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  1. I'd heard the controller cables were 5ft this time instead of 3ft, which is still short but better lol Also getting this for my nephew, the release lines up with a promise I'd made to my brother nicely
  2. More specifically (as listed in the description for that main theme video) there's gonna be a one-hour TV movie airing on Disney XD for a full 24-hour period on August 12th. The show itself premieres on September 23.
  3. theory: alolan forms of johto pokemon because of this unown text
  4. No, according to the PR it just means it'll be permanently powered up to 60 power and glowing.
  5. http://zelda.com/breath-of-the-wild/news/expansion-pass-dlc-pack-1-detailed/ Expansion Pack 1 detailed. New map feature shows you your path over the last 200 hours of gameplay, new dungeon is a gauntlet of 45 rooms that enter you without gear or weapons and, upon completion, truly awaken the Master Sword. New armor, new item to create your own fast travel point (only one), and a Korok mask that alerts you when Koroks are near. Also Hard Mode where enemy health regenerates and everyone starts off one level higher than usual and the level cap is even higher than in normal mode.
  6. Shantae. Can't find a decent video of it (the only one I did find was poor quality) but virt's amazing theme for it along with a smug portrait of Risky Boots as the game scrolls up the large image... Always stuck with me.
  7. I rather enjoyed the voice acting myself. Especially Daruk and Urbosa.
  8. Yeah I have some major frame drops in battle (usually against Moblins, honestly) but aside from that nothing really noticeable to me at least. And it's not like it happens whenever I fight a Moblin. Out of the nearly 120 hours I've put into this game, I've only probably had 5 or 6 of those massive frame drops. And even then they only last a few seconds each.
  9. Yeah I don't know about on Switch but there's been several frame drops, mostly during battle. But they resolve themselves quickly.
  10. I don't think that was ever an official one. More like... unrequited love.
  11. No there's no post-game story. It deposits you right before facing the final boss. Minish Cap did a similar thing. Also at this point the game has been out for 9 days. That's more than a week.
  12. I beat this tonight. Potentially massive spoilers below, read at your own peril.
  13. The events are in third person. I'm guessing it's Child timeline.
  14. Well judging by the events of the game and a specific line, my theory is Child Timeline. It can't really be after Ocarina before the split because Ocarina's events lead directly INTO the split, namely Link being removed from the timeline (Adult) and returned to his youth (Child) or just dying from Ganon in the final battle (Downfall). Either way, it's obvious that this game is several millenia after any game that's on the timeline so yeah.
  15. Yeah it'll also activate other quests automatically so you might get your destination markers changed automatically. I'm having lots of fun with it myself. Plenty to see, plenty to find.