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  1. rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016

    Definitively interested to enter. I'll have more free time for music after the 9.
  2. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    According to Larry, it could be the word "update". I tried and it worked without that word.
  3. Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors

    What's the approximative deadline for Fire? I like the Gilgamesh concept. I already did the 8 musician thing on VV2 (with that horrible source -- and the remix wasn't too great either TBH lol) but it could be fun to do it again and incorporate other musicians.
  4. Congrats on the release, @DarkeSword and co! I will check the album later this week -- I'm pretty sure it will help focusing on my academic paper! ANd I hope the next mixtape will be... fire.
  5. The Archaeologist's Journal (Assorted ReMix Album)

    I tried several times to send you guys an update by PM, but OCR servers encounter a problem each time. Can I send it by e-mail or any other way?
  6. Apex 2016 Album

    Our track is coming along nicely. I got most of the guitars from @Tuberz McGee and @Furilas should send the bass soon. EDIT: Got da bass. It's almost done.
  7. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    Another error while PMing 2 other members. Attached a screenshot of the error.
  8. This is nice -- it even has a Kingdom Hearts feeling to it. In terms of arrangement, this is quite good, I like how you incorporated the various themes. The mix doesn't sound repetitive and clearly has different sections that sound different. What could use more a little more work is the humanization (playing on volumes, velocities, etc.) even if it's already interesting. Sample quality could use some better samples as well (is this Garritan Personal Orchestra?). Maybe you can ask someone on the Workshop/R&C forums to help you on that -- just a suggestion. This definitively heads in a good way! Try asking a Mod for more detailed feedback -- keep up the good work.
  9. Frequent BSOD/crashes

    Which VD were you talking about? The Nvidia one? I already did that some time ago and it didn't fix it. I always get my drivers from their website, not from Windows ^^

    A suggestion: Make sure this doesn't impact on newer members (with no activity or too much time on their account) to contact artists or admins/staff.
  11. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    Yes, it was a first version of my "Frequent BSOD/crashes" thread. Just plain text, no pics or links.
  12. OCR03335 - Bad Piggies 'Rise of the Piggies'

    Dude, I absolutely loved the soundtrack for Bad Piggies. I haven't played it since I got my new phone, but I'm glad someone covered the music from the game. nice job!
  13. Frequent BSOD/crashes

    I get frequent BSOD/crashes while playing games (even with smaller games like Age of Mythologies or Europa Universalis IV), especially a "Video Scheduler Internal Error" BSOD or a Nividia Kernel Error (which leads into a BSOD most of the time). Don't know if it's linked but my sound icon in the toolbar disappears most of the time after the crash/reboot. So far, I found no solution on the Internet and I still get the errors even after updating my drivers. Anyone with a solution or a similar problem? Specs = Asus Laptop (2-3 years old), Win 10 64-bit, Intel Core i7 + Nvidia Geforce GT 650M (let me know if you need anything else).
  14. NOTICE: Forums upgraded to IPS 4.1.X (report issues)

    Got a 500 Error while posting a new topic in Help&Newbies.
  15. Yes, @CyberSkull, nice job on all this. I visit MusicBrainz once in a while and I'm always quite surprised by the amount of info there's to read there. Double thumbs up!