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  1. Nope, the season passes for both HW games were $20 each. I think some Smash DLC went that expensive but that was for like, complete packs which was a lot of content. Personally I think this is a good value. Not too shabby for stuff coming out later.
  2. Well I mean some of them ARE available at the Battle Tree, but the fact they're tying the ones that aren't to online competitions is dumb.
  3. The Mewnium Z requires Psychic to become Mew's Z-Move, btw. So easy enough to get.
  4. My haiku checker Has misled me quite badly It is not my fault
  5. Around a week's time Passes, then it comes out Just hold tight 'til then Usually that's What happens with these albums Might not do that now
  6. Release is at hand Great music will fill the air Honoring this game Yes I'm doing this It's tradition at this point Hype-making haiku
  7. Yeah at that point it was a safer bet for them to do a dual release than cancel it on Wii U. That type of bad press would probably result in turning people off of the Switch entirely (or anything from Nintendo) for a while.
  8. It takes USB-C plugs so if you have a portable battery that uses that you can just use one of those.
  9. They need to actually have achievable goals. Island Scan was way too niche of a goal for this, especially with the limitations placed upon it.
  10. Sounds cool. But why the (152?) when it would be the 151 in question, considering that Chikorita is 152 in the Pokedex lol
  11. Yooka-Laylee is confirmed for Switch though, they're working really closely to make sure it still hits a Nintendo console. I'm looking forward to Zelda as well, and KH2.8 is gonna be fun (replaying KH3D with new Dream Eaters is gonna be great). Also I'm still expecting KH3 to drop next December. So there's that.
  12. It's a presentation that's gonna be a live-stream of the event going on in Japan regarding it. This latest announcement is just what time specifically and the link to tune in to it. We've known since late October that the presentation was going to be about. More specifically, this part from the PR announcement I just linked: So yeah, it's gonna be an info blowout.
  13. Yeah in Gen6 they doubled the rate of encountering Shinies. Whereas before it was 1/8192, now it's 1/4096. Increase that with the Shiny Charm and, if you're breeding for Shinies, using the Masuda method, you can increase it even more substantially.
  14. SOS battles also double the amount of EVs you get per KO of called Pokemon. So if you chain the battle endlessly you can easily max out your EVs in a stat before long.