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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!

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Hello! I just joined today but I've been indulging in OCR for a good 6 years or so. I make music for NEC PC-98 machines as a hobby and I also do it professionally for videogames.

Hello OCR Community, I'm a long time visitor to the site. The music your members have remixed over the years has gotten me through some tough times. I was raised on gaming music, and have a sizea

Hello!  I'm a long-time listener by association: my wife has been a huge fan of OCR for a long time. I've loved game music since my first NES back in 1989. Big fan of all things Zelda, Uematsu's

Hi there.

Um... theres a newbie thread in the help and newbies forum that you can use to introduce yourself, so introduce yourself there :D

EDIT: Sorry if that sounds a bit unfriendly, didn't read the post before I posted lol

Anyway wheres my manners lol - Welcome to OCR, hope you enjoy it here :D

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hi, i'm charis, and i'm new to this site. i'm trying to get a handle of it, but we'll see how it goes. i just found out about this site when i was looking for the composer of Halo's soundtrack. i am a music producer myself, and i love making music. i'm glad to know that there is a site where i can interact with other musicians and music fans.

glad to be here. i'll be posting my works very soon, so if you want to check what i do, go here: http://myspace.com/lescherubainsdecharisdondeli

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Sup guys? I suppose my first post should probably go in here...being the whole "hi I'm new" thread.

Aight, so...I've been lurking around this site since about 2003-2004 or so. I guess I'm "new" in that no one here knows me, but I'm not entirely new to how stuff works, etc. I figured, since I'm a huge fan of the music, and would one day love to contribute myself, I should probably get an account since...y'know, that would make sense.

Quick facts:

- I currently live in Tampa, Florida, although I'm originally from around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

- I moved to Tampa in Fall 2007 to attend the University of South Florida for Computer Science and Physics (yes, it sounds like it hurts, and sometimes it does).

- I have professional experience in web design, graphic design, programming, various IT things, and soccer refereeing (yeah, odd, I know).

- My DAW of choice is FL Studio...bought it way back when FL4 came out and am currently running FL8 on XP Pro running through VirtualBox on my Ubuntu laptop (8.10 comes out in 5 days!! wooo!!)

- When I started making music, I preferred trance as my main style...although I've grown rather bored of making it (though it's still fun to listen to it!). Now, I'd say I'm working towards a weird rock/electronica hybrid style.

- I do not, in my opinion, "play an instrument", although I am vaguely familiar with the piano, ocarina, violin, and guitar...my proficiency dwindling as you reach the end of that list.

- My favorite tracks typically come from games that had an impact on my childhood. Kirby Superstar's soundtrack, for example, is unforgettable because I played that game to death. However, I also enjoy tracks that I think are exceptionally creative. The Okami soundtrack has quite a few examples.

And...I think that should be it. If anyone needs me, I should be lurking around the ReMix section looking for samples and guidance. You can also contact me via AIM (sneachtuil) or email (alsandair [at] sneachtuil [dot] com).

See you around!

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Hey. I'm new to OCR. Just discovered it semi-recently... Well, only started really browsing it semi-recently.

Anyways, I have a remix I will be submitting soon, as well as one in-progress, but other than that, I don't really do remixing haha.

I'm glad to find this place, there's a lot of awesome material here. I hope to get more or less active soon, this place has a lot to take in, especially for someone wanting to submit something =O

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Hello people of OCR. I really enjoy video game music, especially remixes. Been on Ormgas a lot lately(up to 100h since september), and I've started remixing a bit myself. I can't say I'm even close to any remixers like The Wingless, djpretzel and the like, but I think the remix I just done is decent.

Anyway, glad to be part of this geeky community as another proud geek. =P

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Hey, guys, I'm Spoons. All my life, I've been a great admirer of video game music and those who write it, but until the day I discovered the Internet, I didn't know I wasn't the only one who felt that way. My first encounter with remixed videogame music was VGmusic, which I still visit from time to time. It blew my mind that there were people out there who felt the same way. Then, a friend told me about OverClocked Remix. It was like discovering VGmusic all over again, and let me tell you, it was great.

I've been a fan of the fine people at OCR for a few years now. It never really occured to me to join the forums, until I registered for MAGFest VII and decided it might be a good idea to get in touch with some fellow enthusiasts and maybe get to know some of the remixers I admire so much.

Glad to be here, finally, and hoping to get to know you all soon.

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Hello, I am The_Mighty_KELP. I've been lurking around OCR for years, without ever bothering to create an account or do any forum posting. I've always been incredibly interested in the remixes on the site, though, and I've been noticing that many of the non-djpretzel reviews don't really say anything much. They might just say "I liked it", but they often don't go into any detail. I have created my account so that I may give some more detailed feedback from my position as a prominent musician and music-lover. Thanks!

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Hey, OCR. I've been a long-time lurker (since late '04 or early '05) and registered in '06 under the name Artemis Winter. I just recently did a collaboration with Xaleph over at AnimeRemix and decided to pay a visit back to my roots; so I made a new account under the standard name I go by and release under.

I'm a vocalist rather than a remixer, happy to work with anyone with good ideas, and looking forward to lurking a little less lurk-tastically these days. :P

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Hey everyone. I'm Duokun (I would prefer the alias Duo, but it's taken or too short). My real name is Alex(ander) Ku. I've been lurking OCR ever since I knew what video games were (so I obviously haven't been around for that long).

OCR really helps me relive the awesome memories I've had with all the video games that I've played and have been remixed here. It's absolutely beautiful how good all the remixers are (props guys!)

I recently picked up FL studio and plan on learning it over summer 2009, and I hope to pick up some OCR worthy skills in remixing about a year or two afterwards. There are so many songs out there I want to see remixed that are probably in the process right now, but I would just love to see them done (this ain't the thread to be asking for 'em though).

If I were to live off of only two things I've learned so far, those two things would be "Want something? Well then go get it yourself!" and "Losing is the first step to winning." Hopefully that will be able to apply to my rise to the status of "OCR Remixer" one day.

But until then, peace!

P.S. djpretzel, those vocals you did for that Lunar song were AMAZING. :)

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Hi, a friend of mine that I take music classes with told me about this site so I thought I'd check it out. This seems like a really cool place with a lot of friendly people. Here's some music I've made if you're interested in listening:





I think one of my favorite video game compositions are many of the works from Secret of Mana. Oh, and bomberman (64) was very catchy also. I think this is where I really was drawn into electronic music. I feel like a kid again going back to my roots.

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Hiya! You can call me Yuna.

I'm a long time lurker who decided to sign up a few weeks ago. I'm kinda shy though so I probably won't be posting much. :oops:

OCR has redefined my taste in music and video games in general. I love it so much. I want to do a remix one day though who knows if that'll ever happen.


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