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OCR00818 - Mega Man 3 "Blue Reflection"

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This is my first review here. I've heard a good percentage of the songs here, and I love most of what I've heard a great deal. But this is the first time I'm compelled to write a review.

This was a-ma-zing! I had MM3 way back then, and it is one of my favorite songs from the series (my favorite being the song that plays in MMX when MM is standing on a cliff at the end, wondering if Zero is allright). I like everything about this track. The melody is nicely captured by Starla and the lyrics that were put to the music are incredible. The poetry is lovely and has pinched a little cord in my heart.

I've heard a lot of remixes from other places where people sang over the music, but most of the times it was dumb stuff like The Tower of Fanatics. I'm amazed how Starla pulled it off here, and I must admit that part of the charm was her voice. It sorta reminded me of Alanis Morissette's voice on a sad song she had made a long time ago before Jagged Little Pill came out.

Kudos to you. Every OCRer shoud at least give this track a chance!

Edit: Hehe... Just read a review from a previous song from Injury to find out that Injury and Starla would be the same person... Hehehe... Whoops!

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Actually, though, I did have one minor gripe - the vocals are mixed in just a bit to quietly.

Yea.. i remastered it like 40thousand times. it kept clipping.. i mean i compressed it, normalized it, tried a noise gate thingy unsuccessfully.. i cant do production that well. in the end i turned down all the instruments that werent totally having a party with volume automation.. i had to put a compressor on those [like the cello and sax] to turn them down... so yea, i had a lot of trouble mixing in the voice. it did turn out louder than the first couple [thousand] times i tried rendering it.

The only two things that could make it better, louder vocals and a minimal drum-line. At least a bassdrum and a snare to keep the beat are good combinations.

my god, man, have you heard my awful percussion?!?! it would have ruined the song.. ahaha.. oh man. seriously, i know too little about drums, and anyway... i wanted to do a remix without them. abandon my weak spot.

All in all, guys, surprise the love of your life with this when she comes over for dinner!

the lyrics frighten both haz and i. i said it's more of a love-sick song than a love song...

I'm suprised nobody mentioned this before, but, doesn't this really pemind you of ProtoVaffe? I've listened to them countless times, and this seems to follow ProtoVaffe, note for note. I just thought you should know.

So have you listened to the nsf?

Cool!! Starla is one of my favorite remixers along with McVaffe,Protricity,and Scott Pipples.

"pipples" had me laughing for a while >:D

A shoutcast was mentioned... does OCR have like a radio station or shoutcast or some sort?

holy crap, that thread was alive over a week and a half talking about the LIVE HAZAMA PIANO shoutcast. we experimented this time, with a live audience... after they killed the show, wouldnt stop talking while haz was playing, and were calling me by my real name constantly.. i'm like... "Hey arent you bored" and the 'troublemaker' went home so.. its possible we'll have another 'live audience...' the main reason i was gonna have people over was so that AE and Gaffeizil could come over and 'jam' of sorts. so yea, i do a shoutcast around.. once a month or so. but it's not official ocr anything.

Btw, tell us about the instruments, Injury. Well, or just tell me, im curious about the sax.

um... it's from either http://www.bananaquarz.com or http://hammersound.net ... where free soundfonts run .. free.. of...sorts...

any more alanis references,... and death will come quickly.


also, before anyone asks.. http://remix.overclocked.org/includes/popups/lyrics.php?lyrics=OCR00818

additionally.. i'm not the type of person that would use someone elses vocals and then not give them credit. when i say i do it myself, i mean it...


p.s. http://mp3.com/hazama

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I commend Injury's creativity and very good remix. the vocals were good, but indeed too quiet. i would listen to it all the time except for one fatal flaw...the song is brought down several notches by WAAAAY too much reverb. i have been known to be a little heavy on the 'verb myself, but there is simply too much in this remix. everything is muddled because of it. the piano sounds muddy, the vocals are faint. and its a shame because the performance and creativity aspects are so there. i would love to hear a v. 1.1 of this song with less reverb and louder vocals.

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It's really great, but a little distressing... Those lyrics are just for musical purposes, right? I mean, even though I can't hear it too well (I can listen to NORMAL songs and hear chinese), the lyrics sound like you think your bf is cheating on you o.o;;; I'm kind of big on life-long, trusting relationships... really o.o it disturbs me a bit. I've not been allowed to talk to my bf for 317 days today (...isn't that a prime number?), and I still won't give up on him. I believe he's waiting.. i'm waiting... erm enough about me o.o;;

Anyhow, I had to force my way through to listen to the song, but it's really great. Depressing, but nicely done; and no matter what anyone tells you, you can sing. If anyone wants to dispute that, they're obviously putting the headphones in their ASS instead of their ears. This has always been a great song to do a "soft mix" on, and ... it's definately soft! Perfect arrangement overall.

At any rate, good song, good lyrics, bad effect on the mind (unless you happen to be one of those assholes who's like "haha you fucked those four girls and your wife never found out" and needs to be shot in the balls :evil: )

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I'm hesitant to post this, because I seem to be in the extreme minority here, but this song does nothing for me.

I'm not saying it's a bad song, not by any stretch. The music is well written, and Starla is a talented vocalist. Yes, the vocals are too quiet, but that's not really my problem.

There's just something in this song that prevents me from enjoying it. It's not like I dislike sentimental music (I still get chills from listening to "Promise" from Silent Hill 2,) it's just that there's something that really prevents me from getting into this as an emotional piece.

I could just be a cynical, hard-hearted bastard, I'm not sure, but I don't think so. Some music still has the capacity to move me to tears, but this is not it.

Perhaps the effect is diminished because after watching Series 7, I can no longer take these kind of longing, weepie songs seriously. The love theme from that movie, entitled "Sweetness of Mine," basically reaches the apex of this kind of overwrought emotion and longing, and that song makes me laugh hysterically in its context. Anybody who has seen that movie will know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Just because I don't get anything from this remix doesn't mean you won't. Give it a try.

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It's really great, but a little distressing... Those lyrics are just for musical purposes, right? I mean, even though I can't hear it too well (I can listen to NORMAL songs and hear chinese), the lyrics sound like you think your bf is cheating on you o.o;;; I'm kind of big on life-long, trusting relationships... really o.o it disturbs me a bit. I've not been allowed to talk to my bf for 317 days today (...isn't that a prime number?), and I still won't give up on him. I believe he's waiting.. i'm waiting... erm enough about me o.o;;

Indeed. I know Hazama isnt cheating on me... he's like mr. ubernice sweetyface lollyhappy buddy. To me, the lyrics are about like... a girl so in love with protoman.. but he is in love/lust with someone else... and she's totally lost him but is so lovesick that she's just like "let me die"... =]

And i'm just getting into the part. Maybe it resembles my past.. but certainly not my future... or present.

is your bf in the army/do you have evil parents or something? o_O!

about the reverb::: stats are, 87% dry, 45% wet and the decay's at 1.5... i mean like ... a whole 1.5 seconds of reverb... woo.. really drowning there.... this is totally a dry mix man. the venus mix was meant to sound live and dry and had like .8 seconds of decay, but was all like demihipassed and stuff. and had a slight delay... yea.

And about the review above me: i ADORE truth. thank you. it's what makes a difference in the quality, i'm totally serious. if you tell people that are crappy "hey your stuff is good," they wont try harder ... and will get all inflata-headed.. and will continue making crap. If you tell them "Hey, fix this part," they may improve or just quit. Hee.. also, just for note:: there were seriously tears in my eyes. i totally tried to emote for this ... i got some good reviews on that, and some 'no comments.' =]

i'd rather hear the negative. it tells me what to work on.


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....i'd rather hear the negative. it tells me what to work on.


you haev no idea how hard for me that is. :wink:

MM3 was my first NES game(other than SMB), and it was so amazing to hear this piece of music, after such a taxing game.

I love this piece, but...... I can't really pick anything out :oops:

good job, looking forward to your next mix :D

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Brace yourself....here comes the negative review....lol

Well actually for the most part I think you did a good job on the song. The instruments are excellent and well calibrated. The only thing that keeps me away from this remix is.....

The singing. Don't get me wrong, you have a very nice voice, but I think the singing could have been better. Also as previously stated the level is too low on the vocals. Suggestions on improvement: Try singing in a higher key? Try singing at different times of the day? I dunno. It just feels like there are certain parts where you have found your focus, and others where it strays.....I love the music and instruments. Your skills in that aspect far surpass that of my remixes.

That is all.

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I enjoyed (and still do...heh...) your song a lot. The only problem if I were to be picky is that when you sing some of the low notes in the song you start to have a raspy voice. Is it because your voice can't go that low, because you were crying (I think your post said you were crying sometimes when you were singing? ...forgive me if I'm wrong...I'm under the weather. :(), or because your throat had too much moister and you suffered from not trying to clear your throat (or whatever you call it...)...use lemons to cure that? Another downside is sometimes it's hard to hear your words. I can understand them 100% if I go to this website and read the lyrics along with you singing...other then that I get 90...maybe 100% now, since I've heard it so much ^_^.

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Wow. Props to injury and whoever else was involved with this remix. Taking a great tune and adding original lyrics (which are very well written and excuted, by the way) is a touch that I feel is unique in its style. Very deep and interpretive, this remix goes a long way into adding the 'human' effect to song. Great work!

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Wow... I'm crying here...

This is what I've been looking for in this theme ever since I first beat MM3 that day so many years ago. Injury really did well in bringing out the emotion on this one (to Injury: worry not about the soft singing. I do the same waaay too often. Beautiful voice!). I don't get emotional on a song very often, but this hit that one little tear-jerking string. Definitely a keeper in my book. And the fact that you wrote original lyrics to the song... ah, brings back memories of when I did the same (not this great though. I would love to give a male rendition of this song though if I'm able to learn the lyrics).

P.S. The whole female voice thing is probably what pulled that string.

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Bravo to injury here. BR is a smooth, jazzy tune, like you could see a girl singing it sitting at the end of a piano. As for the vocals, they're spot-on; I only wish she'd have sung a bit louder. Without the lyrics, it's hard to decode it (you have a sweet voice, starla). This is recommended by myself quite strongly to my fellow Mega-fans, as it shows a different mood of the music: instead of being just soft and mysterious, now it's soft and romantic.

- blackhart

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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. That's all you really need to say to describe Blue Reflection. From the fastastic arrangement to Starla's great singing (those are some pretty deep lyrics too), this is damn near perfect. I only have one real issue with this song, and that is that is sounds like it was reverbed a little too much. However, that's not enough to make me not love this. Get this song now.


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