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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!

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Hey all, new to OCR, been making music with Acid for about 2 years now but I am just starting to get a good handle on it. I came to this site because a friend of mine said some of my stuff was good enough. I have yet to listen to anything on the site, still figuring out the navigation and interface, I learn quick if I take the time. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the myspace. I will be attempting to upload some tunes as well…. Thanks - Crafty

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Hello! I just joined today but I've been indulging in OCR for a good 6 years or so. I make music for NEC PC-98 machines as a hobby and I also do it professionally for videogames.

Hello OCR Community, I'm a long time visitor to the site. The music your members have remixed over the years has gotten me through some tough times. I was raised on gaming music, and have a sizea

Hello, I'm the Nikanoru, retro gamer extraordinaire. I've been creeping the OC Remix website for a couple of years now, and after I downloaded my 12th remix album, I thought that I had run out of excu

I too use SONAR but I'm using the Producer Edition 5. Great software there as it has the tremendous convolution reverb which is a brilliant way to use reverb and effects. Not simply adding an effect to an existing sound, but actually putting your existing sound into a SPACE" which is very cool. You can even put your say, Guitar sound into another instrument like a cymbal. Then it takes the cymbal and guitar's matching sound data and throws that out the window. THEN it takes the cybal and guitar's Non-matching data, combines the two and the result is a guitar playing inside the SPACE of a cymbal!! One can come up with some very cool, wierd but totally NEW effects this way. Plus the 5th SONAR Producer edition runs in 64 bit sound engine and has these cool new folders that automatically take say, ALL your drum tracks. I usually have 10-12 tracks for my drum set to have each cymbal and drum track independently of one another. This way I can do great separation and panning, efffects, etc. The new folders automatically recognize the drums and puts them ALL inside this neat little folder called "Drums" and it saves tons of desktop space AND CPU space, as the folders operate as ONE track even though they hold 12 separate one's when opened.

Alas, technology being fast as it is they've already come up with version 6 and 7!! My brother bought version 6. Get this!! You can quantize ANALOG with this version. No more having to replay, or depend on recording MIDI ONLY analog instruments like guiatrs, basses, etc. You can play and record to your hearts content not having to worry about the in human nature of midi quantization wrecking your solos. NOW, if you goof on say some notes in your guitar or sax solo you can quantize it in analog mode! Very cool.

I still use my OLD WAVELAB 4 for all Mastering work though. I know, there's tons of newer programs but the WAVELAB 4 version is the most easy to use mastering software I've ever use AND it has pretty much ANYTHING one would want in mastering. The only thing I Do want to upgrade on is some newer vst effects and sfz files. Other than that, I'm staying with this version. We've used SONAR 5 and Wavelab 4 for ALL The AC Thundertones music and the results have given us a farily signature "sound" that we've been looking for.

Well my friend, thanks for your reply and I humbly ask anyone here at OCR for any help or tips for game music writing as I am going to try and get into this soon. I appreciate any help anyone can give and if I can I will help anyone as well if I can with recording or music writing etc.

Later on OCR and thanks for your time.

Paulie Fingers ~ The AC Thundertones

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Hello everyone! Just joined today! Love the remixes! Wish I would have found it sooner. I read about this place in the Game Informer magazine and I can't believe I hadn't found it already....XD

So I may try remixing in a few months when i get my new PC but I dunno XD Only music programs I'v eever used were Garage Band on my sisters laptop and MadTracker....and I'm not that good with any instruments....but I can still try!!!!

Nice to meet everyone and I hope I'll manage to actually stay active on this site!

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Hello all!

I've been an aspiring remixer since I first got onto the site in the latter part of 2000. I stumbled upon it looking for original video game music...only I discovered something so much better. I don't know why it has taken me so long to register on this site, but I finally have. I have referred and introduced well over 100 people to the site during high school with various club functions that provided music for. Many people enjoy my taste in music, so I, of course, have introduced them to OCR (one of the staples of my playlists). I was on ormgas and their chats and forums for quite some time before my dad had his heart attack, at which point I completely dropped out. I'll probably be pretty active on these forums now, so expect to see a lot more of me!



By the way, my old monikers on the site include predator4149 and predator4147. I made those long ago. And yes, as Liontamer once told me on ormgas, my current moniker is really lame but...I still like it. I have more original ones but...this is just me now. I've been using it for various things for years...and I like it...so yea.

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I've been lurking here and listening to the ormgas stream on and off for a few years, but I've never taken the time to register. I mostly have been trying to catch up on listening to the original game tracks posted on zophar and snesmusic before moving on to the remixes. Of the 45000+ original game tracks I have cued up in Winamp (leaving the nsf/nsfe files non-expanded and with many other console games' music in one file per game), I'm up to 40508 tracks listened to over the last handful of years. Then again, I've not updated my list with new rips in the last 2 1/2 years, so I'll have a bit more catching up to do after I finally finish listening to what I have.

Anyway, I digress. I listen to the ormgas stream when I'm bored with hearing the original songs once in a while (especially the more obscure 8-bit ones). Don't get me wrong - I dig a lot of 8-bit tracks that hit my nostalgic button, but most 8-bit music pales even in comparison to the 16-bit era, ie the awesome SNES.

Err, sidetracked again. What I really wanted to get out is that I finally registered after hearing a track that struck me enough to finally think of a good comment to post. Be seeing ya all.

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Hey everyone. New to the forums.

Found this site via TV Tropes, and am quite glad I did.

Considering doing some remixing, however I was wondering if Rosegarden for Linux would be an aright program ta use for the Remixing(Linux User). That, and i have to factor in College life.

Otherwise I love the music here, most particular the Sonic the hedgehog remixes.

Hope everyone's havin' an interesting day (Much like myself, tho I hope it ends soon 0_0 )

-Kaz B

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Greetings to all.

Well, unfortunately, I'm not much of a remixer myself. I'm more of an original composer, but I'm pretty slow at the moment as I can't work technology... I have a copy of FL Studio 8, GPO and no idea on how to make it work. All the tutorials out there just confuse me. Erk.

Anyway, my musical journey has been quite a varied one. I've always found popular stuff to be a bit boring, and I've also found traditional classical to be more boring. So I didn't really listen to music, but then I came across this game. It was TimeSplitters4- don't ask why this one, because even I don't know- and as I was playing through some of the levels, I thought, "Hmm, there's some pretty good music in here". From then on, well, I started to pay more attention to the soundtracks of games and movies that I saw. Now I'm hooked.

Someday I'd like to be a great composer for video games. My dream is to score a load of anime shows. It's some ambition.

Thanks and great to be here,


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Well, that was confusing. Never seen a forum before that puts newest posts on the first page and later posts on the last.

Hello all. Name's Sparafucile (not really), just registered here obviously, but my first experience with OC Remix goes way back... back when I was still pretty new to downloading mp3s, I was looking for Chrono Trigger stuff when I downloaded one called Revival Day Impoetus by some bloke named djpretzel. Can't say I fell in love. In fact, I was kind of annoyed since I was looking for CT stuff and this song I downloaded sounded next to nothing like something from the game. But I never deleted the song, and it's grown on me over the years. Over that time till now I managed to snag a few more songs from the site through file sharing programs but never actually visited the site.

Anyways, so I randomly visited a few days ago and looked for some Radical Dreamers (which is pretty much the best song ever IMO) from Chrono Cross remixes... heard pixie's version... went 8O... then downloaded her and zircon's Kindred... went :shock::shock:...

it's then that I realized how much talent people could have without being a big part of the recording industry.

Not much to say about me. Musically, I've played piano for quite a while, on and off for the past 10-15 years. Guitar extremely casual for 5 or 6 years. I was a band geek in high school, where played the euphonium, and three-valved trombone in my jazz band. I like games. Super Metroid, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Metal Gear Solids, Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Mario... I'm not particularly picky when it comes to games.

So hey. *salutes*

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Well, that was confusing. Never seen a forum before that puts newest posts on the first page and later posts on the last.

Go to the User CP -> Edit Options (left menu) -> Thread Display Options box -> Thread Display Mode frame -> "Linear - Oldest First"

Also hey how's it goin' peoples.

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*poke* Hi guys! I'm actually a long time lurker, but decided to register over here now that VGMix isn't getting a lot of attention from it's coders anymore, or so it seems. The name's Michael, but almost everywhere on the net I'm known as BorgMan.

I'm a decent Star Trek fan (no Klingon greetings, Vulcan mindfucks or Romulan Ale from me). I do, however, specialise in making it's ships, and ocasionally I read fanfics. I'm a longtime OCR listener, trying to get others hooked up to it as well. This, however, has resulted more than once in a shoe against the back of my head ;) I usually stick to the likes of Sonic, Zelda and that sort games, but sometimes I stroll off my path because a song cought my attention; FZero has been one such lately. I don't really play games (save for a RA2 game here and there), and plan on getting a Wii when I get the oppurtunity to get one (poor student, food > Wii).

Soooooo... Where's the closest beer? ^_^

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Greetings from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Been a lurker here for a while as well, and finally felt the urge sign up and join in. I love most things music, but lean towards the breaks n' bass n' goodies side of things when it comes to electronic stuff. Trying to produce my own music but it's hard, and I'm a perfectionist far too much to a fault.

Looking forward to good times, sharing some tuneage, and maybe attending the occasional all-night virtual keg party.



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I've been a lurker here for quite a while. I just came back here for "Broken mirror reflection", again.

I simply love this site. I keep coming back again and again, whenever a calamity falls on my pc and I lose some songs. This happens quite regularly. I download these songs again and again and some more which I didn't download last time. Now I don't know how many copies of the same songs I have.

I've a suggestion, if you don't mind. A yearly compilation of best of oc remixes would be great. 10 or 12 songs published in the same year.

And a best of all time album.

I suggest "Broken mirror reflection" for the all time best album.

Ciao! Until the next time!

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It seems odd to me that all these introductions are saved for a single thread that likely nobody reads, however I will comply.

I have been listening to Overclocked Remix for I'd say 2 years give or take. I joined the forums in order to share my songs and get feedback, and talk about nerdy things pertaining to video games and music production. I've been playing piano for about two years, self taught. I'm not that great, nor do I have delusions of grandeur, but I try. I hope to get some of my arrangements posted on OCR some day.

In any case, nice to meet you all.

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Hi all!

I've been a lurker on OCR for several years now. The first song I downloaded was "Mega Man 3 BlueLightning" by Disco Dan, and I've been checking it out periodically ever since. I was never an active member of the community, but now for some reason I feel like it's finally the time to join up.

I've tried my hand at a couple of remixing projects in the past, but they've never really turned out well. In fact, they were pretty terrible. But I still love listening to the good ones, which thankfully are plentiful on OCR.

I'm currently a co-host on a video game podcast called "Gamers Only Older" or "Welcome to the Goo."

I'm definitely an RPG junkie, especially Final Fantasy and the Chronos.

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Hey ppl !

Names Shane, (Shano) from Australia, Sydney. 22 years of age.

Just joined not long ago, my mate told me about this site and how it was related to remixing game music.

ATM i just focus on final fantasy stuff, and do ambient chillout / instrumental remixes using cubase, fruity and currently learning logic.

Im studying tech sound production & engineering (advanced diploma). I also enjoy my part time DJing and writing music. Spending time with mates & getting my drink on.

You can find more about me here: www.myspace.com/garyafterlife for my trance and chillout, and my hardcore productions are here: www.myspace.com/electrixsounds

I'll be uploading some mixes soon,

take care ppl, looking foward to meeting you all :)


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Hey there, My name's Mark. I'm 20 years old and live in Dallas, Texas. A few years ago, a friend from highschool showed me this site and I've been in love with it ever since. I've always wanted to try my hand at making a mix, and it seems like I finally have the money/time to start. I've been playing piano for years, lessons at first but now I just teach myself. I'll be purchasing a keyboard and some software really soon, though I'm not quite sure what to get.

If you name a videogame, I've probably beaten it several times. Moreover, if you hum the first three notes to any videogame song I could tell you what it was. I love videogame music so much it feels like a crime that I haven't tried to mix anything yet.

I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm tired of saying "I'll do it eventually." I just hope someday I can join the ranks of OCRemixers.

Thanks for all the music,

Mark Casper

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Hey all. Wasn't sure exactly where I should post this, but I wanted to say hello to everyone, and let folks know that I would love to work with people on their remixes! I'm a male singer, so if anyone ever needs some singing done, I'd really like to start getting involved in this community! (been listening for a long time, and just started doing stuff on the board - forums scare me usually)

Anyways, for some samples of how my voice sounds, I have a (dreaded) Myspace account with my singing on it.


Thanks guys! I look forward to being a part of this community, rather than just a bystander. Tally ho!

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