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The "My Very First Song" Thread


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I made a little something in Electroplankton once using Audacity to record a couple parts over each other and move them around a bit.


Aaaaaaaaand that's the the full extent of my musical accomplishments. I guess I could pop in my old copy of Mario Paint and load up whatever's saved on it from 15 years ago. Probably just random notes thrown around in an indiscriminate manner. Which, based on the whole "Shakespeare, monkeys, typewriters" principle could in fact be a work of pure genius.

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You mean THIS??

E:\Music\Arrangement Community\VGMix\VGMix 2\Ellywu2_-_Chrono Trigger_-_Smack my Frog up_VGMix.mp3

pretty sure i sent him a copy a few months back on irc :D

my earliest recorded song (2000, featuring my friend joe on vocals): http://hosting.thasauce.net/users/Garian/music/15%20miles%20in%20the%20snow.mp3

my first song in fruity loops (2002): http://hosting.thasauce.net/users/Garian/music/Garian%20-%20dont_know_what_to_do.mp3

my first "remix" (i actually just resequenced a midi in the FL step sequencer): http://hosting.thasauce.net/users/Garian/music/Garian%20-%20Woodman%20has%20a%20headache.mp3

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Everyone keeps saying their first songs/remixes are terrible...but at least they made some musical sense (and in some cases, are actually pretty good). =D

When I first got into music production (way back in Fruity Loops 3, a tiny bit before I first found this site), I hadn't a clue what the hell I was doing. I wasn't aware of what keys were, what dissonance was, what clipping was... Nothing. I more or less had this program, and some presets, and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

So, here's the first "song" I ever did: http://content18.wuala.com/contents/phantomcactus/public/VOX_-_01_-_Chaotic_Airway.mp3 It's really not even a song, honestly. It's just presets and stuff I tossed together and thought it sounded cool. Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, make sure your speakers aren't up very high. It clips pretty badly, and overall is just a piece of junk. =P

Eventually, I found that you could import MIDI files into FL...and that's when I did my first "remix": http://content16.wuala.com/contents/phantomcactus/public/VOX_-_04_-_Musically_Enhanced_Mushrooms.mp3 It's pretty much just a MIDI rip with added presets and simple percussion. Again, really, really lame. XD

And from those "humble" beginnings... =P Actually, I don't think I've ever shown current work of mine to anyone here, so posting this was probably a terrible idea... Now you're all gonna think I'm retarded. =\

Meh, oh well. XD

EDIT: Oh, let me know if the links don't work. I signed up for Wuala just to post this stuff, since my website isn't up and working yet. If you're interested, it's gotten pretty good reviews (and compares favorably to other services according to Wikipedia), and so far I'm pretty happy with it. I think there's some way for me to get extra space or something if I have people sign up through a special link, but I can't be bothered to find it. =P But, PM me if you want a personal review of the service.

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Ha, first remixes... I don't have my first midi remix, but I have something that's at least close to my first (I think it was my second or third) - don't worry, it's terrible (I think I wrote that about eight years ago). My first VG remix on Reason isn't actually too bad, but I had no clue what production was, at that time, so there are a lot of issues with that. Funny, though, that I joined this site right when I finished this mix because I was planning on submitting it (don't worry, I couldn't figure out how to submit things, at the time - by the time I did I realized that this song sucked too much and scrapped that idea).

I've gotten better since then, though (I swear I'll get that popping yet - the mp3 compression screwed this song up a little bit). Funny my earliest and my latest Reason song are almost the exact same length.

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So, would you like to hear my very first song song or some junk I clicked together in 2003 that sounded like popes on crack?Go with both.

OK... alright...

My first song ever (from July or August 2003) was called "Loose Leer" because that's what it sounded like to me. My first remix that was respectable enough to call a remix? Lost track of that, but here's something that's decent: Everlasting (year 2007/2008ish), a remix of Space Trip Steps, except with a key change + some of the instruments weren't that good.

I'm better than the above by far, but it's going to take me a while to pump out more when I'm in school.

Challenge: anyone wanna redo Loose Leer?

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The Dark Beeper Peeper People

I didn't use any kind of tracking... so all of the alignment of the cuts were made with simple math in Cool Edit (an old program like Audacity). The file claims to date back to Jan '03. Sounds about right.

EDIT: My first remix, like Nase, is from a PRC. 17: Marsupial Hero a cover of the sparkster theme.

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I've already went through quite a bit of these and I want to finish listen to a lot of the others soon. It's cool to hear peoples old stuff and listen to their progress. Guess I'll jump in and show some of my very first pieces of work

Disclamer: This was before I learned about the internet so I had no help whatsoever, just fl tutorials so there is a lot of clipping going on in these songs xD.

Alright well this song I'm gonna link you too directly is definitely one of my favorite 'gems' of the past that I created

The Fight

From there you can visit that page and listen to all of my other pieces of work. These were all done in like a 6 - 9 month time frame which after that point I gave up and came back a few years later, come here and try a remix.

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I was thinking about starting a thread like this, but I couldn't find my very first remix from Sonic 3D Blast, called "Pannic Attack" (yes, with two n's). I named it that because of the panning effects I used, that sucked tremendously.

I recently redid my second remix and posted them both up in my WIP thread, (which can be found in my sig).

This might be alot to ask, but if anyone still has, or can locate my old mixes, I would love to get them from you. I will redo them all eventually.

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