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  1. Does not compute Also, due to many circumstances beyond my control, I fear that I have to concede this round, and furthermore I may have to completely withdraw from RvK. Not that it really matters, as for all intents and purposes I might as well have effectively not signed up, seeing that I couldn't produce any material for the first rounds.
  2. Hey Brad, I hate to bother you about this, but my ASUS optical disk drive (DRW-24B1ST) is no longer recognized by my system, even though it has power and all connections seem to be fine. I can't find any drivers, so I'm not sure how to approach this issue.
  3. That black theme is sexy
  4. ooh
  5. I'm not gonna lie, I was half expecting the knight sources to have been pulled from their battle themes, rather than their level themes. Whoops.
  6. My shovels have been steeled.
  7. I think you forgot about Splatoon 2.
  8. looks like I need to start saving up some cash then
  10. I really hate how I can't go every year. Past few years it seems that the hotels book up before I can make a move. Hope you all enjoy, though!
  11. I really, really hope it's the latter. Unfortunately, that's the only thing Nintendo's giving us on their social media.
  12. I'm just going to point out that the bass range listed (E3 to C4) is smaller than, and is even inside of the given tenor range (C3 to G4). I assume you meant the E below the C of the bass clef (E2-C4)? And if I were to join I'd be a bass singer (on bad days the E2 won't happen), although I can also hit the Tenor range.
  13. Mark your calendars, we have more goodies incoming in a month