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  1. BadAss: Volume 3

    Can't wait to see the trailer, I forgot how it looked like since I made it lol
  2. @Brandon Strader, how come we didn't claim the "Game Over" theme? XD
  3. Your Hidden Gems?

    Bug! on the Genesis (+ PC remaster). A very fun platformer with an nice ambiance and interesting mechanics.
  4. Apex 2016 Album

    Don't! Don't! Don-- Too late! xD More seriously, I'll send you a first version of the arrangement, so you can get a look at the riffs and stuff and help me improve its writing before we submit the concept track to Shariq.
  5. You should just list the whole OST, Brandon ^^
  6. Apex 2016 Album

    Don't worry, I'll send you a concept track before asking Tuberz/Furilas to record the live tracks.
  7. Apex 2016 Album

    Started to remix my track. It's going to have an early Black Sabbath vibe
  8. [CCoI] [2016] Soma Bracket, Round 1

    Vampire / Maybe I'm a Vampire / An Illusion's Deception Not voting for myself because I'm fucking stupid, and mostly because Magnetic Ether's effort was impressive.
  9. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Holy shit, how could I be so stupid?
  10. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Yeah, sub something even if it's a 30-sec track! It's ALWAYS better than turning nothing in!
  11. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016

    Just voted and sent in my first submission. Dear MagneticEther, your source was hard as balls to mix with mine lol
  12. Apex 2016 Album

    @DarkeSword: Brawl sounds great, put me down for that!
  13. Apex 2016 Album

    I'll try something for a SSB game, always wanted to arrange some music from them, especially the music that was composed for Smash. @Tuberz McGee, @Furilas, would you guys be up for high energy metulz?
  14. BadAss: Volume 3

    Valentine's Day. Make it happen XD