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  1. I want to build you a computer

    Well, I have like, three available drive slots left in this case, but that means I have to mess with your fancy cable tying.  I'll probably grab an SSD in the next few weeks.
  2. I want to build you a computer

    Brad, what are your thoughts on SSHDs?
  3. I want to build you a computer

    Hey Brad, I have been considering installing a secondary OS on my machine—I'm having issues with my new Novation Impulse controller not wanting to play nice with Windows 10, so I'm thinking of installing a separate instance of Windows 7.  Would you recommend that I partition the Main OS drive, or should I just buy a separate SSD for the second OS (making sure to unplug the 3TB HDD to prevent myself from accidentally installing onto that drive), and if so, what make/model would you recommend?
  4. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Oh, hey! Got my gift from Supercoolmike - some neat Tetris and Pac-Man lamps and mugs! I'll post pictures when I actually have time to unpack and display them!
  5. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Supercoolmike, did part 2 ever arrive?
  6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    In regards to TR-8R, I've seen this floating around Tumblr recently, and it makes sense, even if it does happen to be yet another fan theory with no canonical base.
  7. That^ could be a problem, especially if people have memorized their old IDs.
  8. Can't reproduce. Do you think you can pinpoint what on the page is pulling up that message?  
  9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoilers Inside!)

    Fun fact, it isn't just a "visual touch" for the unstable appearance of the lightsaber.  According to this (which, Lord knows could be a simple fake fabrication born of the internet), the crystal itself is cracked and is close to overloading, which gives the blade the jagged appearance. It also explains why the crossguard blades are there: basically, they're lateral exhaust vents to prevent the crystal from going boom. Kylo Ren is basically a tryhard hipster who's trying too hard to copy his idol while using an outdated lightsaber design because muh aesthetics.
  10. I suppose this means I need to stop wishing about this project and start working on other stuff for on-hold projects, huh?
  11. OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Oh, wow, what a warning label!   Glad you like it! Part 2 should be en-route, as I mailed it off earlier this week.  Really hoping you don't already own a copy, though...   Got another notification just the other day on another package arriving. Either I'm ordering things and promptly forgetting about it, or more stuff from my Secret Santa is arriving, and I won't get to see what it is yet...
  12. You really want me to spend all my money, don't you?
  13. Well if Darke doesn't like it, then that means we gotta keep doing it!  I kid I kid. I find the rounder avatars refreshing, but to each their own. Maybe there's a way to make that a user-selectable option?   Also, +1 on the coloured address bar for chrome for mobile.
  14. As per this thread, youtube embeds don't seem to trigger with newly made posts, but older posts that used the auto-embed feature still show the video player.