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  1. it's keldeo not kelado lol
  2. I love that all the Island names in Poke Pelago are puns. Like Isle Abeens (Isle o' Beans, since you attract wild Pokemon with beans), Isle Aphun (Isle o' Fun, where apparently slave labor is considered an enjoyable activity by Pokemon), and Isle Evelup (I'll Level Up, where they train and presumably gain levels and stuff). Honestly, I love when your PC Pokemon are actually used for something else instead of just taking up space. Don't think there's been something like this since the Purification Chamber in Pokemon XD. Also, is Mohn a confirmed Trial Captain cause it wouldn't surprise me if he was considering Sophocles seems to be in charge of Festival Plaza (which is where we change our clothes since we use the coins from there to buy them) and he's a Captain. @Bleck Also okay with that. I love those leaked final forms. Especially if Litten's becomes Fire/Dark (but with the design I'd honestly be okay with another Fire/Fighting, tiresome though that typing may be for a starter). Oh and Dartrix is totally even more Eleventh Doctor. He even has that hair strand in front of his face. And still has the bow tie. Because they're cool.
  3. To be fair the people who give you the Zygarde Cube are Dexio and Sina from X/Y. That's why they look like them. There's also a screen where Dexio alludes to a group of five children who saved the day or something.
  4. I'm always curious about the Nintendo side of things so I use GoNintendo for that.
  5. Question: What's the plan if Brandon doesn't reply to anyone regarding this? Will it move forward as an OCR album still? I mean again, not part of the project, but just trying to figure out what's going on with an album I've been looking forward to since y'all did it as an April Fool's Joke many years ago
  6. I managed to get my first Odin clear the first day that Palace of the Dead was up. He appeared in South Shroud where I'm reasonably certain 90% of the server was at at the time. There was soooo much laaaaaaaaag on my end due to that (and that like only 10% of the people in SS were helping). But we prevailed.
  7. I may not be a part of this project, but looking at the tracklist, most of the album was done (22 tracks). It doesn't look like any of his tracks he claimed had been finished for the album, and those that were are mostly OCR regulars (such as Sixto, Chimp, and Flex, for example). I mean, yeah, if someone can get a hold of him to ask about this since this trilogy was his baby, that would probably be for the best, but his blog post did say he was gonna seek alternative avenues for his own music ("I am going to be seeking other avenues to release and promote my own content" were his specific words). And none of that appears to be on this unless it was unlisted as finished. I would suggest maybe asking the artists involved how they feel about remaining on this album without Brandon at the head in addition to trying to reach him? Or you can disregard this post entirely since, again, I'm not part of this album. Just wanted to give my assessment of the situation and a couple suggestions.
  8. Yeah the Moonfire Faire event was pretty goofy. Loved it. I've also heard that PvP is toxic as hell.
  9. If I'm ever on a remix (be it my own or as a collaborative partner on someone else's) feel free. I mean there's already that Sturm track but that wasn't a mixpost, but still.
  10. Aww I thought you turned into a werewolf when you got irked. Image = ruined. Seriously though that all sounds great djp.
  11. Didn't the OCR YouTube channel get shut down like 5 years ago and y'all cleared that up without a problem. Looking back it was a bit before YouTube's Content ID problem got really out of control, but still. It's not like we haven't had issues with YouTube before and that was all resolved. All I'm trying to say is y'all have had issues with YouTube before and those were resolved. This may be the optimist in me talking but I think there's no reason to assume that if issues came up on the YT side of the things again, they wouldn't be able to be resolved in the same manner that the previous issue was resolved: talking it through with YouTube and explaining your side of things in a satisfactory manner. Personally I may not be involved in any mixes (aside from writing lyrics on the Sturm track on BadAss 3) but I understand why y'all are doing this. Do what you gotta do.
  12. So if you haven't heard yet, Eleven Arts is bringing this stateside with a dub. Most of the Digimon are returning, several of the Digidestined have been recast... But Joshua Seth just confirmed he'll be returning as Tai, which is quite big since a big reason I hate Revenge of Diaboromon is that they recast Tai. So that's good. It'll have a limited theatrical release on September 15th and you can get tickets now via Fandango.
  13. I was told once when I went into a Gamestop that you don't get any more on a trade-in if you have the case compared to if you don't. So I don't think "case is damaged" would get you less when the case itself isn't even a deciding factor because odds are they'll just use one of their generic labeled ones for it anyways lol.
  14. "Soft dough mixed with thick-sliced bacon and twisted into a pattern resembling a sheaf of wheat." That's the in-game description.
  15. Final Fantasy XIV. Preferably after the calamity so A Realm Reborn and beyond so I won't be incinerated by Bahamut's unbridled rage. Eorzea just seems like a fun place to be. Also they have Bacon Bread and if that's not the most amazing idea ever the gtfo