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Whenever I go to doodle, I usually begin with an OCR-tan or two. And since I very rarely throw any of my artwork away this means I have a stockpile of random OCR-tan drawings/sketches just lying aroun

Yep.................... You know.......... it looks unfinished....... but that's ok.......... because if you ever feel like reviving the Sky's The Limit / Photoshop Fun thread that would certainly do it.... :shock:

What is she holding up there? A guitar?? A motorcycle??? The possibilities are endless!!!

OMG OCR-Tan motorcycle :3 Binjovi get on it naow

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So, in my spare time, I've been working on a new OCR-Tan image. Problem is, it's meant to be CHOC-FULL of stuff, and I'm kind of drawing a blank as to what I should put in it. Recently, I've started up a free Livestream account, and I've had a few of my internet buddies watch and chat with me as I draw. And since OCR is all about the community, I thought I might as well open it up to everyone to help me figure out what to cram in it.

You can find my Livestream channel here. I tend to run it in the afternoons and evenings if I'm not busy with something else, and it's currently running as of this post. I hope to see people in there.

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Here's my contribution - not made by me, but for me by my sister.


I promised I'd link this to her stuff if I posted it here 'cause we're in a capitalist society and nothing's free. However, it's still awesome, so enjoy, lol.

OCR kachu, ftw.

And yes, it's eating Dj's pretzel.

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