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  1. Update: I got a message from Brandon. He wants to take the FF3 project off OCR, for various reasons. The album isn't cancelled but Brandon wants to move its management and release outside OCR. You can get in touch with him here: (Please note I'm just reporting what he told/asked me to do, and that I may or may not support this decision, thank you.)
  2. Don't know if it was reported but Soundcloud links don't integrate very well. I can see an interface but no way to play the music or to access to Soundcloud.
  3. Don't count on an update from me this month, I'm just back from holidays and we still have other tracks to record before this one. Also, more musicians (brass) to find.
  4. I like your answer, @Bleck. I guess it has to do with people paying more or less attention to the film score, as I was humming music from The Avengers or Ant-Man right after getting out of the cinema.
  5. I caught up on this after my week vacation. It's a very interesting video. However, I'm not totally agreeing on the fact the MCU music is forgettable. Themes from Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Ant-Man, Age of Ultron, and Guardians of the Galaxy sounds as memorable as other films' to me (like Star Wars of Harry Potter). Older movies' music was played during concerts or on compilations or used on several movies (as a saga). The MCU is more recent than all those movies and only has two trilogies completed by now – Iron Man and Captain America (ended this year with Civil War): it's not set in people's mind. Of course, there's the problem that there are several composers contributing and not using previous scores (for instance, Elfman had to rework Tyler's score for AoU and added Silvestri's "Avengers Theme" which Tyler didn't use at all). On the other hand, when a composer returns (Tyler, Jackman), the ten dto reuse themes from a previous movie. Give time to the MCU, it's still growing and I'm sure its music will start growing on people (Bates, Silvestri, Beck are all returning for sequels and people like Giacchino are introduced in the MCU, which sounds very promising).
  6. Heathens ReMix by Chernabogue Had a lot of fun remixing this. Took me a few days, but I'm proud of how it turned out. Enjoy!
  7. Try this subforum Welcome!
  8. Xavier is right, Oscar Araujo recorded with a live orchestra in the Abbey Road studios. LoS2 holds the record for the biggest orchestra used in a VG soundtrack.
  9. For now, even if Brandon doesn't know what to do, we can still work on our tracks. We have the private subforum and other project members can give feedback/tips to each other. New claims can wait for a solution between Brandon and the staff (plus almost all tracks are already claimed).
  10. My Bowser Battle track (feat. Tuberz and Furilas) is finished and submitted to the panel.
  11. I cannot guarantee a real update for Septemeber's deadline, as I'll start the recordings with various musicians soon (mah bois @Furilas and @AngelCityOutlaw, plus one/two people for the brass). I'll try to update as soon as there's something to tell/show, but since we have multiple tracks to reocrd/mix/finish, I don't know if a real WIP can happen by that time. Don't worry, I plan to finish this one before the end of the year
  12. Wow, this is really bad news. I hope it won't affect too much the project's development. It's a shame, I hope something can be worked out with Brandon at some point later.
  13. Thanks for your feedback, both on the music/production and on the project. I'm not the mastermind behind all this, and if you want to learn (a lot) more, you can check this:,7852.0.html I almost have 50 minutes of music already done for this lol