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  1. MAGFest Mega Man-athon!

    You're doing a speedless shirtrun of MM8 with Ben? Awesome.
  2. Your Hidden Gems?

    btw nice call on Jersey Devil there, great game. Dark Cloud was good too (though I prefer Dark Cloud 2, or Dark Chronicle as it was also known, more). And I loved Chu Chu Rocket on GBA. Had loads of fun making my own stages and custom sprites.
  3. Your Hidden Gems?

    Always loved the Boktai series myself. Great game, fun soundtrack, innovative gameplay hook using a solar sensor to translate actual sunlight into a way to recharge your in-game energy... 
  4. Isn't the main character of this an Assist Trophy in Smash 4? Or is that another character?
  5. Lightning's Modeling Career

    I think the issue is because it's Lightning and people have been making cases that SE's trying to milk her for money ever since she was created and claim this little thing is another attempt at a moneygrab for them.
  6. BadAss: Volume 3

    And sometimes others try to break the cycle anyways. I think one of the greatest offenders is Richter, though that was more Shaft who couldn't get over the fact he got shafted 5 years before and wanted a mulligan (pun intended there).   I'm quite hype for this myself. BADHYPE!!!
  7. David Bowie dead at 69

    That quote is a tweet that originated on Twitter. Here's the original tweet (also we have Twitter embedding? since when?) This hit me quite hard, so I'd like to share a picture by Yoshitaka Amano (longtime Final Fantasy character artist and logo artist) that is the most David Bowie picture to ever David Bowie.
  8. Careful, Shnabubula might sub his mix of that from NES Jamz as well lol
  9. It was brought to my attention on Ben Briggs's stream that he has done the only Rayman remix on the site. Maybe after this Double Dragon rush ends, we can get one for the Rayman series?
  10. To be fair the original Paper Mario came out in NA and EU in 2001, so this marks that series's 15th anniversary as well.
  11. Jazz fusion with an italo disco breakdown.
  12. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    That's, uhh, not a fan theory. I mean part of it is but the bullet points are, in fact, canon. We're not sure if it was, in fact, Slip who died on Jakku and smeared his blood on Finn's helmet. And we're not sure if it is, in fact, Zero or Nines who calls him TRAITOR outside the ruins of Maz's castle. Those two things aren't canon because they weren't clarified. But the parts from the book? 100% Grade A official canon.
  13. We need an arrangement of Mango Tango from Double Dragon Neon, obviously.
  14. That is by far the best FAQ I've ever seen.
  15. Freedom Planet (It's Better than Undertale!)

    Yeah, but putting that in the topic is a bit clickbaity and screams of desperation and, honestly, can turn people off of wanting to play the game which is obviously not what you wanted, Gar.