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  1. Well, I guess I better find some cash cause I know what I'm buying.
  2. I'm going to assume that all deadlines are basically done and the project is just waiting on review? Or is the thread title still relevant and there are open tracks?
  3. Aren't the teams going to be finalized by Darkesword anyway, regardless of (but potentially influenced by) our preference?
  4. Hey all, I managed to stumble across this gearstlutz thread earlier today, and I'm a bit intrigued with the fact that Windows 10 is now ready to support Thunderbolt 3 audio interfaces. However, the real question for me is, what kind of advantage would I get with a thunderbolt device on Windows compared to using USB 3/3.1 audio interfaces? Or should I just "go with the flow" and buy a Mac because designer brand? Better yet, it seems that Thunderbolt 3 support requires a very specific setup, and PC building is something I have little to no knowledge of.
  5. Hmm. The mini-ITX might be interesting for a mini dedicated machine for an ensemble I'm in at my university...
  6. You know what, I'm gonna bite the bullet. Sign me up!
  7. Oh trust me, I've noticed. Oh have I noticed. Anyway, I'm not going to contribute further to this thread. I will just say that as long as these ads encourage OCR's survival and growth as an organization and support its mission, I am on board with using YouTube as an alternate advertisement revenue source. I know there will still be dissidence, but you can't satisfy everything, and bygones will be bygones. Are there legal ramifications? Well, yes, OCR has always been vulnerable to legal blowback by its very nature. We'll see what happens, but from a legal standpoint we were never quite in the right to begin with. Are there moral ramifications? Well, duh, but since when does morality count for anything when it comes to Copyright or business proceedings in the US? That last one is sarcasm and does not warrant a response.
  8. Well that explains your signature. Or maybe your signature explains your posts? Anyway, my thought on it is this: I think it's fine, and I support it, but if OCR is to do it there should be further explanation on video descriptions that help explain the reason for monetization in case people have questions, possibly including a link to OCR's (updated) advertising use statement. EDIT: I've arrived on page 8. I feel like I'm dredging through the darker depths of PPR right now...
  9. I'm excited
  10. From one celebrator to another, happy birthday @zircon!
  11. I know, it's fantastic! What's really neat is that its layout is mobile-responsive, so you can use it on your phone or desktop/laptop computer. Just keep in mind it's much better to use it from the moment of character creation rather than trying to transfer a character over from paper to dicecloud. I learned that the hard way. My favorite part is how the site uses math.js functions to let you automate all sorts of calculations, so you can make some very detailed setups that you can just set once and never touch again. See my current character's sheet for an example (specifically the "Wizard Spellcaster" item under the Features tab).
  12. Have a few friends from college who play D&D in our spare time. Currently, with this being summer break and all, we're trying (with little success) to have a campaign over the internet. The DM for this CoIP (campaign over internet) has a really neat homebrew world set up, and he's basically letting us use any and all 5e core and supplemental materials (as well as a few homebrew classes at DM's discretion), which was really cool. The biggest problem we currently have is actually finding scheduled time to campaign. Also, if you are someone who plays fifth edition, check out Dicecloud. It's a really, really neat online character sheet tool that lets you keep track of anything and everything that modifies character stats. You can always keep track of how you got that +5 bonus to [ability]. It takes some extra time to set up the character, but once it's done it's a huge time saver.
  13. A good 99% of the time, OCR stuff is considered a rearrangement. In traditional means, a remix is utilizing original audio to create a new work based on the original. A cover is recording a new version of a song (typically the new version is similar to the original in several ways, usually but not always melody). If you're recreating a work without using original audio, then your song would probably be considered a cover or a remake.
  14. I'd say it's fairly worth it, considering many of the elements in the Kontakt version seem to be copied over into WAV form with relative ease. Both their designed and natural sounds are included in the WAV version, including some of the loops.
  15. If you don't mind me asking, what's all going on with the way that avatar images are being processed? I know that, with the new board, it used to be that when you upload an avatar image, the resulting image is saved as "" or something similar, matching up with your profile ID. But today I uploaded a resized image of my original avatar (which gave the above image URL), and got this result when finding the source image from the profile page: "", but even more important, there's an even longer file name when it comes to finding a source address from just about anywhere else: "" I guess I'm asking, what's with all the redundency?