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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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Hello, I am new here. quick question. could anyone make me a better sig maybe? im new with the sig making thing.

Just hop on over to this or this thread, and request one there. Someone will most likely make one for you. Be sure to have some sort of idea to give them though, as it'll help speed the process along.

ok thanks

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Hey everyone. My name's Kayin. Im mostly a graphics designer, (trying to get the feel for it again) but back in the days I used to use some programs to make music. I heird of this place a while ago, but was reminded at Otakon 2006 ^-^

I want to learn how to remix and make songs again, but I dont really have money to spend. (not anymore...) Im sorry if you've heird this alot (and I know you've did), but can you link me to some current topic that helps me to learn how to use any remix programs? I went through it a could of times, and alot of the links were dead/topic deleted.

(I also check on how much bad judge results on the remixes...just....wow o_o)

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Greetings and salutations "young blood" and welcome to the world of the OCR forums.

With being new, it is understandable that you are reluctant to post, worrying about you embarrasing yourself and all, but worry not, for that is all part of 'growing' here.

The first place you guys should start is the "training grounds" known as general discussion . That is the portion of the forum where you can talk about basically anything related to the world of remixing and gaming, as long as it is work safe of course. Please do refrain from asking for any sort of "requests" in any form, be it remixes to programs to osts. OST requests, as well as anything besides freeware/shareware, are frowned upon here, considering that they are illegal, but of course if you are searching to purchase said ost or program, you are more than encouraged to do so, as long as you are polite in how you address your question :D. Also, if you wish to request a certain remix of a song to be made, you are more than encouraged to post your request here. Please do keep in mind that your request will not always be answered, so do not have your feelings hurt if your thread does not get any replies. It isn't anything personal, it is just that remixers are busy and often do not have time to do a remix for you, but you might get lucky, so don't hesitate to ever at least ask :D

Once you feel that you are ready to gain your 'sealegs' and explore the rest of what ocr's forums have to offer, you should explore Politics Philosophy and Religion, where you can find many different discussions on many of the more 'controversial' topics on people's minds. Please do keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not. It is NOT encouraged that you engage in a 'flamewar', also known as agressive arguement, with anyone on this forum, regardless of the reason. You will risk getting yourself warned and even banned. It is not worth risking your account, as well as your 'good name' tarnished over a silly arguement, now is it? :wink:

If you ever have any technical issues regarding....well....anything technical, then post your questions here *which happens to be the exact portion of the forums that we are in righ now :D*. Please do keep in mind that it is a technical assistance forum, so do not ask anything about remixing in any form or about anything random. Remixing questions and advice can be saught here. Please do refrain from asking the basic question of "how do I remix?", of course :P

Noticing those nifty little images that people have under those posts and want one of those for yourself? Well, thos are called "signatures", and there is a special place where you can go to request to get one of to call your very own! The "Ye Olde Sig Shoppe" is just the place for you, where you can request just how you would like your signature to be made. Please do read the first post of that thread in it's entirety so that no confusion may come up between you and whoever may see your sig request.

Having problems with your coding? seeing and wondering why it isn't simply hyperlinking instead? Well, this thread will teach you all you need to know about how to use the coding the forums use. At first it may be a hassle to learn, but once you memorize how each function is done, you won't soon forget them :D

Well, I hope that covers everything. If you guys ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am always available to help out the every day new guy. I was once one, I know how it was like :D

Goodluck and happy posting!

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Hello! Just a quick question. Where do you find the banner things that some people have in there sig, like "Zelda Fan" or "Chrono Trigger Fan" or whatever? Is there a page or thread with all of them, or do you just copy them from other people's sigs? Thanks for the help.

Hi. Doulifeé has stored all of the badges (that's what they're called) on his webpage. These were taken from the "Unmoderated" forums (which I don't recommend posting in until you get a good idea of how it works.), in a thread dedicated to these badges. Douli has organized them alphabetically, so you should be able to find what you want. If you don't, try PMing him or one of the great sig makers this site has, and ask for a badge of the theme you wish.

Badge Storage

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First of all, I feel like an dumbass for posting in the wrong forum section, in a new thread. :) Prior to posting a new thread, I actually looked for a introduction-section, but completely missed it. Guess I need glasses after all...

Anyways, to make things a easier, hers my introduction-post again, this time posted in the right thread:

Greetings fellow game music lovers. Smile

Since I'm new around here, introducing me properly seemed to be a good idea.

I'm a 26 y o hobby musician, mainly dealing with rock in its many various forms. Ever since I first heard the title theme for Bubble Bobble, game music has always had a special place in my heart. That's a relationship that has lasted for 18 years so far.

I've been into music making for about 10 years, and has developed some decent skills during that period of time. Currently I'm working on an arrangement of the Kakariko towns theme from Zelda. Yeah, I know it's been done before, still, I hope I can make something fresh out of it. I have some ideas for an arrangement of the title theme from Iron lord as well, so if the judges here at OC remix finds some potential in my first rearrangement, I might be encouraged to take on the challenge of remixing Iron Lord as well. Might post a work-in-progress mix of the Kakariko arrangement to recieve some feedback as to whether I'm heading in the right direction or not.

Some of my favourite game themes are: Iron lord, Monkey Island, Zelda, Gianna Sisters, Mega Man e.t.c.

Just view my profile, should you be curious to find out more about my interests.

/ The Minstrel

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