasnt for some of the lo-fi synths in some sections. It certainly fits the title, as you can easily imagine a slow descent into the earth. Not really my style, but I can't deny that the mix is good. The bass and drums are really nice and have a very hypnotic effect to them.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00752 - Blaster Master "Into the Earth"

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