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  1. New PC this week-end. Finished track should arrive mid-August (except if live recording is needed, which might take more time).
  2. Thanks for the tips. New PC should be built this week-end if the GC arrives early.
  3. It actually is from the first Castlevania game. And was remade in The Arcade as well. Also, I guess you didn't download Vampire Variations.
  5. So, long story short, I'm getting a new PC this month (my first real PC, beause I only had laptops until now). I have 2 IT friends who are helping me choosing good materials and stuff, so I'm not too worried about performances/power and such. The new PC will be used for gaming, video stuff, and, of course, music production. Now here's the real question: how should I prepare my computer to have a good music prod setup? By that, I'd like to know if I should install my DAW on a certain drive, if libraires are to be put in SSD or HDD drives, etc. What are the best tips to avoid long loading times, low performance, etc.? This is could end up being a small guide/FAQ for newbies (like me lol). Thanks in advance for your time and help! And sorry if it had already been asked! (I use FL Studio + Kontakt libraries but I guess the setup could be the same for a different DAW/stuff.)
  6. Good and bad news here: I found back my old track. Problem is there's a rendering glitch in it (some samples stop playing before they're suposed to) and I don't have the FLP file anymore. I could try to add another layer on top to blend it, but I'm afraid the result won't sound good.
  7. Yes.
  8. I wish you to get all the funds you need for your album. Good luck!
  9. Is it okay to switch your source for another one from the same game? I'd prefer to do a boss or zone theme than the credits song.
  10. I'll see how it goes, but as of now, I must reduce my OCR workload. Maybe we could indeed collab, but yeah, don't expect anything before mid-July at least.
  11. Man, I have too much stuff going on right now and haven't started yet my track. I'm sorry, but I think I'll step down this time.
  12. I don't even remember how my track sounds. I should check my old files to see if I still have it.
  13. Yeah, plus a lot of tracks are getting really old. Mine isn't up to my today skills. That's why I hate projects that take forever to complete.
  14. Sorry I was not able to enter this round. Even with the extension, I still have a ton of stuff to do that takes priority over the compo. :/