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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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I'm not much of a forum person, as you can tell from my low post count, but I'm just letting all you doods know that I'm still supporting this site 100% (and have been for the past 8 years or so). Every e-mail I've gotten concerning new remix projects (such as the new one, Doom II: Delta Q Delta), I have done everything it said to promote it as much as possible. I don't frequent the site too often to download new remixes because I'm a torrent guy and I just wait till a new torrent comes about. I've bought two shirts from the site as well and I where them whenever they're clean (heh heh...). Just explaining my absence (even though no one here even knows who I am, XP). Keep up the good work remixer doods! I always look forward to new stuff. ^_^

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Hey everyone. My name is Jason. Finally registered for the site seeing as I can finally start posting some things. as this semester I've begun classes in MIDI technology and music theory. (last year I was a marine biology major, go figure)

Been listening to OCRemix for some time and it actually helped me choose my current major at college! But all that aside, I am excited to meet you all and welcome any tips and support you might have.

Feel free to contact me on AIM-jayhenry1211 or msn. (same thing @hotmail ((jayhenry1211@hotmail.com)) )

Fav games: FFT, other Final Fantasies, Metroid series, Zelda series, Star Wars, Tales of Symphonia, errr.... lots.


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Hello everyone.

My name's Jordan. I'm from Ontario, Canada, and I've had an increasing interest in music and video games over the years. I'm 18 years old and currently returning to high school for a semester, but I hope to go to university for writing, both English and Music.

I've had FL Studio for a long while, as well as Guitar Pro 5. I've been randomly writing things every now and then, and I even throw in a remix of game music here and there. I'm definitely not a pro. Not even close. But I'm not a complete beginner, either. It's my dream to one day be a composer, whether it be my own solo music, symphonic music, or video game music. I'm really leaning towards video game music, though.

Anyways, that's my introduction. I hope to learn some cool new things here, and maybe make something of my own to submit one day.

*EDIT - Oh, I suppose I can list some of my favourite games that act as an influence to me.

Basically, it's as follows:

- Sonic the Hedgehog games

- Mega Man games

- Mario games

- Zelda games

Sonic and Mega Man are probably my main influence.

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About five years ago I heard Bladiator's "Oh, Say Can Yoshi" mix on The Mushroom Kingdom online radio. After a bit of research, I found OCR and decided to tune in. I guess I finally signed up in the hopes of submitting a remix or two. Maybe in the near future...

Anyway, this site is great. I think I listen to OC remixes more than "real" music... is that weird? Keep up the good work, djpretzel, et al.

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I... I'm just a guy. I'd like to say that I'm majoring in musical awesome, or that I just got some spiffed out mixing program... or that I'm just a sweet deal, but all these things would be fabrications. And according to Baltasar Gracian, "A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity." ...okay, okay, I just googled a quote about lies trying to make it sound like I was a sweet deal.

No luck eh? Oh well.

I joined because I've been listening to OCR ReMixes for the past 4 years about, and I started checking for ReMixes every couple of days and stuff, so I decided I might as well make a profile and post a message in the noob zone.

I just got Audiosurf a bit ago, and with all these awesome VG arrangements at my fingertips Audiosurf has become the never ending game. You could play a new song everyday for over 4 straight years!!! Free of charge! (minus the cost of the game, your electric bill, your ISP fees, ect.) If that's not a sweet deal, what is? (Ignore the last set of parenthesis and all within it's unholy walls) So yeah. My moniker on Audiosurf is Gunstarhero... as well as in all games on Steam. XD. If anybody ousts me from one of my high score (or more likely, low score) spots, and is a member of this site, send me a message :D.

P.S. All spelling and grammatical errors were intentional... ummmm... yeah.

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Well, I've listened to some of the OCRemix library for years, I'm particularly fond of "Bowzer is Pissed" by PriZm, but I have also listened to a variety of tracks from the library, mostly from back in the 16bit era consoles.

I may be new to this forum, but I'm not actually new to forums, I've been a member of Emuv2 (Now 3Roms) for a couple of years now, yes its an emulation site, but I dont pirate games myself, I just enjoy the community there.

I'm a gamer at heart, owning all of the sony consoles, excluding pocketstation, and before that, being a dedicated sega fanboy despite only owning a Genesis (Megadrive, here where I'm from)

I'm not a Mixist, or musician myself, but I'm willing to learn, however I do get frustrated quickly, and blunt criticizm may cause me to reply in an unfriendly fashion.

I am what I call a casual graphical artist, in that I know photoshop skills, and if I put my mind to it, I can make something half decent, but I dont have the time nor patience to make anything big, in the end, all it will amount to is nice looking signature pictures.

So, I may hang around, but then again, I am particular to flights of fancy, so I may end up forgetting. Here's hoping I dont though.

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Hello all! I'm new here! My name is SlickDaddySlick, and I've been a lurker here for almost about three years. I've recently joined this place so that I could show my support for indie musicians and video game music.

I've been playing the piano for about five years and the cello for three years. I don't have any current plans for remixing or live covers but once I'll improve, I may think about it.

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Sup all. I'm a new Mixer. Submitted a song. Not to sure if it'll make the cut... compared to most of the works on here mine may as well be mince meat.

Hopefully DJPretzel and the rest can give good advice on how I can step up my game. Basically my dream is to become a Game Dev... in any area I possibley can. Music, programming, scripting, moddeling... and yes even Mo capping.

as of now I'm training in my ability to create music. Working on remastering other's works, and making my own.

To listen to what i have done thus far, check out my Freewebs website. There are a few songs that I'd like to keep to myself, and not have a publication on it.


go straight to the My Music tab on the nav bar to listen to my music. All of which are done via Fruityloops 7

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'Sup, Jackrabbyt.

I play a lot of games, not so many new ones, but I'm working on that.

Gradually making the effort to play the x360 that had been laying around for the past year and a half.

I won't argue about anything. It's not that I am afraid to lose or anything, losing is ultimately inevitable. Just the fact that this is the internet and I don't care for boosting some kids ego for the "lulz."

Aight, that is a decent introduction, considering.

Oh, and I like making me some music.

I range from anything I can do with Reason or FL to *rarely* playing drums or bass for fun.

Though I should probably do one of those more. ;x

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I found out about this site years ago, but only came on off and on to see new remixes every couple of months (I'd get distracted with other things XD).

Anyways, I just recently registered myself on the forums basically to get to know people who have the same interests I do: video games, music, and the combination of the two. I've been playing video games since I discovered Sonic the Hedgehog back when I was 5 and have been into music almost as long. I started playing piano when I was 6 years old and I can still play somewhat (I haven't been practicing ^_^"), but I'm better at clarinet which I started to play when I was 11 or so. I've got a good grasp of theory as well as some orchestration though I'm still learning.

I don't have access to any programs or equipment to record or remix anything currently, but I would like to look into it eventually. If you need any clarinet in your remix (very rare I'm sure), I'm more than willing to throw something in. I do play the instrument proficiently :P. That's about it for me. I'll be around.

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Hey all, I'm Phayre. I've been a fan of the remixes here for quite some time and am interested in learnng how to mix up my own, given my affection for more obscure games and their music (Tales of Destiny, especially . . . ah, so sad). I also play a good deal of more well-known games, and listen to tons of video game music in addition to the metal, JROCK, dance, and other oddness that takes up more of my hard drive than I care to admit. Favorites include Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, various Final Fantasy games, Fire Emblem, Soul Calibur, Jackal, and the original Genesis Sonic games. I'm 19 and I'm a photography student, hoping to get into either advertising or journalism. I'm also interested in anime, manga, RPG Maker, and video games, but it's not a huge obsession anymore (unless we're talking about X, in which case all bets are off). Musically, I took piano lessons for a year, but got really bored with it because I prefer playing by ear to reading sheet music. This probably makes me a poser. Feel free to PM me or whatever; I'm pretty friendly.

Typical OMG A FEMALE ON A FORUM make me laugh.

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hello everyone just wanted to stop by and say hi

is all and introduce myself to u guys

this seems like a great community and all

well i'm 16 by and by. i really like game music and i was googling

around and saw this site heard one or two of the songs

and i was hooked.

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I'm new here. I found ocremix through The Dark Side of Phobos, which I believe I found through the Doom Wikipedia page... in any case, I've been listening to that for ages, and it finally dawned on me that there might actually be a community here.

Anyway, I'm just now looking around... hopefully I can contribute some music as well as witty banter (God, did I just type "witty banter?")...

And thanks in advance for any welcomes I get.

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Hello, everyone! I'm new here and fairly new to music. I've been doing small projects on my Midi software and I recently got fruity loops. I'm very impressed with the artists here and on of my personal favorites is Malcos. Well, Just dropped by to say hello. I hope I can live up to the talent of everyone else here.

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