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  1. Interesting that remix got labeled as a Dracula X one when all three original tracks are from previous games. Nevertheless, it's a real nice arrangement and the sources are well mixed together. Solid production as well. Nice job, Gario!
  2. ^Still better than mine, which is literally just my PC.
  3. Great! Good luck on this one!
  4. Another nice pick from VV3!
  5. You answered your own question with your post Yes, you can monetize them, but you can get YouTube to make you share some revenue (due to its algorithm).
  6. I sent him a message a few months ago, telling him that I wasn't interested and that he should stop messaging me. Never got bothered again.
  7. That guy.
  8. Haha, he asked around a lot. I once saw him asking a remixer on YouTube, the remixer did a (not bad) cover of the theme, and that guy answered "meh, i don't like it". What a lil' bitch.
  9. I think he asked every person on Vampire Variations for his fucking remix lol
  10. MGSV:TPP -> the mission where Quiet and Boss must destroy multiple armored vehicles in the ruined palace made me stop playing the game for quite some time before picking it up again and finishing it after a few more hours of suffering.
  11. Even if there's an existing font, the way it's arranged is original and should be protected (by the original logo creator).
  12. Oh yes, I tried to complete the post-game content once and stopped after a few hours. Super boring and not very rewarding.
  13. No news from @Cole Train for some time, so I'll wait a little longer and if I have no answer, I'll look for another rapper.
  14. A friend of mine is covering the Opera from FF6 and is looking for vocalists/singers (2 male, 1 female). PM me if interested. Thanks!
  15. I don't know if you read how things work on OCR but you cannot upload your tracks *like that* on the website. Also, OCR is dedicated to promote VGM, not to promote artists for free (some exceptions happen, with veteran remixers who turned pro for instance). I invite you to check out the "About" section. OCR isn't too different from YouTube or any other platforms since they're all on the Internet: they're bound to IP law and such. Then, some websites have different policies and rules: OCR has its own Content Policy. Staff members would be more suited to answer on those points. You can still upload remixes to YouTube (as a lot of people are doing). Where it becomes problematic for that platform would be if you monetize your videos: only then would companies try to get the video removed. If you share your remixes for free, I don't see the problem.