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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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I've been visiting OCRemix for a few months now.. I finally decided to join up to the mssgboards.

I listen to this stuff and end up wanting to try my hand at it, but I have severe artist's block.

There are a lot of games out there with good music that rarely anyone ever mixes, but I'm too cheesy! :)

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Well, I've been a big fan of music for a long time, and have had a soft spot for non-lyrics for the past year. I've been downloading from this site for a few months, and decided, "What the hell? I'll join!"

So, here I am. 99% of the the people here dont give a damn for anything Ive just posted, which is understandable. If youre in that 1% range, keep reading.

Im a big fan of video games, computers, anime, ping pong, chess, piano, music, and friends. :)

Looking forward to hanging around here in my spare time...

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Long time visitor, first-er-32nd time poster.

I'm way into FF6, Chrono, and Zelda music, as well as the games. I almost always get way-psyched when a remix from any of those comes up.

I have Finale on my comp and I mess around with it a bit, but most of my stuff isn't too layered, all in MIDI, and really short. Maybe one day, I'll finish a project.

Ronem, by the way, and I never really tell people this, is derived from Chrono, a name I used to use after playing that title for an extensive period of time. It was Chrono, then Chronem, then Cronem, then I wanted to ditch the whole Chrono-thing and got Ronem, then websites wanted more letters so I add X in ode to MegamanX, another game I couldnt stop playing (and still own).

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I should have done this day ago but……… hi.

If I were you I'd shrink my sig to <200 pixels high.

<150 preferred.

yeah, seriously. have some consideration for others, asshole :?


Sig Rating (for herograw): -2/10 [/Adcocked]

On more serious note, welcome RonemX. Chrono Fana are always a pleasure.

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I guess im not really a newbie anymore, but i just found this thread so i am introducing myself. I am MajLink stands for Majin boo + Link. I have been downloading music off OCR for some time but just recentally did i become a member. I am very happy with the community, it is one of the few places i can talk about gaming and all that jazz, because most of my friends would just consider me a nerd if i talked like i do here with them. If anyone wants to get to know me more my instant messanger name will come along with this post, so just drop me a line if you wanna talk.

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