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C&C1 is now freeware


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I'll stick to my C&C First Decade boxset. At least it doesn't require extra steps to get running on XP.

Although it does demand a few huge patches and 7 serial numbers during installation.

so true... but red alert go throught random crash, especially when unit are in the right upper corner of the map .. strange.

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Awesome!!! I used to own this game but lost it years ago. I can't believe such an old game requires a 580mb ISO for each disc. This is gonna be a while but well worth the wait. :D

It's called cutscenes and not too much compression since there's plenty of space on the disk anyway.

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It was a great offer even when it cost $49.


That game was great on its time, and for me is as great as it ever was.

For some reason I like this game better than C&C3

I don't know about anyone else, but I think the old C&C has something the other does not, I just cant explain it.

Oh yeah and the music is just fantastic, something the C&C3 could really improve on.

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They've got a present for us!

As an aside, someone mentioned Pandora.com in another thread. Creating a station with the search of Frank Klepacki, the composer for the music of C&C1 and C&C:RA (and tons of other stuff) bring up pretty similar stuff. I haven't listened to it a lot yet, so I don't know if they actually have any of his music, but it's worth checking out.

And I typed my post left-handed 8-)

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