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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!

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Hello! I just joined today but I've been indulging in OCR for a good 6 years or so. I make music for NEC PC-98 machines as a hobby and I also do it professionally for videogames.

Hello OCR Community, I'm a long time visitor to the site. The music your members have remixed over the years has gotten me through some tough times. I was raised on gaming music, and have a sizea

Hello!  I'm a long-time listener by association: my wife has been a huge fan of OCR for a long time. I've loved game music since my first NES back in 1989. Big fan of all things Zelda, Uematsu's

This place is amazing. Truly amazing.

I would love to do my part in showing support for Overclocked. Expect some hefty donations when I can swing it.

A lot of you are obviously interested in electronic and industrial styles of music. I have downloaded quite a few remixes here today and I am just blown away by a lot of artistic integrity/sensibility I see going on here.

I am lead singer for the electronic band, Anorkia, and I'd be honoured to have any of you check is out and drop us a line. We are getting revved up for the future and some exciting plans are underway. As a lifetime video game geek, I think that this genre and gaming goes together rather well.

I am not trying to be shameless here. I am very sincere about my appreciation for this place.

I also love how active these forums are. Finally, a place to kill some time on those rainy days! Very Happy

Anorkia info:




This group here is exactly the type of people I want to see at shows and in our forums!

Thanks for your time.

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I'm a 18 year old college student in Virginia. Love the site. I originally found it when I was trying to find some Final Fantasy 6 music (Honesty I think that's my favorite game of all time, I still have the original cartrige, that and my chrono trigger cartridge are amoung my prized possessions). Love the songs I've found though I tend to shy away from the more techno ones. I love the piano and strings mixes. I think my favorite so far is a tie between Far Away Memories and Tears of Contention. I love the style in those. Well send me a pm or Aim me if you have suggestions of ones I might like or just want to talk

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Hey, I'm new here obvoisly. *newblet in training* I really won't be on the forums all that much to tell the complete truth, because I've got a lot going on right now in my life. Currently working up my credit to get the loans to enroll in Full Sail for computer animation. Since I like the design part of video games more than the coding, that's why I strayed away from the actual video game design program (which has jack for designing games).

That aside, I have found this beautiful place, and have come to rape it of it's contents for my OWN! Of corse with rightfull credit given. Nice meeting every, peace for now.

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I read the thread that you were so rudely kicked from and must tell you to use the torrents if you want to get all the songs. Of course, the most recent ones aren't on them yet, (including mine) so you will have to download them by hand.

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Hello... you people. Anyway, i'm new here and this my first post. I registered because i've been visiting the site for a couple of months already, and the I was bored. I registered for a writing forum not too long ago... but it died a week later. Now, about 2 months later I got bored so I registered for this forum.

Short introduction:

Real name: Ramon

Age: 20

Looks: Very handsome

Characteristics: Idealistic, a bit odd, can kill threads with a single post, arrogant, intelligent, sometimes ignorant, often gets in arguements... arr... that's all I can think of right now.


*heads of to review section*

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Sorry about posting that topic. :( I had no idea this topic was around. So I just copied what a wrote there.

Hi am Akira The Hedgehog. I was introduced to the OCRemix site after finding the Sonic 2 Remix Project website. :) I play the piano and trumpet. But I never figured out how to do anything musical on the computer. :/ It would be helpfull if someone could give me some links to pages that could help get me started and eventually remixing things. Im working on a game called Goober Adventure which stars a yellow smiley named Goober. Goober runs through 11 stages collecting coins and finding secret keys. I have a programmer named Sik for the project and I have a guy named Chris Senn making some music for it. Other musicical talent would be appreciated because I would like to have some varity in the soundtrack. I will get some screens as soon as possible. Though its been kind of hard to get a hold of Sik latly. So if you want to write a track of music for the project you can PM me. So I hope that with some help I can contribute to the OCRemix community and make some cool remixes. :)
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welcome on board. if you have a project, and intend to ask for remixer, try to show some good work. (I.E a project near completion, if it's a game it can run without music before release) :wink:

like youkai say, lurk a little before posting. try to feel the mood.

My recommendation is to start to post review for your favorite remixes. it's always appreciated, and a good begining.

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:D Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but definitely not new to this site. Let's see *Begins to count songs dl'ed from OCremix on comp* 78 as of right now 8O (78 songs I like, I delete ones I don't). My intrests right now mainly are Role Playing, and RPGs. I'm only 14, but I'm thoroughly appalled by the utter stupidity of some of my class mates in school (stupid, stupid, stupid classmates :banghead: ), and I've been known to keep up quite a grown up conversation (for lack of a better word to call it) with grown up people (once again for lack of a better word to call them). My name is Matthew but chances are 99% of the time I'll only respond to Galasung on this forum. I can be VERY hyperactive sometimes (dang ADHD! :banghead: ) so you might have to deal with my random spouts of stupidity sometimes. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

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Hello all!

The name says MasamuneX, but in alot of the other forums I post in, they just call me "mas". Not terribly sure why... maybe cause I'm a little on the passionate side of a few issues. But I digress.

Overall I have a taste for orchestral remixes. This isn't including my fondness for the piano, and love of ambiance type music. That covers the bulk of it.

Be forewarned, I also play DDR ALOT! So obviously I've developed a specific taste for techno/trance songs. Electronica doesn't really intrest me though.

Final point here, my usual listening is classic rock. I was, however raised to appreciate all forms of music and trust me, that point has been well driven home.

I look forward to some excellent remixes, and hopefully being accepted into this grand community!

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I suppose I should follow the herd and say 'hey'.

I'm reasonably intelligent and have somewhat eclectic taste in music. I don't really have a favorite genre or artist, but I generally find myself listening to light rock, soundtracks, jazz, and a genre which my music player has chosen to classify as 'other'.

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Hello everyone, the name is Xaldien, and I have been a visitor to OCremix for a while, but just now joined.

Before, my taste in games was strictly RPG, but found myself loving games such as Metal Gear Solid, Guilty Gear, and I tend to play a lot of console games, save for FPS games, they're just not my style.

I am hoping that I can one day gather up some talent and courage and make a remix to submit here, but I'm still just learning, so, maybe one day.

Well, guess it's time to have fun :)

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