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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Arek the Absolute

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Does anyone know if they're keeping the same soundtrack? I'd be pretty bummed if they altered (for the worse) or removed Hitoshi Sakimoto's awesome score.

Soundtrack is the same, translation is all new. Cameos by Lusa (FFTA; job is "Mob Hunter") and Balthier (FF12; job is "Sky Pirate"). New jobs include Onion Knight (they don't learn any skills bu can equip anything) and Dark Knight (similar to the dark knights of FF11 in that their attacks are based around HP draining to both give and receive damage).





Dark Knight


Job retranslations include Lancer now known as Dragoon and Mediator now known as Orator. Calculators are now called Arithmeticians.

U.S. boxart


Official site

Intro cathedral scene redone with cutscene animation and voice acting

Some screens featuring the new translation:



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I've been looking at this for a while, especially now since I have a 40 minute bus ride to school. It got a 9.0 from IGN. I dunno, some of their squabbles i don't remember having a problem with in the original, let alone what I could perceive being in a psp port. Aparently there is a lot of slowdown from summons, which i could see being a problem, but even in the ps1 version i didnt really notice any audio mis-synching. I could be totally wrong, but these do seem like quite a bit in the ol' problem bank account, but it still got a 9 from IGN and apparently a 9.5 from PSM. So I'm guessing its not too bad.

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The slowdown can actually be fixed by turning off the big speech bubbles the characters say when they speak the spells.

Dude, Balthier is soooo fucking good in this game! He's damn near close to T.G. Cid good. His Sky Pirate unique job has Ninja calibur speed, every Thief steal ability, both of Mustadio's Aim abilities (Aim Arm, Aim Leg) and Seal Evil, he can use Guns/Polearms/Swords/Daggers/Crossbows/Bows right off the bat (and ofcourse more if you want to get the assigned equip abilities.) and best of all he comes with a special unique ability called "Barrage". Its an attack that allows him to attack with his equipped weapon four times in a row, each hit at half damage.

It sounds no better than Dual Wield at first but when you couple it with a really powerful one handed weapon like the Javelin II (especially killer) and the fact it has 100% hit rate, and the fact Balthier gets so many turns thanks to his speed you have insanity.

Or 4 shots with a gun too. He's the ultimate all around support/direct attack character to Cid's ultimate offense character.

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Are the summons any different from the PS1? I really liked those ones where they were minimalist and a lot like the FF6 ones.

Yes, all the in game stuff save the new (beautiful) cut scenes looks pretty much the same. It looks very nice on PSP's little screen too.

Dark Knight is an awesome job. Made Ramza one since it sounds like a "special" job and I always wanted Ramza to have a special job of his own. What better job for a misunderstood hero branded a heretic than Dark Knight too? Mettle abilities go great with it too.

Plus with the crazy pre-requisites needed to get the job, it might as well be special. I can't wait for my friend to get an FFT of his own so we can multiplayer and get a Dark Sword type. The opposite of Knight swords, they basically raise bravery but lower faith. Makes spellcasting for him bad but since Dark Knight Ramza with Mettle is meant for just kicking insane amounts of ass I figure its not an issue. Makes it so effect spells are actually less effective on him too.

An item in multiplayer called Lipstick, and a sword called Durandal I heard really buff up Agrias.

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