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Could we get rid of the Aplus server, please?

Fritz the Cat

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It's wierd, but I was able to get a majority of my downloads from the Aplus server - - minus two.

Yeah, aplus never works for me, either. What's up with that?

I heard something involving DJPs credit card in some other thread. Or I could be making things up, you'd NEVER KNOW.

Yeah, he did mention something about his credit card... But it still doesn't explain why so many of you can't use it, and I can... with relative ease, mind you.

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I'm actively looking into it... I THOUGHT it was a question of my credit card expiring, but they don't rebill us until August 20th... my current hypothesis is that one of the following has occurred:

  • We hit a bandwidth limit and instead of a graceful error something else went wrong
  • They don't like us and think we smell
  • The utility domain, djpretzel.web.aplus.net, is the culprit, and a full domain pointed at their DNS servers is required to rectify whatever issues it apparently has

This last bullet is my current favorite; their control panel is odd and they seem to REALLY want a full domain attached to the account, not a subdomain, and not their temp domain. For the record, when it worked, the Aplus mirror was quite speedy and consistent, so hopefully we can resuscitate it shortly and clean its sullied name...

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None of the above appeared to be the case; perhaps if you simply don't log in or make any modifications to your account, it can "fall asleep" or something, because logging in and mucking around randomly seems have fixed the issue. It's working now for me when it wasn't before...

Can anyone else who was having issues verify that it's now fixed?

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