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Super Mario Galaxy


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Wow, Gametrailers reviewed this and gave it a 9.8

I'm not watching it though, I've kept myself pretty spoiler free with this game so far.

9.8?! That's like 98 out of 100. Or 9800 out of 10000. It's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAND!!!!

I preordered this one for my wife's birthday, this coming [day of week]. She'll have it on the [sleventeen]th, if the release date is correct. If she just happens to glance at this post though, I'll be screwed on the surprise gig.

Man, you'd better delete your post before someone quotes it.

[Quote has been edited to preserve surprise :wink:]

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Just looked on Gametrailers to find out what the XBox360's 9.8 rating was. Anyone know if Galaxy has any form of multiplayer? For a single-player game to get the same score as Halo 3 (and higher than Bioshock), it must be as good as I hope it is =)

(Though I have yet to play any of those games, so I really don't know what I'm talking about)

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Played today at Gamespot for an hour (no one else was in the store, so don't call me a hog). It is definitely fun. I couldn't put it down but I had to go to see Robert Morgan read excepts from his new book.

Its confusing at first. You have to stop to talk to all the little creatures so you can figure out whats going on.

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Well I told my wife the surprise, 'cause she figured it out when I told her I was getting something that wouldn't be available until the 12th.

You should have lied and told her the 19th!! :<

I showed my fiancee Galaxy last night, she wouldn't admit it (calls herself a closet gamer LOL), but she really liked it.

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