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Final Fantasy 6: Devils Lab 'It's Alive!' (Pendulum Style)

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I have been listening to every version of this from first to last. And I have to say: really stunning stuff Chris. This just has so much energy and excitement. Absolutely love it. :D

I thought I'd post now just to wish you good luck with the judges. Not that you should need it with such an inspiring remix. :)

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let me be the first to say i'm really surprised there wasn't at least one YES in there. this is pretty damn high quality to me, but anyhow...

Could you point out the things that you may have added/taken out, so the more subtle things don't go unnoticed? Listening now and can hear some changes, but I don't want to miss anything. I'll do my best to continue w/ the constructive criticism.

EDIT: I'm sure its still in progress (with the volumes like you said) but the section between 2:20 and 2:40 gets very sparse comparatively, it could use a little more size, if that makes sense; not volume, but a larger prescence of the instruments would be nice. Personally I don't like the new effect in that segment; it seems forced in at first listen. I also like the new synth going across the top of the piece for most of it, but at times I feel like its a bit too distorted to be enjoyed properly. And don't forget to let the original bassline do its thing later in the piece; it seems as if its written over by the new synth near the end, and it would be nice to get the bassline unadulterated later on, if only for a little while.

On the other hand, I really like the new orchestra swell that comes before 2:20, and PLEASE leave in the quote, love that quote. As much as I may have noted I still love this piece, its really really good! Just remember that more isn't always better, don't force more instruments that you don't need.

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Updated again. Comments about doing too much are noted.

So far, from the submitted to this version I have added:

1) Changed the drum break to include several variations/effects.

2) Added reverb to the intro and main drum pattern

3) Modified the bassline in various sections.

4) added various new synthlines.

5) Put back in the first vocal sample (which actually says 'remember that time we got kicked out of biology for playing with matchbox cars? yeah? who's retarded now?!')

6) extended the breakdown and added brass/choirs/filters.


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I think that vocal sample is absolutely amazing. Good call on putting it in and making it loud enough to make the words clear. One question: is it supposed to be the guy talking to his biology teacher? Or the guy talking to the other guy playing with matchbox cars? Because the tone is somewhere in the middle. The first guy sounds like he's taunting (hey teacher, you suck! Look what I made!), but the second guy sounds all excited (yeah, I remember the matchbox cars. Good times.....). I'm not going to make a suggestion, because the entire thing sounds... well... evil enough to be either rubbing his success in the face of the biology teacher OR boasting to his friend.

Of course, I may be reading too much into it, but I really think this sets the tone for the rest of the piece.

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Well, you can understand where we're coming from, yes? I mean, the song's about a person who creates human beings. If you want it to be disconnected from the rest of the song, you can change the class from biology to, say, English, but the idea that he's tormenting his teacher just seems so amazing. I mean, really, that could be the best part of the mix.

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Hey, back for a third time through; still a sweet song (given) but a small amount of comment from me.

Most importantly, the swell at 2:20 is great. But there is a problem; right after the orchestra swell ends, it goes back into the chiptune, which is fine, but the way it fades out and goes into it, it sounds just plain dinky. As if the buildup really came out into nothing spectacular. If i'm not mistaken, a buildup like that is usually meant to lead into something more, and even when its not, it shouldn't make the next part of the piece look boring by comparison. If what i'm saying doesn't make sense i'll try and explain better, but i just feel like the aftermath of 2:20 is very underwhelming, and it would do a lot if you could fix it.

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Holy thread necro!
Umm... holy shit, your right. The last comment on here was... well, before I was even signed up for this site. Heh, I'm grateful for the bump, though - if it isn't accepted, at least I'll have been able to listen to it, now. It's pretty sweet, overall.

Sorry about the loss of the original file, though - that's never any fun. I wish you the best in the resubmission process!

Oh, by the way, is that a Kid Chameleon remix up there?! Past them trees... God, the memories.

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Doesn't sound as hardass as Pendulum unfortunately.

Nonetheless, you took the original source material and took it for a spin that was enjoyable throughout. Actually I liked the part at around 2:10 particularly, because it was more reminiscent of your older work, rather than DnB haha.

All the best for the votes.

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So here I am, finding this thread. I'm waiting for my other account, Audity, to be re-enabled. Yeah. (This account's from 2005!!!!)

Ellywu2, or anyone who has versions of this remix, do you still have the 2009 version? I have a version that was on VGMix X back in the day. Crazy how time flies.

http://www.escaprism.org/Ellywu - Its Alive.mp3

That's from 2008 I think, or 2007? But Ellywu2 a few posts above this one, from 2009, says he resubmitted it to ocremix. (I wonder if the judges even looked at it, considering how swamped they were back in the day. I haven't kept up with the community in long spurts.)


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