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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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Greetings, I am BrokenSword. I discovered this site about a month ago. I've only scratched the surface of the site. I'm impressed at how thurough it is. Until now I've been a turntablist both solo and with a band. I look forward to throwing my hat in the OCR ring. I'm new to the bit torrent thing, and there are some funky file types on here, so please bare with me on my stupid questions. Other than music I am a visual artist as well. Some commrades and I are getting our butts in gear on our online comic and video games.

Kwan Saymbolsal,


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Welcome to OCR!

It's a very cool site with very cool people.

A word of advice though, stick to what you know for a while, try to learn the ettiquette in General Discussion before moving posting in Unmod.

Please trust me, I speak from experience.

I still burn from the harsh flaming. :cry:

So have fun! :D

8O But Beware Unmod!!! 8O

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I'm Gemineye, I'm 18 live in PA and am new to the OCR forums (though not the site itself).

I would LOVE to get into remixing...but I have a Yamaha DGX200 (w/ midi connections) and FLStudio4... is it possible to do anything with this at all?

Absolutely. I know for a fact that many remixers including my main man Beatdrop use nothing but FL. Just import what you play into FL, if you want a more human feel.

Might want to check this out, though, as I'm hardly a remixer.

Yeah, you can do a lot with your equipment. I'm remixing right now with some horribly outdated, simple notation software, no keyboard either. All is does is record down notes. But, at least I can print out the music afterwards and do a live, solo-piano recording.

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I am PTG. I've been visiting this site for a while, and just decided to join the forum. I have no musical talent other than listening. Someone I vaguely know was playing a CD with remixes from this site, and told me to check it out. I've been hooked since.

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Hey what's up, I'm John. I go to UT San Antonio. I see this site on my roommate's computer a lot and it looked pretty interesting so I decided to give it a go. I've listened to several of the remixes and I thought they were impressive, and the community here seems like it is really cool. So, I'm just dropping in to say hi.

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Hey everyone! My name is Aaron and I'm 24 from Washington state.

I grew up with Mario and Nintendo and own all but the original NES.

I first heard about the site through song info on a really cheap music sharing program (Shareaza, I think it was called).

I'm VERY glad I found this site and have taken the opportunity to check out a lot of the ReMixes. I enjoy a lot of trance/house/NRG-style music and live DJ mixing, so I can really appreciate and enjoy what the ReMixers do. ^_^ I've thought about possibly getting into the field myself, someday, but we'll see. I'm lazy. :P

See ya around.

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Welcome aboard, XelectromarioX. It's nice to have another DJ around. Here's an article I dug up that seems to fit this board well like a glove. Actually, it was ripped from another message board, but I altered it and pruned it to fit OCR better.


This is for the well-being of all newbies that I post this article, though.

First off, one key to fitting in on our forums is to lay low. People who come out of this newbie topic and post like crazy are often more noticeable. Noticeable = very good or very bad! If you make yourself too "known" in the beginning (where everyone knows you're a newb), you'll automatically be recognized as "King spamx0r n00b," and we don't want that, do we? I suggest "lurking." If you're unfamiliar with the term, it means basically just hanging out, reading stuff, absorbing. Which leads to my next point....

Before just "posting" on Overclocked Remix, you have to remember that we're a unique community of people. By that I mean, some of us are rude, sarcastic, and embittered. To understand why, you should (before posting about how kawaii SD Gundam is) read some of our posts and understand why we act the way we do.

The next key to posting at Overclocked is to be reserved. When you post, either post in small amounts, or make the post worth reading and inciteful. Also, don't go directly for the 'inciteful' boards like UnMod. It's called UnMod for a reason. If you think nothing phazes you or moves you like The Blob, then by all means try it out.

The MOST important rule on all of OCR is fitting in with our little group. By that I mean, you can't be one of these people: melodrama-queen, a crazy fanatic of anything (but videogames are the most tolerable subject), go out of your way to announce to the world that you're a Goth/Pagan/Wicca, a person whom is overly obsessed with discussing their sexual preference (UnMod exempt), teh king of spamx0r, or someone who has a complete lack of understanding as far as order goes.

Also note that if you make a mistake in your "newb" days, you will most likely be ridiculed. To avoid that, don't do the following things:

- make threads on things we already have threads on

- reviving 6 month old topics about someone's pet hamster

- Post in the wrong forum (there are exceptions)

- Insult a staff member while on "newb" status

- Post completely ludicrous remarks in most forums

Remember, folks, being a newb at first is like being that guy from Full Metal Jacket who always got picked on, and we're pretty much that crazy Seargant. Hopefully, though, you won't blow your brains out with a rifle. At least, that wasn't our intention. If you can follow this guide, hopefully you won't have to. If you're ridiculed, be strong, and maybe you'll redeem yourself.

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