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  1. Heathens ReMix by Chernabogue Had a lot of fun remixing this. Took me a few days, but I'm proud of how it turned out. Enjoy!
  2. Try this subforum Welcome!
  3. Xavier is right, Oscar Araujo recorded with a live orchestra in the Abbey Road studios. LoS2 holds the record for the biggest orchestra used in a VG soundtrack.
  4. For now, even if Brandon doesn't know what to do, we can still work on our tracks. We have the private subforum and other project members can give feedback/tips to each other. New claims can wait for a solution between Brandon and the staff (plus almost all tracks are already claimed).
  5. My Bowser Battle track (feat. Tuberz and Furilas) is finished and submitted to the panel.
  6. I cannot guarantee a real update for Septemeber's deadline, as I'll start the recordings with various musicians soon (mah bois @Furilas and @AngelCityOutlaw, plus one/two people for the brass). I'll try to update as soon as there's something to tell/show, but since we have multiple tracks to reocrd/mix/finish, I don't know if a real WIP can happen by that time. Don't worry, I plan to finish this one before the end of the year
  7. Wow, this is really bad news. I hope it won't affect too much the project's development. It's a shame, I hope something can be worked out with Brandon at some point later.
  8. Thanks for your feedback, both on the music/production and on the project. I'm not the mastermind behind all this, and if you want to learn (a lot) more, you can check this:,7852.0.html I almost have 50 minutes of music already done for this lol
  9. I'm doing music for a fan Castlevania project. Here's a few tracks for you to enjoy: - Burning Purpose - Ecclesiae Strigam - Sanguine Moonblossom - A Soldier with a Grudge
  10. People need to calm down. On one side, OCR's test with YouTube shouldn't have been that long and maybe should have been more limited. On the other hand, no harm was intended so people directly attacking @djpretzel should down their tone a bit (as maybe none of your mixes were monetized, so calm down). Both sides have good and bad arguments, but let's not get sour and directly attack people (it goes for both sides). Also please remember that, as @zircon said, YouTube allow stuff that's not always legal (IP strikes without proper legal channel, upload of copyrighted stuff, etc. -- I wrote a technical file on YouTube and IP Law for my Master's Degree a few months ago, so I'm still fresh with that kind of stuff). YouTube is on its side only so you never know what the heck can happen with it. An answer shall be figured out, with time, patience, and discussion. Maybe OCR's 2007 policy should evolve, maybe it won't. Maybe it's time for some big change, maybe not. Maybe more staff could help on that since djp's time for OCR is limited (@Chimpazilla suggested she could help, so why not). But for now, let's try to stay focused and civil. You can express your opinion and it's fine, but don't jump to someone else's throat without reading their point of view/arguments.
  11. As long as the money goes to the production of 3 more Vampire Variations albums, I'm fine. Nah really, I'm like @DusK, I don't care that much.
  12. If OCR really wants to monetize videos, maybe remixers could have the choice to let the video being monetized or not when submitting. Again, both sides of the argument have strong and relevant points.
  13. Maybe we could wait on @djpretzel/any staff member's answer before taking this too far?
  14. Do you mean an initial WIP or an update if you turned a WIP already in? I'll have more free time starting tomorrow, but I have tons of project tracks to do. ^^