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Zero Punctuation (Hilarious) Game Reviews


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It sounded like the sore throat he had in his first review on the site. I'm not calling conspiracy on this.

If it WAS someone doing a Yahtzee impersonation, they did a good enough job for people to think it was just new equipment (another possibility - he's had the thing for at least two years now and probably needed to get a new one regardless due to its frequent use).

It's Yahtzee's writing style, and it felt more like a classic episode than some of the recent ones. He gradually slipped into other reading habits and this feels more true to form. The past week, he could have looked back to how he originally did the reviews (talked softer and faster, used clever turns of phrases, ended trains of thought abruptly) and attempted to go back to the reading style that gained him the massive popularity in the first place.

I really enjoyed this one. Sorry to hear other people didn't so much.

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