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OCR01653 - Mario Kart DS "Charade"


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Happy birthday, David! Great work. Like I told you before (and you've heard already), Fran Healy of Travis. You're the second coming.

I can see where you're coming from there.

As for the song, VERY different from what everyone expected to see! It's a refreshing break from techno. I have to give it 10. I can't not.

...also, have you experimented with any other genres?

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I agree with the poster who said that this doesn't really evoke any memories of Mario Kart, but it's still a fun mix nonetheless. It's rather unassuming in its arrangement but I think the simplicity gives it a certain charm.

Lyrics are probably a high point for me... THOSE definitely feel inspired by Mario Kart :-)

Can't wait to hear your work on Serious Monkey Business, Hale - you've got an awesome voice and you always seem to use it well! :-D

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This is another top favourite Mix of mine, for sure. Such a laid-back and chill feeling mix; the mood is perfect. Even my parents like this one. 8)

Props to Hale-Bopp for his amazing voice, awesome arrangement, and incredible lyrics!

Also, after reading Emunator's post, I had to check out the Serious Monkey Business tracklist for myself. :-P Reeally stoked to hear some new Hale-Bopp goodness, especially because DKC2 happens to be one of my favourite games. I'm sure it won't disappoint! :-D

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Oh Hale yeah. (Couldn't resist. :-P ) Man, I always enjoyed the genre of 50's style music, and I never would have thought of it mixed together could sound this good. The lyrics have a great Mario Kart feeling and Hale's voice is amazing. Really, I liked it. And is it just me, or does MK DS and MK for the SNES have a similar sounding title screen? I was playing MK SNES while thinking of this song and thought I heard a similar tune......oh well. Can't wait for your future ReMixes, man.

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So I randomly stumbled upon this mix while looking for something to listen to in a panic - this was a pleasant surprise, as Hale-Bopp has a perfect voice for this style. If there's any complaint I have, it's that the song seems too short.

On the flip side, this song is nice for looping :smile:

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01653 - Mario Kart DS "Charade"

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