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What video game character does your life most represent?


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J. C. Denton. Because I'm obviously a nanotechnologically augmented secret agent in the employ of a United Nations task force created ostensibly for the purpose of being able to combat global terrorism when in fact I'm merely a pawn for a power-mad cabal of technophiles who seek to use the augmentation architecture to turn themselves into living Universal Constructors that they might rule the world by becoming literal gods with the power to see build or do anything.

And I fucking dare you to say that all in one go.

Done. Albeit quietly. Not that hard really, just take a deep breath and talk fast.

And I have no clue what character I am.

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I am most identified with...

Hey. No I'm not.

Ferret is not anything like a video game character! I defy logic and reason, muttering to myself and spouting zingers whenever the opportunity arises! I'm not some voiceless Gordon Freeman or Link!

I've got personality! Game characters don't have that! Yes!

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-Overwhelming sense of pride in my heritage and duty to protect

-Close to nature

-Very spiritual

-Introverted, but always willing to give advice

-Conservation of endangered species is an influential theme

-Said to be "an old soul" or wise beyond my years

-Serious and mature

There are subtleties that exist that would help to compliment the connections that are there, but I will spare you the details. My preference for characters have always arisen from those which I relate to most and this character is my favorite by far.

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You can't be serious. The idea that a video game character representing someone's life is one of the most vapid & banal concepts out there.

Lighten up, man. This thread is for fun. What use are threads for then: Philosophical pursuits, informative pursuits, making fun of people AND having fun! Hell, didn't you read mine? I AM like Mario. I work with plumbing stuff at times. You think I don't suck that shit out of the pipes sometimes?

This thread is for folks looking to add a little humor to their lives. If you don't like it, approve of it, or even have a life that in someway or another resembles that of -someone- you know in a video game (even Toad's gotta have a doppleganger out there) then maybe you should look for a different thread instead of bashing it.

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Myself, I'd look most like Elec Man, because I have an electric personality and sometimes people call me a live wire because I'm really lively. I'd also be like Megaman, the Great Blue Bomber because I love animals and yet I have the same dreams as he---one day the world will be calmed of all cybernetic crises.

I have the quick decision-making skills and speed of Quick Man, and like him also impulsive and impatient. I also am a fast talker.

I have the ingenuity and brightness of Bright Man, and talkative. I linger on ideas that are impossible, yet one day be achievable.

I am strong of heart, like Guts Man. I have my way of being courageous like him. I have a special penny I bent in a magic trick and I call it my "Lucky Guts Man Penny" for it's in Guts I trust!

I'm as stubborn and a cutthroat as ol' Cutman. I am still awaiting a haircut, myself. However, my tendencies to "cut-up" with my comedy make me sound even more like him. Care for a clip? (hahaha!)

I love risk-taking and very daring, like Bomb Man. Yes I do wish I could bowl as well as he, but haven't in a while. I love him also because he's a great person to invite to any party that's a real blast!

I'm also as deviant as Dr. Wily and will do anything to take control of anything that's everything.

I have a free will, like ProtoMan and want so much to have that protected.

Like Rush, I'm just good fun, if not a bit too curious. And Tango, she's really sweet. Her claws of fury are like my sharp-tongued anger on occasions. And that songbird, Beat; I'm most like him because I don't like the burdens of life on me.

Like Dive Man, I have it deep. I have a very complex way of looking at life (includes all technical details). Yet I am deeply steadfast, like him.

As it with Wood Man, I have a love for nature and want to see it protected---animals and their habitats for future generations to love. Yes, Woodman, I'm a tree hugger! His eyes reflect the knowledge within his great wisdom, as he was originally a great Cypress before, and that is why he can explain so much about his home. Ask him anything in your heart and he will deliver his wisdom, as quietly as the leaves of Japan's great woodlands.

Like Heat Man, I have an atomic spirit and a hot temper, but yet just as comical as the Zippo Lighter he was born in.

Like Wind Man and Air Man, I have been an airhead myself (I still am!). Nuff winded talk now on them...

Alongside the personality traits of both Bass and Treble, I have been quite sinister in wanting to be the hero, yet seemingly triumphed by someone much wiser.

To end on a positive note, most likely I would be like Keiji Inafune, for his creative mindset and his passion through the Megaman games, has he forevermore endured during the creation of the series. As saying it from a fan's point of view, his games always had some philosophy. Each of the Robot Masters that have a life lesson I can think up can teach us all something. Inafune would never have written the game series if he didn't feel there were any virtues inside.

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