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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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i don't know what you're talkign about.

He's being silly and pointing out that one of the reasons that people are being friendly to you so quickly might be because you're one of the few ladies on the forums.

That, and as I stated before, your name is excellent.


Oh my god, I love Brazil! Are you from there? That'd be so cool, I love Brazil. Oh let's be friends, let's do!


You scare me.

Oh I know. Just spreading the love like you requested through implication.

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So yeah. I'm from Finland. And no, there are no polar bears here and no, it's not -60 C cold here. I'm a girl. At least I believe so. I listen music 24/7. I like some anime series, such as Bleach, Yakitate!! Japan, Serial Experiments Lain, Samurai Champloo and AIR.

What else... My IQ is 135. I love rain. I have 6 piercings. I play Warcraft, Final Fantasys, Zelda + 1000 other games (and YES, I still am a girl). I hate Hugh Grant. I love autumn. I own a cat. Blah, that's enough about me...

Don't get me wrong: I might be "newbie" to these forums but I've been around OverCloked Remix for... gosh, I cannot even remember how many years. I was just too lazy to register. Then suddenly I got this urge to write reviews to my fav remixes so here I am.

Off to write some reviews...

//p.s. some people might remember me from AHS

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What kind of schools do they have up in Finland, anyway?

Actually pretty good, at least compared to the education level around Europe. Well, NOKIA comes from here, so...

But do you love Rainman?

If you mean that thing in your siggy... I gotta confess I don't even know what it is. If you mean yourself... ummm, sure?

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If you mean yourself... ummm, sure?

:o Someone loves me! :o

The thing in my "siggy" is a picture of the game art for Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, remade for the GB*C* and titled Link's Awakening DX (hence the reference), and a picture of Ansem from Kingdom Hearts in honor of June As End Boss Month, respectively. The other crap is fan badges.

I was referring to me.

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I'm Kanthos, a programmer and soon-to-be remixer/arranger. I'm from Canada, and am just finishing off my masters in artificial intelligence. I play piano and sax, as well as dabbling in a few other instruments like various percussion (including drum kit and mallet percussion), bass, and clarinet. I've never done any remixing before, but have a lot of good ideas for a few songs, so I'll hopefully be submitting remixes here soon. I listen to about 45% jazz, 20% classical, 25% game music, 5% musicals (Rent and Wicked especially) and 5% rock/other (mainly U2 and Great Big Sea). I play World of Warcraft (Kanthos is a level 45 mage at the moment on Steamwheedle Cartel), Oblivion, most Final Fantasy games, and various other RPGs.

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well hi all...been awhile since I last visited...must say that my previous account was inactive...and cut off I believe....but I am MaverickHunter....formally known as Silenced Wisdom and I'm here to stay...

Hey, I remember you

Welcome back

oh hey...remember my original name...oldschoolGmer...good times good times...anyway..you done any remixes

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