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  1. Ah. Okay. I thought that applied to all future SE-related projects lol Anyways, this album is great and I'm even more hyped for FIRE now.
  2. Well also an agreement that OCR has with SE in regards to this album specifically also is part of the "not upsetting copyright holders" thing too.
  3. When should you hit max level?

    Diabolos is easy-mode if you Blind him lol
  4. When should you hit max level?

    The extent of the tips I took from that are what spells work well for junctioning. Haven't modded that Diabolos card, instead used Time Mag-RF to turn an item I had into 30 Demis and used that. And yeah, I've been leveling a bit, makes the game a bit more difficult but I enjoy that factor lol
  5. When should you hit max level?

    I dunno, my fiance and I have both beaten FF2 without having to resort to that. Yes it can be grindy but you hardly need to resort to that. Also according to everything I could find, the cancel/select bug was removed in the GBA version so I have no idea how you managed to trigger a bug that was removed from the version you played it on.
  6. When should you hit max level?

    To be fair, the "cancel/select" method in FF2 was removed in later versions because it was never meant to actually be a thing. And taking points away from a game for cheesing it in ways the devs never meant for you to cheese it isn't exactly fair to the devs lol
  8. Fox McCloud: Hero to Zero?

    This means you need to make a StarFox Zero remix now and use your own voice clips from The Battle Begins in it.
  9. When should you hit max level?

    I'm actually streaming FF8 right now, never beaten it. Might take some cues from this post so thanks for the tips lol
  10. Fox McCloud: Hero to Zero?

    It's important to note he's only Fox in The Battle Begins, not in the game itself.

    Probably evident considering they just posted 10 identical threads in Community, but @ghiydtexss is a scammer/spambot/something.
  12. Hometown Heroes: Check In & Recruiting

    If you can make that WIP, then by all means submit it.
  13. Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors

    I presume that they'll eventually upload it to their YouTube or Soundcloud? Not sure though. Also excited for Theme of Bard if RiverSound is involved after hearing the Summoner theme on WATER.
  14. For once it's not Larry's fault, amazing Seriously though, glad this is finally out. Excited for Fire (especially after that rundown Darke posted in the projects thread of what to kinda expect). One question though: Any idea when we can expect the rebranding of WIND to drop?