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Super Mario Hell


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Wow. Just wow.

Four remixed Mario levels, redesigned to properly demonstrate why Japan is one of the Top Ten Countries with the highest suicide rate. (Check the YouTube user page for that video to see the other levels.)

Should you want to try it yourself (I did, if just because of the Cheetahmen music), go here:


It's the top link. Good luck, all. I got halfway through the second level before I broke into tears. (And then decided to watch the rest of the videos instead of playing it myself.)

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Those videos are hilarious. My favorite parts so far are when the player gets stuck past the pole at the end of the first video, when he has to use the mushroom on the spike-headed enemy in the second video, and when there's an invisible cloud that attacks him when he tries to go on top of the blocks in the second level.

New favorite: the secret area in the clouds at the beggining of the third level.

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I find it hard to believe that the first game you showed us is an actual game, Steben. Its presentation looks like someone added in new characters from microsoft paint.

And if it is a real game, that's some god awful level design. Even if it was done on purpose.

Meh, I'm probably just being grumpy and not realizing how funny this is, but still, if I ever played that game myself, I would make sure to kill whomever made it before I killed myself.

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By the way, I dunno what the real name for this game is... I don't suppose anyone else knows anything about it?
Well the title of the .zip on that download page is "syobon-action" and the YouTube video title translated through Google is "Mario game for the senior-laden Homemade let him 1"

...Internet Engrish ftw.

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Mario isn't the only one they torture-test though. It's just that he's one of the most popular examples. They did it many times for Smash Bros games and one of my favorites with Sonic:

PS- I love full game abuse updates like with the OP video. That one has to be one of the better ones. Not to mention the 2chan layout.

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Thread over :)

I see your Super Mario Hell and raise you Asshole Mario:

This one's got like ten levels and they're some of the meanest I've ever seen. Though most of them aren't just random things to piss you off. (Goombas don't fall from the sky, for example.)

triad linked to a better one that does the whole game

*annoying SA player voice not included*

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