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  1. Well unlike Sonic 4 the team behind this has experience with classic games, especially Christian Whitehead who worked on the mobile ports of a few Sonic games.
  2. Yeah the tomes are nice. Also since my post is at the top of my page on my end I figure I'll update that. I'm on Zalera now and I somewhat recently got the Ragnarok Zeta and I then got the Ultimate Kettle Nexus. I also have a house in Mist now
  3. I'm slowly working on getting my weapon and armor in Palace of the Dead to +30 on both so I can turn it into a weapon outside the dungeon. Those are item level 235 after all, not too shabby lol
  4. Wow. This thread has not been posted in for a while lol Anyways, 3.35 just dropped earlier this week and with it the Deep Dungeon was added, known as Palace of the Dead. It's a randomized series of floors with its own leveling progression and there's 50 floors. But the main reason I'm bumping this is to mention that the Yokai Watch event is starting this coming Tuesday. Super excited for that one.
  5. I finished up my maps (since there's 4 continents in my world), I just used the maps I made on the site I linked as inspiration mostly lol I'm pretty proud of them too haha
  6. I'm actually in the midst of setting up a campaign based on a world I've had in mind for quite some time. Already got the world roughly made using this site (it has 4 continents) and hitting random there until I got 4 landmasses that roughly matched up with the shapes I've had in mind for the continents for years. Added in the Gods and their domains and dogmas (which are necessary if a Cleric picks that god so there's a code they have to follow or else they lose their powers, ya know). I'm really enjoying this world building because I haven't really elaborated on this world this much in some time so it's great to get the creative juices flowing again.
  7. I actually agree with Meteo for once lol Yeah you could do all that with a Raspberry Pi, but the average consumer wouldn't know how to do that. This is much more accessible and a much better deal. And, again, the controllers are fully compatible with Wii and Wii U so even if you don't want the system the controllers can be used elsewhere.
  8. The coolest thing about this thing is how the NES controllers are compatible with Wii and Wii U.
  9. We tried challenging a Gym only to find an immortal Paras that just wouldn't die.
  10. This album title is why I kept saying Breath of the Wild's title wrong. THANKS FOR THAT TOM. Glad it's pretty much done though. :3
  11. Yeah they were showing off that rune during the E3 Treehouse segments. It's gonna be loads of fun to see how far you can launch things. Giant boulder golf anyone?
  12. music

    Here's one I've always loved.
  13. It's as Darke said: it enables a new way to play. You scan it and you can level it up (max level is 50) and can customize it with color scheme, after effect, even basic armor appearance and you get a bunch of abilities by leveling up (the money you collect as Custom Knight is your experience). You can also enable a 2-player co-op mode on Wii U with it. Also here's some cool art I thought I'd share.
  14. recruiting

    Well yeah, I just meant something to put in the title to help give the impression that the album isn't dead lol
  15. recruiting

    Yeah I just want this finished as soon as possible. This method seems to result in a lack of posts which makes some remixers think the album is dead and therefore not work on their tracks. In reality, this means WORK ON YOUR TRACKS PLEASE. I think a deadline would be helpful in this case. Ever since this was revived it's kinda been in check-in mode but I think it's time for an actual deadline to be set lol