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Coffee? Tea? SEGA!


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remember the old legend of zelda commercial with the nerd and the hilarious rap and the "whoa awesome graphics!"?

I didn't until now... damn you!

(I still like the japanese commercial with the dancing. It was bad and good at the same time... I dunno.


I don't know why but

just popped into my head... just in time for a programming midterm.
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I really don't think any commercials measured up to the cheesiness of the Sega commercials. Especially those failed 32X, Sega CD, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast commercials. Because they made them look so great and cool (in a cheesy way of course), and yet most of them were just trash after the ridiculous success of the Genesis. Even though the Genesis commercials were mostly true..WHAT NINTENDONT... comparing Genesis to NES was unfair but still.

And Japanese Sega commercials are more outrageous:

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