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  1. Composing Contests!

    I love the idea.
  2. Or maybe we could stop discussing this and hyping how awesome this looks? I personally cannot wait to see the "puns" djp and zircon put for the presets. ^^
  3. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

    I love the AVGNA soundtrack. If you have other MIDIs of the game, especially "Dungeons & D***holes", I'll take them
  4. Super excited for it. How much will it cost?
  5. rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016

    Any links to MIDI versions?
  6. RIP Nick Menza

    51 is far too young. RIP.
  7. rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016

    If you need another Hero, I can take my Isaac pick and roll with it.
  8. This thread isn't updated anymore. For official OCR albums, I recommend my spreadsheet:
  9. Apex 2016 Album

  10. More info on my participation to the game development:
  11. rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016

    We need more people entering! Summoning @Jorito @evktalo @Tuberz McGee @HoboKa @WarMachine @Gario @Sir_NutS @wildfire! (Summoning, RPG, get it? :D)
  12. Emotional Decisions in Video Games

    Man, This War of Mine put me in some quite emotional decisions. I got the same one as you (on Night 2), but managed to save the girl -- I felt so good after that, and so did my character.
  13. Interesting. Maybe it's time I play a new Pokémon game (my latest was Pearl).
  14. My remix will totally start with a VA screaming "AND HIS NAME IS DRA-CULA!" *cue brass and bass*